Noteingang is a german band which sings in german and they sent me three records and I think that they have a very good style in punkrock so therefore I decided to ask them some questions. August-2010



-There's nothing unusual in our history. Some 15-year-old punks starting a band, writing songs about all the stuff that's bothering them. After a few instrumentation changes, they play some shows, gather a lot of experience and start growing up to be a serious punk rock band. Now they are in their early, mid and late twenties and behave like in the beginning or worse.


Please tell me a little about every member in the band, age, family, interests and something bad about every one?

-Huh, okay.
First there's Christopher (Guitar/Vocals). He's 21, has some really cool parents,  a younger sister and an older brother. He loves his car (Opel Manta, psychedelic-clown-vomit camouflage coloured), the Germand Band "Die Toten Hosen", The Ramones and beer. He owns exactly two books, one about the "Hosen" the other one about the Ramones and he has a potatoe-shaped nose.
Christian (Drums/Backing Vocals) is 20, I never met his parents or his older sister. He likes very shallow movies, computer games and crust punk bands who sound like they recorded their records in some
garbage can. He's the second laziest bum I've ever met.
Leonhard (Bass/Backing Vocals) has just turned 26. His parents are both medics and he's also becoming one. He may be the smartest guy in the band which doesn't hold him off being the most annoying character when he's drunk. Seriously he's one of the most pleasant persons you can imagine. Even when he's drunk. Which is very often.
In the long run: me! My name is Steffen, I'm 28, play the guitar, sing a lot. I'm driving a black 1976 Jaguar, love to play cricket in my spare time, I usually don't drink, except on holidays, but never more like a sip of cognac. I have a lot of influential friends and enemies and everybody in global politics knows my face... No, I was kidding. My Jaguar's red.


You sings in deutsch, never any thought on english(donīt do that I love deautschsinged punkrock)?

-We often thought about writing songs in English, but we got used writing them in our mother tongue and the people got used to the German lyrics. So the songs stayed the way they are and we wanted to keep it in one language.


Your song Stasi 2.0, what is it about?

-It's not that easy to explain that in English. As you know, our country was separated from 1949 to 1989/90 and the eastern half had some kind of secret police called "Stasi". Their main job was intercepting each and every citizen, trying to detect something they did, said our wrote against their regime. In 2006 or so, the German government tried to curb our data protection and in the age of "web 2.0" the name for a protest movement against that was born. Of course it wasn't our invention, but we liked the pun and we were absolutely on the protester's side.


Politics and music is it going hand in hand?

-Depends, I'd say. Turn on your radio listen to that stuff for a while. There's nothing political in that kind of music, but that's not a bad thing. People don't need politics every minute of their day, they mostly like plain songs. A song doesn't need to be political to be a good song. But I think writing a political song is the most creative way to say something about your beliefs at all.


Best political artists/band?

-Young Bob Dylan, German Bands like Ton Steine Scherben or Wizo, British bands like New Model Army, US-Bands like Dead Kenndy's, NOFX... and so on. There are too many.


You sent me the live-ep, demo 2010 and und keiner kannīs verstehen...have you done anything more?

-No, not yet. We're saving money right now the get our new stuff recorded. Leonhard is leaving us for 6+ months and when he's back, we're going to record a new album.


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Loud, melodic, sticky


Punk, what does it mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-We've been asked this question a lot of times. It is a kind of lifestyle, but no one of us goes through with it. You see, none of us has a pink mohawk, lives on the street, has a rat living in his hoodie or something. We just like the music and try to be a punk in our hearts.


Which are the bands you being compared to in reviews?

-Hhm, I don't know. Some German punk bands I guess.


Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got? wrote that we know how to hold our instruments properly. I think that's nice enough.


Do you care about reviews?

-Some more than others. There are not many reviews about us in the first place, so we have to wait to get some more and than see how it affects us.


How is it to live in Germany right now?

-Another hard question. Depends. It's just like in the most European countries. It's basically a very nice place to live, you will always have enough to eat, drink, sleep in and go to and that's so much better than in a lot of other countries in the world. We have everything we need and we have a solid social system who catches everyone that falls. Of course many things could be better in the range of politics. Our government could do a lot better, you know?


Is there any good bands there now?

-I'm not much into German bands. I listen to the radio in the shower every morning and it cracks me up every time. I'm sure 90 per cent of the music made in Germany is total crap. There's a band called "Chefdenker" which I enjoyed the last couple of days. They're really good. "Rasta Knast" (you know Asta Kask? They used to cover them) is another good example.


What do you know about Sweden?

-It's a constitutional monarchy (or is it?). Your surrounded by Norway and water. You have a lot of death metal bands. You brought us IKEA and Volvo (I'm sitting on a IKEA table right now and would love to drive a big Volvo some day). You also have a very solid social system. Your big towns must be very clean, I've been told. Booze is very expensive in Sweden and honestly I regret that I only made it to Norway so far. But I will check out Stockholm in 2011, I promise.


Have you heard any good swedish bands?

-Of course! Backyard Babies, Refused, Friska Viljor, No Fun At All etc.


Is there any website you want everyone to see?


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

-That's hard.
- Tom Waits - Rain Dogs
- Ramones - Rocket To Russia
- NOFX - Punk in drublic
- Turbonegro: Apocalypse Dudes
- Bob Dylan- Highway 61 Revisited
- Cream, Royal Albert Hall London 2005
- Dropkick Murphys, some club Boston on St. Patrick's Day 2004
- Turbonegro, Southside 2004
- Misfits, Halle 2, 2003
- Bob Dylan, Offenbach 2000
- Family
- Friends
- Music
- Beer
- Cats (I know, it's odd)


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-First: Scorpions - Crazy World
 Last:  Rival Schools - United By Fate
 Exp.: Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (white vinyl orig. 1974 pressing)


Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Phil Collins - Hello, I must be going

Your name is Noteingang, how important is a name for a group? Which is the best bandname you know?

-A name is always important for a band! You have to be very creative if you want the people to remember it. The best name is definitely "Diagnose Arschlochkrebs", which means "Diagnosis Buttholecancer".

How do you see on on mp3s, downloading and that stuff?

-I'm a record collector and I don't do stuff like that. On the other hand it might be a good way for youngsters to get good music. I don't know...


Is it good or bad for a band like yours?

-If we'll ever be that famous to notice, we write you back :-)


Please tell me a little about Alzenau?

-It's a small town in Bavaria, directly on the boarder to Hessia, about 45 Minutes to Frankfurt by car. We have about 20.000 residents, a hospital, a lot of vineyards, good sausage and the most famous bevererage "apple wine", which is bit like Cider.

Futureplans for the band?

-Get rich and fat. And then buy ourselves a little island in French Polynesia... that would be great. No, seriously. We're trying to write a bunch of good songs and then make another record. That's the biggest goal.


For yourself?

-Get along and live my life the way I want it.



-Don't ever eat that yellow snow.


Something more to add?

-Not much. This took me a while :-) Thank you very much for your interest in our band. Say hello to Sweden, maybe we can come over and do some shows there!