No Fun At All has always been one of my favorite punk groups in Sweden. I was missing their concert a little at Liseberg together with Offspring but took it back with some good photos and the new album and a nice interview with Mikael Danielsson. July-2018

How is it that it took ten years from the last record to get out the new Grit?
-When we released "Low Rider" 2009, I also thought it would be the last NFAA record. It was a bit tricky and the commitment was not the best. Then I started writing new material that I recorded at my home studio and a year ago I presented the idea of a new album. Ingemar and Kjelle become really on, but Krill and Steven had lost their will to play so they chose to jump off. Then we took Fredrik Eriksson on the guitar and Stefan Bratt on bass, and then it took off again.

Have you played all the time in these years?
-Apart from 2001-2004, we have played more or less frequently every year.


The record label the record is released on, how did it became that label?
-The record is released at US Birdattack Rec, We met Garrett Wadford on Punk Rock Holiday two years ago and seemed to be a cool and dedicated guy. Then there was no talk about a new record, but then we decided to listen with him and check out the situation, and he was on directly.

Are you satisfied with the record yourself, did you have more material to record?
-I'm terribly happy with the record, sounds really good in my ears. Great fun to work with Matte Färm also during the recording. I take away songs at home instead of rehearse a lot of songs, better focusing on a smaller number of songs.

You've made the text of the song Runner's high, no surprise that you wrote it because I've followed your marathon adventures via Facebook? How did that idea come up?
-Thinks it was high time for a text about the world's coolest stuff, running.

Otherwise, is it Ingemar who is doing the lyrics or how is it? Does he come up with a text and you make the music or are it the opposite?
-I'm writing the music first and the tunes first, then I shove it over to Ingemar for text writing, then we'll roll it back together.

Is it harder or easier to make music today than when you started? Does not it feel sometimes that every chord has already been played, every song has already been played?
-Now, it is harder now, I have to say that. At the beginning of the 1990s, only ideas and songs came out. And that's not true today, but it's not getting worser songs just because of that ! Just takes a bit longer. The chordsequence E C G D is we never tired of.

Which of your old songs is your favorite?
-I would say "Out Of Bounds"

Which of your songs is what the audience usually wants to hear?
-It's well" Master Celebrator "that makes people get started most along with" Beat e'm Down ". Sometimes people want to hear the Gang Green-cover "Alcohol", but we have not done it with the new set-up.


Is there any of your songs that you are really tired of?
-No actually not.

How have your new songs been received live?
- Could say that it was good response but as usual it takes a while before it sets as deeply as the old songs.

What does punk mean to you today if you compare when you were younger?
-It still means walking its own path and believing hard on yourself.

What is best about running because it's something you do a lot?
-It makes me feel sick damn well. Always running out, would never want to run in my house regardless of the weather. Likes to set goals and make me coping with it. Great fun to run marathon abroad too, can not imagine better ways to discover cities. 14 marathon on the account can you talk away.


What do you do when you do not play music or run ... work with I mean? What do the others do in the band?
-I work as a investigative contact in legal psychiatry and have done the last 13 years. Ingemar is an electrician and has his electric company as he have with his brother. Kjelle is working on any company that recovers metal scrap type, Bratt works at a clothing store and Fredrik sits in any office and administers gadgets to cranes. I think.

Does anyone have bands on the side of NFAA?
-It's primarily Fredrik who plays in a few other constellations, he has his solo things and then he plays with Knivderby and Fas 3.

Are there any good bands in Sweden today? Abroad?
-The best Swedish record right now is Chicagojazzen - Ständout Black that came last year, really skewed and fine.I like Melody's Echo Chamber - Bon Voyage that came this year too, it's kind of Dungen with a French singer. Viagra Boys are damn awesome and the new EP is well ahead of the momentum full length. Have got into Dwarves after I saw them alive two weeks ago. And of course a lot more.


Five most important recors in your life?

-Mostly dinosaurs but si it is.

Bad Religion - Suffer

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

AC/DC- Let There Be Rock

Kiss- Destroyer

Ramones - Rocket to Russia

Are you still buying discs? Do you prefer vinyl or CD?
-Of fan I'm still running in record stores. I buy both vinyl and CD, new music is usually on CD and the type of old jazz records are on vinyl. Then I would rather have my entire collection on vinyl, but I did not buy vinyl at all for many years.

What do you think about the election this fall? Will it be a horrible experience? What is the most important question?
-It's going to be a damn thing with the unpleasant currents in the country that's now, but hopefully people are thinking about it an extra round. The most important issue is that SD should not can influence the politics.

Do you think everyone should vote? Is there any party you absolutely can not imagine voting for?
-I really think so! There is a whole bunch I would not like to vote for.

Is there a lot of interviews? Is it boring to answer some of the questions?
-Sometimes it will be a bit of repetitions that can be boring, but I'll be happy to answer.

Do you read reviews on your recordss? What is the strangest one you ever got?
-I usually do that, and it may be a bit difficult when you get upset, but fortunately it does not happen so often. On Grit, it's almost exclusively been good reviews, so thanks for that. The most odd I do not really know.

What's the most odd thing that happened during your career on stage, or in the bus, in the audience etc? Please tell me something fun that happened?
-At the Ressurection Fest suddenly there was a lot of children who were on stage and danced a lot under a song and then they went. It was a little bit fun.

No Fun That All has never sung in Swedish or? Never had any thoughts on it?
-I think we do our best in English.

Are there a lot of gigs now or how is it?
-Now there are 6 shows this summer and this fall we play in USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Sweden. And a short Europe-turn before Christmas. So pretty much

What's the best thing about playing live?
-It feels like you get into a bubble of clean energy and euphoria in those best moments and that's where you want to end up.

What else is the future plans with the band?
-Now, it's the tour that is top of the agenda. But the songwriting is also running at home.

For yourself?
-Stop to eat so much catering.

Words of wisdom?
-The pain is inevitable. The suffering is voluntary.

Easy to add?
-Thanks for a nice interview! See you in the mosh pit!