Tony in No Use For A name was kind to give me these answers the 14th of august 2000. I think that NUFAN is one of the best sounding punkbands nowadays.

History and all personal changes?

-Ok, lets see, we started in 1987 in a shed.  We have had several personnel changes throughout the bands existence.most notably was when our very first and last organ player Juan quit and joined the popular Canadian hardcore band "my back pack is full of rage".

Please tell me all about the members nowadays, which bands have they been to, age, work, family and so on...? married and I live in northern California..matt, and dave both live in southern California.rory however lives nowhere, because his house burnt he is somewhat of a nomad.  Matt used to be in Victoria manor and dave used to be in the ever popular metal funk band Lucy's Milk.

You have done many CD.s which do you think are the best?

I like the new one the best.  (please note that these are my opinions and in now way express the opinions of any other band member.)

You have also been to many different lables, howcome?

We have only been on a couple of labels(2).

Is Fat Wreck a good label?

-Fat is swell

What do you like the other bands there?Any good bands in USA right now?

-My favourite bands in the u.s. right now are probably toilet generation, and magic steve.

What do you know about Sweden?

-What do I know about Sweden, I know that the cildren there learn English at a very early age.

Any good bands from Sweden?

-Sure, I happen to like Mocca Parade quite a bit.

How is a good gig with NUFAN?

-They are usually fun.

How does the average NUFAN fan look like?

-Lately they all seem to be about 5'8'' and most have dark hair and eyes, with all of the typical limbs and what not.

How did come up with the brilliant name NO Use For a name?

-The name came to me in a dream actually and when I awoke the next morning, I then declared that our band would go by that name.

What does reviewers compare you to when they write about your records?

-One time we got compared to a smooth vanilla milk shake.

Which is the worst review you ever had? Do you care about bad reviews?

-There was one review where the reviewer suggested that we kill ourselves..I look at them as people opinions.

What is the most funny thing which have happaned when you have been out and played, on stage or out of stage, in the audience or with the band?

-I would have to say that the funniest thing I have ever seen on stage would have to be the time when a midget stole Matt's bass right out of his hands and then ran off into the night.

.What is the worst and whatīs the best of being in a band?

-The worst part about being in a band would have to the protein diet.  The best would have to be ALL OF THE FREE DEMO TAPES!!!!!!.

How is it to live in USA right now?

-Football season is right around the corner so naturally it is great here in the u.s.a.

How does Bill Clinton does his work?Does any woman like him?

-Well Iīve never been in the office with him, but im sure he has his own way of doing things.Im sure lots of women think he is handsome.

You have done some covers, why do you do covers?

-Because we like to play those songs.

How should a good cover be like?

-You should like the song if your going to cover it, and you should be able to somewhat play the song well.

Which covers do you like to do right now?

- "The smugglers blues" by Glenn Fry.

Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-Tons of interviews..and no its actually fresh and exciting.

Which is the question you wnat to have but you never get,. Please ask yourself it and answer it?

- What would you like to eat right now?  Pizza chief.

Idols when you were small?

-Billy Idol????

First and last record you bought?

- Toilet generation's "You cant flush us out", and Magic Steve's "Get public".

Five best records, five best concerts you have been to, and the five most important things in life?

- There are way too many to try and group down into five..snacks, a good couch, pre-game show, the game itself, and of course the post game show.these are the five best things in life.

When you do songs what do you think itīs most important, a good lyric, a good song or a refrain which people can remember?

-The song should be good.

Who is the ultimate lyricwriter?

-Glenn Fry

.Do you listen to other music than punkrock?

- Not really..all punk

What or who is the future of rock?

- Shannon Gabriel

You have been to Europe and played, whatīs the difference to play in Europe and to play in USA?

- The time difference

Future plans for the bands?

- To tour some more.

Future plans for yourself?

-To watch football


- Find the snacks..

Something to add?

- I think that about covers it..thanks a lot.