A german band but that you already have been counting out maybe with that name. in the beginning of September 2010 was they so nice that they answered a lot of questions from me. Alex is the singer of the band and it´s him who have answered the questions.



-We are from Hamburg and playing together for almost 8 years. So far, we have two LPs / CDS, a single, a split EP (with Oräng Ättäng) and released two demos. we play punk rock with German lyrics.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, interests, work, family and something really bad about every one?

-We are between 32-42 years old. The Line Up: Karsten-Drums, Flo and Peter-guitar, T.R.-bass, and me:Alex-Singer and texts.
Bad about the guys:
Flo has condemned long hair and loves trash and metal.
Peter knows almost everything about computer.
T.R. is an old bag
Karsten loves dogs
I'm perfectly fine …


Punk in Germany how is it to play it?

-It's fun. Germany has a pretty lively scene with a lot of good new and old bands, and our concerts are well attended. For a small band without a major label, we are selling quickly our albums and CDs.


They wore a lot of good bands back in time in Germany, any favourites?

-I personally love the old punk bands like Slime and Razzia from hamburg, Boskops and Toxoplasma. All bands from the early eighties.


Do you like football, which team(Me myself love the team GAIS from Gothenburg,

-We love Football and we are all fans of FC St. Pauli. A small club here in Hamburg. The fans of St.Pauli have set anti-fascist and anti-racist and invest a lot of work in projects outside of the stadium. The Fc St.Pauli celebrates its 100 birthday this year and has just risen in the first league.


Do you have hooligan problems in Germany?

-Yes, we have problem with hooligans. As St.Pauli fan with a clear rejection of racism, we are a club quite unpopular with some other fans. Mainly in east Germany, there are many racist and fascist fans and rides are quite dangerous in these areas. But also within Hamburg we have a problem with the other club HSV. As there is a fairly strong resentment among the fans and gives around the upcoming derby is determined riots. Some people take football too seriously. But the political meaningful must be clear: no to racism, sexism and fascism


Back to music, only german why??

-I was brought up and influenced by German speaking punk. Me as a lyricist, it is much easier to express myself in my mother tongue. We talk mostly on problems that take place right here, so they should be in German quickly understandable. Sometimes when I read through the texts of German bands sing in English, the contents are pretty superficial. I can play with the German language more easily.


Which type of people comes to your concerts?

-It is quite different audiences. hardcore punks, skins, metals, up to normal citizens. With our music, we seem to attract many different people. That is absolutely okay, we've never had problems with anyone of our concerts.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-For me punk is a life style with a good soundtrack. I'm in the scene for 20 years and have experienced a lot thanks to damn punk. Punk has saved my life. With punk, I have met many different people, cities, squats and music. Punk is creativity. I am now 33 years old, have two small daughters, and hence responsibility. I can still connect to punk, because punk for me always is: take it himself in the hand, and never trust a hippie. Okay, can no longer celebrate every weekend until the morning, but my big daughter is more anarchist than I ever was ...


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Loud, fast, chaotic
or: unimaginative kids metal


How is the reviews you have got for the new CD?

-The reviews for the new records have been very good. We welcome that, of course. The reviews for the first album but was more surprising, because at that time no one knew us, and many wrote it one of the best German LPs would be the last year. We have been compared with our own heroes such as RAZZIA who came from Hamburg, too. Which is very flattering.  After the success of the first LP, we waited almost four years until we had finished the second LP recordings. Now we are content and write new songs. We have done that since october 2009, we have a new bassist, and we´re making the first recordings with him.


Do you care about reviews?

-Reviews are of course important. We do not have a big label the advertising for us. Through the reviews of course we understand whether the people like our music, or not ...


How is it to live in Germany, I mean politically?

-Terrible, next question


The best and the worst of living in Germany?

-The best: German beer

The worst: bureaucracy


What is typical german? What is typical swedish?

-Typical sweden: IKEA
Typical German: furniture from IKEA


What do you know about Sweden?

-No idea, I had never been in Sweden. But I love the novels of Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson


Any good bands from Sweden you like?

-Our bassist is a huge ABBA fan ..


Is there any good bands in germany right now?

-Yes,for example our friends from Oräng Ättäng, Hausvabot and Auweia!


Much interviews? Is it boring?

-1-2 interviews in the year. They're not boring, I like it. But some issues are always the same (like history).


The question you want to have but you never get? Please ask it and answer it?

What would you definitely not take to a deserted island?
The highway plan of Romania


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

-The question of the Top5 albums is damn hard. Come on so very many bands would have to show up here. Okay, had me restricted to 5 records and give a short statement of each LP.


1)Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks

The LP, which was probably for thousands of other kids, the gateway drug. Also stands for other bands like Clash or UK Subs, which I like very much

2)Slime (German Punk Band) – Alle gegen Alle

Best German polit-punk album ever recorded

3)Dead Kennedys – Everything!!!

Jello Biafra is one of the best lyricist and entertainer on stage

4)Dackelblut – Fluten und tauchen

Hamburg Punk. Great guitar, brilliant lyrics. Jens Rachut at its best
5)Hammerhead (German Punk Band) – Weißes Album

Great German hardcore band. If you want to run amok, hear this Lp.


1)Slime – Live 1994 in Frankfurt

2)Jello Biafra with the Guantanomo school of medicine – Live 2009 in Hamburg

3)Our first gig at the Störtebeker at Hamburg

4)Total Chaos from USA at the Chaos Days 1995 at Hannover

5)Rage against the Machine 1993 live at Frankfurt before the become big and famous

Important things:

My family
FC St.Pauli
Always something to eat and drink....


First and last and most expensive record ever bought?

-First record:
Sex Pistols - Great Rock Roll Swindle
Last Record:
Nofx - Coaster
Most expensive record:
Slime first Ep for 60 DM


Most embarrssing record in your collection?

-I got a lot of Queen Records.....


Your record label is it your own or? Is it a good label, what have they released more?

-Geschmacklos-Records is our own label. We do all recordings in our small studio and publish the CDs themselves, the LPs we do with the little hamburger-label Kalte-Platte. They are friends to us and it all goes very quickly. Kalte-Platte have published an EP of the band Pommes Brutal, before us. Kalte-Platte make vinyl.


New stuff like My space, facebook and so on.... is it good or how do you see on these things?

-I think it's okay. almost every band has a my space page. You can have a lot of contact with other people and bands and you get to the interviews, for example from Sweden. But I do not need a profile on each comunity


How do you see on Mp3 and downloading and so on? is it good or bad for smaller bands?

-You can download all of our albums on our homepage. We don´t want to earn any money with our music, it's punk rock. Everything we earn from sales of CDs / LPs, Shirts, etc, we are investing in new stuff again. When we are back financially at zero then we set the songs on our homepage. We are pleased, of course, the people who continue to order albums or buy at concerts. Mostly however, we are broke. Also rent for the room or instruments we pay ourself.
We make our songs for free disposal brings sympathy to us and is a good advertisement. Our last album you could download two weeks after publication on a blog we dont know. I also do that sometimes, but I also like to buy albums that I find good.


Which is the biggest band you have played with on a concert?

-One of our first gigs was with the German Punk legend Toxoplasma. I know the singer Wally and asked him if we can play as an opening act. We were super nervous. Were just at the beginning and still had not yet been any good program.
Another festival we played with RAZZIA. But it was only one original member there and they were horrible. We played after them and were better ...


And which band do you really like to support if it..s possible?

-As the opening act of a great band to play is usually a rather thankless task, because people usually wait for the main band. So I'm not so hot on it. Slime plays again a few concerts and it would have been nice. Slime, however, have other bands for the concert in Hamburg.


Futureplans for the band?

-Write new songs. A good new album and gigs. Perhaps once again time for a little tour.


For yourself?

-Furthermore, family and music pass under a hat ...


Wisdom word?

-Thank you for the interview and the interest. I hope my German is better than my english ...


Something more to add?