New Model Army-Thunder and consolation

Release 1989

Vilken inledning
Det är inte många grupper som  jag har tatuerat in på armen och än så länge är det kanske inte någon grupp mer än New Model Army från Bradford som har lyckats med den bedriften att få bli ingraverade i min kropp. Skivan verkligen startar på ett ypperligt sätt med den snabba punkiga låten I love the world och det är väl egentligen en låt som inte har det typiska NMA-soundet egentligen men det är verkligen något som skivan andra låt Stupid Questions har och NMA har verkligen lyckas få till ett eget sound på sin musik och låtar som Stupid Questions visar verkligen vägen för resten av skivan.
One of the Worlds most classical songs
After tow really good songs, 225 and Inheritance which comes on in speed but it feels like if we wait on the crescendo, even if the song Inheritance is a really good song and the drums are really classic on this song and the drumsequences one of the best I know. Which song is the crescendo you maybe wonder and it´s the song Green and Grey which we wait on. A ballad which is built up more and more after a while and it´s among one of the worlds most classical songs in the world. It´s in the same class as Heart of Gold, Satisfaction  Lucy in the sky with diamonds etc. Ballad of Bodmin Pill have also a sound like only a group like NMA can have....The start on Family is as done to be a livesong and one of the better intros I know.
Strong finish on the record
The acoustic Family Life gives us some tast on howJustin Sullivan will sound like a soloartist and acoustic songs with this group gives all my the positive creeps and so does this song too. We are young we are old is the intro on Vagabonds and it´s a really classic allsongsong with their folkmusicsounding sound and it´s among one of this world best songs I think. Many superlatives here but this is surely my favouriterecord all categories so it sin´t so peculiar that I am positive. The record have Archway Towers as the last song but that´s the only song I am not so fond of...not bad but a  little bit boring.
Extrasongs on the CD
Five extrasongs on my CD and first out is the fast 125 mph which should have been on this record I think and The Charge and Chinise Whispers is among two other fast songs which is between the space between new wave an early punkrock and it´s good. Nothing Touches was a B-side to some of the biggest songs on this record and it´s OK in all the calm stuff that song goes through and as an end on this CD-version we get White Coats there NMA really shows us why they are among one of the best ban in the world in a musicstyle which isn´t existing...yeah NMA-Music.