Release 1973

Producent was Roger Glover
This record came out 1973 and producer for the record was Roger Glover. I kno that i got the record some years after that it came out but what a record this was. I thought that these guys was really tough and it was metal in the highest point which was coming out of our seteros. The record starts really strong with the titletrack Razamanaz which is a really good song and Dan McCafferty have never sounding better than what he did here. i saw the group some years ago and his voice is really good those years too. The second song Alcatraz started so cool you thought and you get a little bit of oriental feeling there and that was really cool then.
One cover on the record
Woody Guthre was the man who got the honour to have one song on the record and Nazareth do a cover on that and that was the song Vigilante man but that song I could have been without because the only thing which sounds there is the slideguitar and itīs a really boring song. Itīs lucky then that the next song Woke up this morning save up the last song and you forget it really fast. It starts with a tough guitar and then it almost go over to Status-boogie in the beginning but when McCafferty voice is coming you forget the Status-feeling you got in the beginning of the song and thinks a little bit more on AC/DC but then we didnīt know that. Night woman is the fifth song on the record which slowly comes swinging over me and do itīs job and maybe little more and that gives the record really good balance. 
They were really Bad Boys
Bad bad Boy and Broken Down Angel was the big songs here and Bad Bad Boy was a really tough thing with really simple riffs in the background and the slideguitar which is going on in the background and makes it really own. I donīt know who they wore selling their soul to in Sell my Soul but in Too bad Too Sad they have a sound which was sounding a little bit desperate and that suits the group really well. Tough guitars is mixed with a McCafferty-voice i his best form.
The end
They end the record with a big hit and it was Broken Down Angel and the scottish guys in Nazareth have really manage with their record here because the song is a song which holds really high class today too after 38 years after that the record came out. Even if you cannot call Broken Down Angel a metalsong so can noone take away from Nazareth that itīs a good song and the whole record is saying harmony on a band which really have a big time then and that they still are doing their songs and when I saw them they really seems to have fun.