Miss Li have managed to release three records in a year, made herself a s a wellknown girl being on a Winnerbäck-song. She get rid of her TV to manage this…..or maybe this is an explanation anyway. Miss Li answered those questions in the beginning of November 2007.   

How is this possible, three records in a year?
I don´t actually know. I get rid of the TV….and then I wrote a lot of songs. No, that hadn´t so much to do with that maybe but I got a whole lot of time over to do things instead of being feed up with a lot of useless information about what I am should be thinking , and who I should be… .....
 But that I would be doing three records in a year wasn´t anything that I planned when I sat in my apartment for one a half year ago and tried to do something on my newly bought piano.
This year which have gone…feels really as three years. It have happened so much that I almost don´t have the chance to understand it. I have been so full of inspiration to do things, that I now , a year later have three album on m y back. I don´t seriously get this myself.  
The last album, Songs of a rag doll, have I written together with Sonny(which is in the band). It feels really fantastic and we help each other. There I don´t do so good in the songshaping(or the pianoplaying) he fills in and I do the same thing in his songs. It have also been really good to have someone to talk with about the record which I hadn´t on the other records in the same way..
Please tell us what you did before you become Miss Li? Did you play in a band or?
 -I was living in Borlänge until two years ago. I played football in my youth, studied economy on Hagagymnasium. I started to play in different bands when I was sixteen and I was working as ususal people.

I hadn´t any plans on moving to Stockholm. It only became so two years ago when one of my best friends moved to Stockholm. I went the same way and was really fast become a Stockholmer. I started to work with the taxes for cars in Stockholm( I know…that´s bad) and I sang a little on the side.

Then, a day I don´t know what happened. But I felt so incredibly much that I wanted to do music. I wanted to do music and I wanted to do it on my own. I couldn´t play guitar and I couldn´t play piano but I didn´t give a damn about that and I bought an electric piano and started to play

You don´t work with anything else right now?
-No, I was working a little when I released the first album but after that I realise that I couldn´t have the time to that. So I am free from work right now on an office, and I hope that I don´t have to go back =)

How did it happened that you recorded together with Winnerbäck?
 -We met when I was playing on a gig with Stefan Sundström. It was a year ago. Lasse have heard me on TV4 morningprogram and he thought it sounded good. And then he phoned and wanted me to come and sing with him. And then I did that.
It became later the single "Om du lämnade mig nu". In that way it is. But it wasn´t too easy to get this together. I went to Ireland and recorded the rest of the record. But I had also my plans to record my third record, which did that I couldn´t be on the Winnerbäck-tour which is going on right now.

It felt really sad not to be on that but on the other side is it good that I can live on my own music.  

Will it be anythng more with him or something similar?

-I don´t actually know if we will do anything more . We keep in touch and we talk now and then but the future will tell if we will do anything more. I take a day in the time. I almost get questions from people every day who wants to do things. Be guest on different record and so on but I have so much to do anyway.. Miss Li really takes my time and 111 procent of my energy right now and now I must wait to do other things.  
How do you think that I who is raised with punk likes the things you do? I don´t like jazz for example?  
 -Haha, you like it? I become really happy for that!

It´s really fun that Miss Li have such broad audience. On some gigs it comes everything from 6 year old small girls to 75 year old men. It´s everything from indiegirls to metalfreaks. Happy people, sad people(who wants to be happy) . It makes me happy in whole of my body that so different people likes my music. But it´s not so peculiar maybe. I have listened to a lot of musc through the years and Miss Li becomes some sort of odd mix of all different musicstyles. So I think that everyone maybe can find something they like in the music.

Whis is your relation to punk?
 -I don´t have been some punk, now what I remember.. But I have heard some things that I liked as Ramones and Sex Pistols and so on and have surely done a jazzy variant of that. Or maybe you should say a jazz, cabaret- variation =)

I have checked some of your videos?
Where are they shown? What´s most funny to do, is it new records or videos to them?  
 -I haven´t put so much energy to do videos. It´s almost never so that they show videos today. It´s so easy to see them on internet so TV have put down that almost. MTV and ZTV and other stations shows more and more hypercommercial music as Britney Spears and Beyonce and those things…but like that is the music industryu really much today. It´s only to understand that it will not be as it once was…..but I´m not suffering so much for that fact.
I don´t do records for anyone else either. It´s mostly so that I must write about feelings. As a type of therapy.


When does your next record come? Did you have all of three records finished from the beginning or how was it? Did you do music now and then or how was it?  
-Haha, shall I be honest so have Sonny and I written another record…but I have promised myself and my family and friends that I shouldn´t record for a while. I must try to take care of my distressed body. Otherwise it´s maybe not be any more records at all, this life anyway  =)
I actually don´t write so often as people can think. It´s more so that I go for a while and then I do 6-10 songs in day.
So have I written songs for every record.  

National seems to be happy with you? Are you happy with National?
 -Haha, yeah they seems to be happy with me =)
It´s fantastic to have a record company which not says to me not to release records as often as I do. I don´t think that any other label would have let me to do that. Now they want to release a Greatest hits on the year day of the first record.
So of course am I satisfied with them.  att ha ett skivbolag som inte hindrar mig från att släppa plattor så här tätt. Jag tror nog inte att
Whats´the best and what´s the worst of being on a smaller label? 
 -There´s almost not any money in the record business anymore. It doesn´+t matter if you´re on a smaller or a bigger label. So I choose to be on a little just for the personal relation you have with them. On big companys it´s easier to get unpersonal and as fast as it doesn´t go so good for an artist they lay down the work with that artist and put all their money in a new one. You can easy be forgotten and that you don´t become on a little label.
They must be nice to all their artists. They´re a little like a family.

When you sang with Winnerbäck you sang in sweidsh? That´s nothing which is actual for you? To sing in swedish I mean?
-Not right now anyway. But you never know. I have a thousand plans and futureprojects in my brain….and that´s maybe be something in swedish in the future. We will see….... =)

How much do a woman like Miss Li sell?
 -Do you mean records? I don´t actually know how much I have sold. The record business goes so bad now so it isn´t so many thousand records you sell nowadays….And it´s more downloading I´m, afraid...

How do you see on downloading? Is it good for someone who people hear a lot of radio but they don´t know so much about?
 -It can be both positive and negative, as everything else. The positive is that many people can listen to you without buying the record.
They recognize songs more when you´re out and play.

But it´s also bad in some way. Even if you can think that it goes really well for me right now so I have I hard times to pay my rent and buy food sometimes and then it feels really bad that so much is downloaded…  ..
What shall we do about the downloadingproblem?
 -I don´t think there´s so much to do. You just let the development to have their time. I don´t think that it helps if the police try to hunt people who downloads music and film and it feels like if the society have bigger problems that that they should focus on.  

How do you think it is to live in sweden?
 -I love Sweden……but I am not a big fan of the swedish winter....

Politics and music, is it something which goes hand in hand?
 -Absolutely! I think that you should show your opinion!

What do you like the other artists on National Records?
 -There´s really much good music on National. All the bands is very tight and we´re a lot together with Baboon Show and Markus in tarantula waltz. We listen a lot to Pugh Rogefeldt when we´re out on the roads. And I think that all the bands as National have released are really good. And the most of them have a political message which even I can relate to. It´s leftwingpolitics for them all…

I don´t think that Reinfelt would book some of Nationals acts on the early christmasparty anyway =)
Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and the five most important things in life?
 -Ok...I don´t rank them in any special order.  r
 Neil Young - Harvest
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
Kate Bust - The kick inside
Van dyke parks - Discover America
Bob Dylan - Desire
I don´t go on concert so often….so I actually don´t know...
The five most important things in life must be
(sounds really clicheé but it must be most important)
(now I don´t can come up with something more...)
 (...so I take some material stuff)
A good bed
and a glass of milk

The first, last and most expensive record ever bought?
 -The first record I got from my parents when I was having a birthday I think. It was a LP  with  Michael Jackson.
 The latest I have bought must be Hives latest.
 The most expensive……it must be an old vinylrecord with blues from the 40´s….I don´t know what it is named ...

The most embarrassing record in your collection?
 -Hm, I have some old  Boys To Men –record in my drawers. Not so that it is embarrassing, but I don´t listen to it…...

The futureplans for Miss Li?
 -Tour frenetically in a a month more. And then I will have a little vacation but in my free time I will do some TV-shows and go abroad and play. I will take some free time in the grave it seems like. And then I look foreward a lot to make a new record, hihi, but I must long for a while because I have promised myself to don´t record it in a  while. ….It´s so good feeling when you have written a song and then record it and listen to hear how good it sounds.. =)

For you as a human being?
 -teach myself to calm down. Learn how to not get a bad conscious so do I take one day at the time without doing anything.

-Get rid of the TV!
Something to add?
-Yeah, I have precisely read a book which is named  Att välja glädje by Kay Pollak have written. It´s so much easier to live and be happy. .