-Misery started in 1987 in Minneapolis.At this point in time in this city there were alot of punks, and very few @ punk bands locally. Me ( Jon) and Gary ( drums), had just moved back to Mpls from Portland Oregon, where we lived as peasants for about 9 months. We had been playing together since about 1983 and had to put something together. We had the drive to get things going and had people interested in doing it as well. Al Long (ex Misery, ex Nausea) was a great friend of ours before we left and joined up with us as the singer. Gags, another old friend of ours hopped in on bass, and voila, we had something to work with. We also had a female singer for awhile named Kristy in the beginning. I think we played our first show with her and Al on vox in 1988.Our friend Sid from Portland came out to do an east coast tour with us in 1988.We did a few shows in New York with Nausea, A.P.P.L.E., the Resisturz ( now the casualties), the Radicts and I can't remember who else. Nausea was seeking a replacement for Neil (Tribal War) and Al decided to move there and join up with them. When we returned, Someone had stolen Sids return ticket to Portland, which meant he was stranded in Mpls, so he joined the band and we've had the same line up ever since.

Please tell me a little about every member, age, interests, work, family and something bad about every one?

-Jonny:38 plays guitar and does a lot of the vox. His interests include Recording music, drinking tons of beer, not leaving his house ( except for work , shows, and ordinary blackouts).He has a recording studio in his basement and has recorded tons of great bands in Mpls.It's called The House Of Misery Studio.He works as a grain inspector at a grain elevator and has for 19 years.Thats his main bad point.His family are his girlfiend Nikki, his roommate Leffer (Provoked) and all of his friends and his fucking loud motorcycle.Gary AKA GUTZ:39  plays drums and does some vox.His interests include playing music, drinking tons of beer, smoking tons of pot, and talking jibberish.He has a silkscreen shop in his garage and does alot of printing for Profane Existence and many other bands ( he's printing Happy Bastards shirts right now with Brian of StormCrow).He also works for a very political store called Northern Sun, a very great place to buy your Fuck Bush, Fuck War gear.He drinks as much as Jonny, and that is his only bad point.He has set up a million shows in Mpls for tons of great bands, but since his new silkscreening business, has had to quit doing that.His family consists of the whole punk scene pretty much, he knows every fucker.Sid: 40 Plays guitar and does alot of the vox as well.He was a diesel mechanic for about 16 years and gave it up due to stress.He now drives trains around our part of the country for a living.He is the punk as fuck train conductor and probably drives alot of people that listen to our band around unknowingly. He loves trains and old English Punk Rock.He has a wife and two children 16 and 12 and is a great father.He is on call at his job 24-7 and that is his only bad point. Every time we have a show, he has to call in ill.That is why we rarely play. Gags: 41 plays bass and does vox as well.He is always changing jobs, so I don't know what to say he does for a living.He is a very gothic type punk and has a side project that plays Misfits covers.You wouldn't see him out much if you lived here, unless you went to a Motley Crue show, he loves them..His arms are as big around as Jonny And Gutzs' waists which is the only bad thing I could come up for him. He’s a fucking beast, a sick perverted Beast with a heart of gold. He also has a great wife and a child from a previous relationship.


Have it been many personal changes in Misery?Personal changes?

-Not at all between the members.We are like brothers when we are together.We've stuck to our politics as a whole and stand as a whole. Personally, we know no other way.


Where do you come from, which city, is there any good bands there right now or have it been any good bands there?

-We come from Minneapolis Minnesota. there are many great bands from this city and a lot of great bands come to this city. We have a pretty cool punk scene here and have for many years. There are too many bands to list from around here, and for the fear of leaving someone out I won't make a list.


Any other good bands in your homecountry?

-Just like Sweden, yes indeed, there are loads of great bands with great messages out there.You just have to go find them because they are probably playing in someones basement as we speak.


Your music is hard are you hard people or you living out your anger in your music??

-We are very friendly people, not hard at all. Peace Punks with a louder, harder type of music to help get a message out.A lot of punks look at us a metal band. We don't even know the names of half of the chords we play and are far from musicians, so I don't think you can call that metal.I think we do get most of our aggressions out through our music. It’s a much better, more peaceful way of expressing yourself. Without an outlet, the dam will break, and that is why there is much too much violence in the world. The people that go to shows do the same, they jump around and forget about the real world for awhile. And the young folks take interest, read the lyrics, and understand that there is another side and another way to exist.


Which label are you on now?

-We are on no label.Profane Existence, CAH, Rodent Popsicle.............The list goes on.We work with who will work with us.We do records with labels that have the same politcal interests as us, and sometimes we are mislead and go through bad labels.We do what we can do to get our stuff to the people that like it.


Is there any other bands there that you like?

-We listen to so many types of music that we couldn't wrap up that question in this entire zine.

How is people in USA right now, are they afraid of new terrorstattacks?

-I think the people in the USA are very divided, as they seem to be in a lot of countries around the world.This is a very sad world that we live in, with so many wars going on.There are alot of people here that are blind patriots and full of hatred. Those are the people that actually believe what they are being told in the media. Those are the people that still stand behind this government, we will call them fools from now on. Then there are the religious fundamentalists, we will call them fools from now on as well. Then there are all of the rest of us, sitting here wondering why it has to be this way, we will call them us from now on. Fear has taken over a lot of the world.


Is there any other bands you have been compared to?

-I don't really know.


Do you care about reviews?

-Not really.We don't do this to see what people think of it, we do it because it's what comes from our hearts.We do it because we feel this way and need to express it in a loud, pissed off manner.

Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got?

-The comparison to Blck Sabbath, and the Flock of Seagulls. That kind of made us all laugh.


What shall a good reviewer write about?

-Have he/she right to take someone down like many do? I think that alot of reviews of this type of music these days focus far too much on the production quality. What would alot of todays reviewers say about the early Crass bands recordings?They probably would have buried them in the bad demos pile, when they were some of the best things to come about. I think reviewers in this scene should focus more on, are they for real, or are they just trying to get popular so they can sell out to MTV next year. Are they living it or are they playing the part to cash in.


What do you know about Sweden? What is typical swedish?

-We've never been there, but all of the bands/people that have come through here from Sweden have been great people. Except ABBA, they took the place over.


Have you heard any good swedish bands?

-So many that I can't list them.Is Eminem from there?Oh fuck here is where the beer starts to finish the interview, readers beware.


Please rank your five favourite bands, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

-I can't really speak for the rest of the band on this one, but here are mine.Icons of Filth, Amebix,Crass, EOM, and Hellbastard are five bands that are great in my eyes.There are so many more, but that is five.Five shows that stick out in my mine are, 1984 Dead Kennedys,Husker Du, and Otto's Chemical Lounge.that show was a fucking riot.La Fraction played here a few years back and they were fucking great.1988 Broken Bones, and the UK Subs, that was a great fucking show and we got to play as well.Chumbawamba, I saw them in San Francisco years ago at the Filmore, that was a killer show as well.


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-We are not record collectors at all.

Most embarrasing record in your collection?

-The last two Misery releases are very embarrasing, we all agree on that.


How is a good concert with Misery?

-Very loud.


How does the typical Misery-fan look like?

-Your typical suit and tie type.They usually drive to the shows in Audis and BMWs, that is if they are too cheap to rent a limo.


Full discography?-

1989 Born fed Slaughtered 7" self released

1989 Blindead 7" self released

1990 Born Fed Slaughtered UK release

1991 Children of War 7" GTGP records ( became Relapse records)

1991 Production through Destruction LP Intellectual Convulsion records ( sold us out to Relapse and fucked us over)

1992 Misery / Hellspawn split 7"

1992 Misery/ SDS split LP on MCR Japan

1993 Misery live at CBGBs Squat or Rot

1995 Who's the Fool LP PE/ Skuld

1996 Misery/ Assrash split 7" ( picture disc)

1997 Nexttime/ Midnight 7" PE

2001 Misery/ Extintion of Mankind split LP on Elderberry, Crimes Against Humanity, Sin Fronteras

2004 the early Years CD CAH/ Havoc

2004 Misery/ Toxic Narcotic split LP Go Kart

2004 Misery/ Path of Destruction split LP Rodent Popsicle

2005 Production through Destruction LP rereleased by CAH

2005 Who's the Fool LP rereleased by PE


You have rerelased some stuff, why?

-Because it became impossible to get and record collectors were selling some of it on EBAY for ridiculous prices.


What influences you lyrically?

-This hell fire warzone of a world that we live in.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-I don't know."Punk" the label ,has been destroyed by the mainstream media outlets like MTV, and has been used to market shit, shallow, meaningless bands for years now. I would prefer the word Underground, because all of the real punks and punk bands are still in the underground. We are somewhat of a subculture outside of society. the real punks are nothing more than a huge family that span the entire planet. What other group of people can go to any city anywhere and have friends to help them out? None I would have to say.

Politics and music, does it goes hand in hand?

-They do go hand in hand with our type of material. But not every body uses music like that. I love alot of music that has no message behind it as well. Some Music really makes you stop and think, and some just makes you stop thinking. I think they both have their place in this world.


Any good political band/writer you like?

-Dave from Behind Enemy Lines / Aus rotten is a great writer.He has a big, angry stick to hit you over the head with, and that is a beautiful thing.


But politics isn´t anything for you, or?

-We don't spend much time sitting around and talking about politics. We prefer to do that in our lyrics and leave it at that.It's a part of the world you can't really ignore, but if you take it too far, you turn into everything you are against.


Futureplans for the band?

-We are slowly recording another LP.It's going to be very interesting because we are doing everything ourselves.Because we've had such bad luck with studios, we've set up our own and are recording there.It's a true DIY effort.That is our main focus at the moment.


For yourself?

-Keep on grinding forward.



-Don't take a job as a suicide bomber, the retirement plan sucks.Our hearts do not beat to the rhythm of the war drum.


Something to add?

-Thanks and Cheers to all of you Swedish bands that have come to the States. We sincerely appreciate it.We are sorry we haven’t yet made it over there. Peace and Cheers Misery