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You started , which year and why?

-We started in 2006.  We all had been playing in various other bands and wanted to start something new.

Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests, work and something bad about every one?
-Damon - singer,24, who parties like its 1999 every day.  Cook
Sean - guitar, 25, swings both ways.  Manager of a store
Eric - masterbasser, 23 heís the fluffer, he makes up for the groupies we donít get after the show. Construction worker
Tom - drums, 28, bashing shit in the back of the stage....also called "mom" because he look after the rest of the band. Works with Alzheimerís and dementia patients

To still playing this sort of music in Canada, how is that)?
-We love playing punk rock in Ottawa, Canada's capital. We have a smaller scene compared to other major cities. But we
love the music scene here and fight to keep it alive.  We have been involved with fundraising show for local animals shelters, kids help phone, Canadian suicide hotlines, local food drives, anything we can to do help our community grow and thrive.

Is it so that people who plays this sort of wild music is calmer as persons?
-We all have our passions and hobbies, and playin HxC punk certainly helps us calm down and get our energy out. But then,
its also just a reason for us to hang out and drink on a Wednesday night.

How did you came in contact with this musicstyle in the first place?
-D: From my older brothers
T: Going to shows and getting into the local scene at a young age
E: From friends at school
S: Saw a Rancid video when I was 12 and fell in love

How is musiclife in Canada right now?
-Canada has a thriving music scene. We have all sort of styles and music comming from all over Canada. New bands are touring and and making music everyday, and we find great new bands all the time.

Is there any good bands there right now? And is there any good old Canadian bands that you like?
-Some great Canadian bands we love playin with are Rebel Spell (Vancouver, BC) Madcowboys (Calgary, AL) , Farlers Fury (Sherbrooke, QC)  Germ Attak (Ottawa, ON) W!nslow (Montreal, QC), Hands Of The Few (Ottawa, ON) The Beer Barons (Ottawa, ON).  Some great old school bands  that we all love are Dayglo Abotions and DOA we played with, those guys have been playin punk for over 30 years!  Ripcordz are awesome too!

Are you only listening to bands who sounds like yourself or how is it?
-We all love all sort of music styles. We listen to anything we can get our hands on.

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?
-It certainly is a lifestyle, we love what we do.  We donít want be labelled or stereotyped, we are just passionate about the things we love and are important to us.  We want will make sure to make our voice be heard and stand up for what we believe in.  We you donít stand for something, you'll fall for nothing.

How would you describe your music in three words?
-Beer, friends, politics

Your lyrics seems to be important, which is the most positive song you have done?
-Almost all of our songs are about drinking beers with your buddies and smashing racism/ I think most of our songs positive.    Make it last is one of our newer songs all about friendships, true friends and having a good time.

What influences to do your lyrics?
-Our everyday lives, and the working class struggle

You donīt have a label or?
-Nope, we're DIY.  always looking for new bands to play shows with or do splits! 
Our drummer Tom, books and organizes shows through his Kavran Productions.

Any other good swedish bands you have heard and you do like?
-In Flames, and ABBA....D.S.13, Millencolin are great too!

Have you been to Sweden? What do you know about Sweden?
-We have never been to Sweden. Some of us have been in Europe, but never Sweden. What do we know about Sweden....apparently, not much.

Where do you stand when we talk about mp3 and downloading and that stuff?
-We support any DIY, networking, music sharing or any other way of communicating and spreading music

Have you been abroad and played a lot or how is it. Which is the most peculiar country you have been to?
-We have never had the pleasure of coming out to Europe, but are looking into doing that next summer. Any suggestions or ideas?

Where is best to play?
-House shows with your friends

Which is the most stupid thing which happened during all these years?
-Too many stupid things happen all the time...touring and driving in a van with 11 people with no seats, sleeping in smelly vans, fighting, running out of beer...

Most embarrasing record in your collection?
-S: Prozak
T: Meatloaf
E: Phil Collins
D: All my shit rules

Music and politics, does it goes hand in hand?
-Absolutly, for years music has been a way to express views, or your feelings.  Whether political or not, itís a way to spread a message.

Best political artist/Group?
-Jello Biafra

Could you do a song which is about love with your style, I mean a regular lovesong?
-"Only posers fall in love"

Have you done some covers?
-Sure, we love covers. We have done cover by The Misfits, Dayglo Abortions, Pennywise, Minor Threat, Ramones, TSOL, Cirle Jerks

Which type of people comes to your concerts?
-People of all ages, shapes and sizes. people who want to dance, let loose and drink beer!  We like to do diverse shows ,with all kinds of bands, helps spread our music, and meet new people and other musicians.

Futureplans for the band?
-Same thing we do everyday....plot to take over the world

For yourself?
-D: Live to make another album
E: Keep on doin' what im doin'
T: Keep playing music

-One life, One Chance, Gotta do it right!
Live hard, live fast, die young
One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain.

Something to add?
-Stop by and say hello.....Check out our music at