Rolf Revålt from Missbrukarna have been so kind to me o he have answered a whole lot of questions from me about the eminent punkorchestra Missbrukarna. The questions was answered in the middle of September. 


Please tell me a little history, why, wan when Missbrukarna started to play?

-We have had a lot of bands(the first began to play in 1976 and we was called The Källare), we liked messy music and we had a primitive band called The Turfs. The winter 1980 The Turfs played in front of very much people in a sportscentre in Hudiksvall and it went out to be a catastrophygig. Everything sounded like shit. We couldn´t barely go out after that. We was ashamed. Then you change name on the orchestra and rise up like bird Phoenix from the humiliated ash, in new punkclothes under the name Missbrukarna. Success on the first gig. That was before the summer vacation 1980. The bands latest gig was in 1988. we haven´t split up yet. We will never do that.


Why did you broke up?

- Yeah, we haven´t broke up….No, different works, new bands, new girls, new records and so on.


Have you been doing music all the time after Missbrukarna?

- Cannot say so. Haven´t been so active, but I have deon songs to Totalitär and Sigge Hill. I sang a Dischargesong this winter in front of an audience of three people. Success! Can be some sporadic gigs in the future too. .


Do you still like punk? Is there any good punks bands around today?

- I´m still buy a lot of punkrock. It´s kind of my favouritemusic, but I like very much deifferent things. Punkband today? Wow..! Kill-A-Watts, the

Rippers,Henry Fiat,...och I like distorted bands. Not melodic punk, todays skatepunk, MTV-nerdpunk! I rather have raw than good played music. Noise! Fuzzboxes! Vocals which barely can be heard! Poffen!



Which is the  most important punkband in Sweden alltimes?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah….. Ebba Grön will everyone hear now…OK! Ebba was one of my favouritebands back in time, but fact is that Ebba´s music isn´t have managed the timeline. Best is the early singles, they´re good today too. My favoruiteband from the first time of punk is Kriminella Gitarrer and early Massmedia. We can´t forget the punkscene in Sundsvall- Swedens Mecca for raw punk in the good old time. I saw a lot of good concerts up there and best was Ztulph eller what the hell they was called. Marvellous!


The best swedish punksong?

- "Jävlarnas jul".


What do you think about a gig like Swedish Punk 25 years and that type of arrangements?

- I´m not so much for nostalgia in that way-it can be OK if you take away the worst shit. I have difficulties to believe that the bands is so good as they was back then


Did you only do the single with Panik?

- We released the cassette "Krigets Gentlemän". 1983

we recorded it. We have also been son some compilations.


No thoughts about some compilationCD with your stuff or something like that? 

- There is thoughts and some people have been in touch. It´s only me who is a little bit lazy..


How much does your record cost today? 

- A nice record cot about 100 dollars in USA! 


What do like that fact?

- It´s not so much to do about it(yeah you can release them again). But it´s rarities we talk about, I would surely buy more expensive records if I could afford it!


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle? 

- Punk have been a musictsyle for me in the first place, and I knew really early what punkrock was( I bought the Nuggetsdiouble in 1974 already and I really liked the American bands like MC5 and The

Stooges and Blue Cheer and Velvet Underground and The

Fugs and so on. Distorted music as I said.!)  and then this with the punkidelogy came and that isn´t anything I have been followed as a slave. Punk is still today a music style for me but I like the idea that you should do things yourself, live your own life as you enjoy it and son. Punk got absolutely that consequence that I dared to play in a band and through this I have get a whole lot of new mates. If I hadn´t listended to punk. An alternative like that doesn´t exist I think. Then I have expressed myself in some other disharmonic way.


Tell me about yourself?

- I am 46 years and I work as an assistent in a comprehensive school I still live here in Hudiksvall. Next question.!


How is it to live in Hudiksvall?

-Hrm...I can live here as well as I have been living somewhere else. It´s surely many worser alternatives....


How is the musiclife in Hudiksvall?

- Hudiks musiclife I haven´t so good checkout on right now. But there is a placewhich is called Brandgaraget who have rockbands sometimes but the audience is so young there so I don´t want to go there….but the check I have got says me that there isn´t so many punkbands or not-coverbands in this city. The terror of coverbands makes me very tired..


How was it against you and the raggare(people who drives around in their big American cars(as Rude Kids said)?

-It went out really fine. We didn´t look so punky and we wasn´t any small shits either, so they were really calm. And then I knew/know a lot of those people. But they beat up some people who looked a little bit punky,especially the small ones...


Tell me about the project Rolf och Revoltörerna?

- Rolf & revoltörerna was a pure studioproject. We recorded four songs under this name, It was me and the guy who plays bass on the “Krigets Gentlemän”-cassette and nowadays he calls himself Sigge Hill and makes country in Swedish. 


How was a gig with Missbrukarna?

- A lot of energy and fun!


You haven´t done any reunion or do you have any thoughts on it?

-No, but they wanted us to play on Bollnäspunken.


What was the most fun with being in a band, was it gigs, recordings or was it the charm to be in a band( I haven´t played so much myself)?

- It´s the whole thing with a band, rehearsals, make songs and see the audience like what we do.


Did you get many reactions on your name?

- Not so much, but the Hasselacollective did a moovie about drugs in Hudiksvall and then they mentioned Missbrukarna as one of the druggloryfing bands in this city, In the movie it was said something like this: -Do you have name like that they really show where they stand!


What was the most peculiar which have happened during your time as band?

- I don´t know if it was so many odd things which was happened. During a gig it was a raggare(we think) that pull out the contact to the electricity  so it was quiet during one song. I said that it didn´t do anything because the song was almost ended. When we played live on “Ny Våg” a gang of skinheads stood and shouted ”We don´t move” And then I said that that song comes later. Fuck, it´s really boring things. What is this for fucking punkband!!!...


Ny Våg was it important for the scene?

-Yeah- it showed that it was a punkscene(many people have already said that it was dead) and that scene was all around the world. The program made many people interested in punk. Jonas did the best programmes but I´m a little bit part in the case because I used to write to him and he wrote to me during the “Anarki & Kaos” period. I didn´t followed the program from the beginning so I am not a Ny-Våg nostalgic person.


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

- It´s a little bit boring because this records is really standard nowadays. 


The Stooges S/t

Ramones s/t

Mc5 - "Kick Out The Jams"

Blue Cheer-"Outsideinside"

Damned - "Damned damned damned"


And I refuse to rank them. I could have mentioned Faust,Deviants,MDC,...och it´s really meaningless to say a lot of groups. It would be a hundred!!



 Chesterfield Kings Stockholm  1987?

 Ztülbh Sundsvall   197?

 Gun Club Stockholm  (the first part the concert! The guitar sound!!) 1983

 Beasts OF Bourbon Stockholm  1989?

 Grisen Skriker Stockholm 197?


No, I cannot come up with the years. We take it sometime! Have surely forogotten some good concert...


Most important in life?

Yeah, we take it some other time..


First, latest and most expensive record ever bought?

-The first record: Hep Stars-"Cadillac"

   The latest;A lot of them and it was for example.

      .:The Hunches-"Hobo Sunrise"

                            Career Suicide/Jed WHitey

                             The Accident-"Noromance..

                             The Spits s/t

                             Killed In Action-"We ruin

The most expensive record: Black Spirit cd 220:-


Most embarrasing record in your collection?

- Vargtass I think.


The record you bought mostly for the cover and you got so disappointed on? 

-It´s so fucking many that  cannot can up with a name. 


Where do you stand when we talk about, does the companies bite their own back or what`Do you download yourself.

-I haven´t internet myself. MP3- very nice with music, or don´t you agree.


Missbrukarna haven´t any own website,why or why not?

-We have talked about it but it´s nobody who have taken it´s time to do it, but why should we have one-we aren´t so active right now


Describe Missbrukarnas music in three words?

-Unitght,nagging shit.


Futureplans for you?

- Buy more records! Or as we said in Ny Våg ,Play faster!!



-neverr let yourself come into this situation , to answer 34 questions about your old punkband!!


Please ask a question which I haven´t asked you and answer it?

-Other bands I have been active in maybe? Answer?

The one that have done records: Missbrukarna,The Bangsters,The

Original Thunderbirds,Dagens Ungdom,Teenage Graves



Somethign to add?

- Absolutely not. YEAH! Missbrukarna is played in "Du är inte

du" during the eftertext to "Ytan". Showed on SVT 2002 I think it was! Proud I was then!



Oh My god! I´m exhausted? Is this enough? Please say yes!