Heavy from the group Mimikry is so nice that he gives me more than an hour and talks with me with some different things. This happening in the evening 5/5-2010




-There you are and here I am


So good. …what shall I call you Jonas or Heavy? What do you think is best?

-Take Heavy, it´s nice in these rock n roll times


Good…here we go…have you worked or done rehearsal , I wonder because we take this so late?.

-Yeah, here we go!  I have worked…have flextime on the work so I often sleep longer and work late.


You work as a journlaist, or what do you do?

-Yeah, precisely, I´m writing about entertainments on Dala Demokraten, writes and look at the entertainmentlife,in Dalarna, everything from musicals to deathmetal.  


How is it when you have released a new record and wants to have it reviewed?  

-It´s a little bit tricky…but you must take any honest and which not is a mate.


Then it maybe becomes even worser and you get a really shit review?  

-Could be…but then it is so….a review is anyway only one peoples opinion.


Yeah of course…have you got any reviews on the latest record?

-Only in the papers around, in Dalarnas Tidningar and in Dala-Demokraten. A three and a four. So that you must be satisfied with!  


I have also write about it…many fun coverchoices to be apunkband…how did you thought about it?  

-Yeah, the question is if we thought so much at all…we only thought to do a an Ep first and only release it on the net , just because that something should happen with the group because we have been quiet for a while. But then came a lot of ideas about songs and then it become more than we thought. We did know that we not only wanted to do punkcovers because they´re already punksongs and we don´t have the same possibilities to do them in an own version. We wanted to find songs with good melodies and with good lyrics and which isn´t so far away Mimikry in the melodies. For example “ We were winning” with Broder Daniel which I thought for a while that it should suit as a punksong


It really does, but I thought I was the only punk who liked  Vintersaga, John Holm and Perssons Pack....but you did too?

-Haha…yeah, it´s a little bit different in the band. Everyone don´t like all songs, as usual. But all in the borders of what I can stand for anyway. I am the one who was chosen the most of the songs and like the most of the originals.


And you like other musicstyle than punk too?

-Oh yes, I don´t judge after style, I judge after after songs and a good song is a good song.

But you call your own music for punk?

-Na, yeah we use to say punkrock. But many times it´s on the border to pop or anyway rock.  


Yeah but I think you´re one of Swedens best punkbands and it´s fun because I was doubtful to you in the beginning with På rymmen thing etc but you grown up more and more for every record….why does it became a free downloading record?

-yeah, prejudices is to be broken. Yeah, we thought that it should be an Ep at first and just because of the fact that it wouldn´t be so many songs so was it simple and fun to give it away for free,,,and then when it became a whole record so couldn´t we say that it wouldn´t be for free just because of the fact that it became a whole record. And it´s a fun thing to do. The most people download their music for free anyway, We ”steal” the songs we have recorded so we can givet hem away for free…as a punkrock-Robin Hood .


But do you have to permission from every band you do a song from

-If you translate the lyrics you must have permission but  not to record a cover , that can you do as you want.


But how is it with Stim-money and similar?

-Stim is only paid for “real” records and if the song is played in radio , Tv etc. And if some of our covers is played in for example radio so gets the one who have written the money


What do you think about downloading?

-I don´t think so much. It´s there and it is the way it is. If we get paid as fast as someone have downloaded anything so had we have the money to do music as a work and it have been good both for us and the ones who likes us. But without downloading so hadn´t so many people heard us, so it´s a little doublesized for me. .


But you work everyone now?

-Yeah, all of us working fulltime and that do that we couldn´t play and reharse as much as we want and we could have got foreward more good stuff to the fans if you have earned money on your music and if you could work halftime.  


Is it anyone of you which have a family?

-Åsberg, Hjalle and Mia have children. Not me and Apan.


Nothing you longing for?

-No, it´s surely nice but I like to be out as much, so….all things have positive and negative aspects..

Sure it´s so...I have one on 14 and one son on 18…fuck the time is going…how old have you been now? .

-We´re between 30-35 except Apan which is the little guy in 26.  


Yeah, good to hear that you´re becomes to get ”old” now, I was on a concert with UK SUBS and Vibrators and then you can notice that you can play punk in 30 years more…feels good?

-Feels great and the age is in your head?


Sure it´s so How do you think that punk lives on in Sweden or maybe I shall say the musiclife is in Sweden nowadays?

-It seems to be not so many festivals today, if you compare with 10 years ago and that´s a little bit shame. It used to be good things to play one when some little association arrange and book  a lot of small or halfbig artists. It´s many of these gigs we have done through the years and now it´s so many big festivals where no smaller bands come into without starting facebookgroups and let the mates vote as hell. It´s needed driving forces in every little town which arrange small festivals or musicnights.


Yeah it´s true…is there any good bands nowadays?

-New or old?



-I´m very fastidious because I work with listening to music all the time. But this weekend I will check out Twisted Sister and they´re still a fucking good liveband and then wakes the metalhead in me up and we will play with them on Rockweend in july, and that becomes fun. Of new music I only can come up with Tuck from Borlänge which is really cool thrash metal…but they have only played here around and not relesed any record or something like that.  


Yeah it was the question I would ask…do you get more negative to bands when you review them if you plays music yourself or do you understand better the bands even if you don´t like the music?  

-It´s hard to say because I have never reviewed anything without playing music myself..but I have become more openminded because of the fact that I have worked as a reviewer in many years. Then you must give everything the chance and that have been very good for the inspiration to our music I think. I´m the only one which have mentioned  names as Marit Bergman in our rehearsalroom.  


What did the other say then?

-Yeah, they´re really openminded. Mia and Åsberg is the punklovers and they can think that we sounds too weak sometimes but they have no choice, they don´t write songs,  


Hehe....is it only you and Hjalle who does them or?  

-Yeah, this far it have been so. But we´re both convinced  that Mia could do good songs, we must force a little bit harder.


But she don´t want to or?

-Yeah but she have never done it and mybe she feels insecure…I don´t know…I shouldn´t answer for her but she´s not against it.  


And then we look foreward to that…politics and music, does it goes hand in hand?  

-Could do but don´t must do. I think that it´s too many artists today who don´t dare to stand for what they´re thinking…It have been so that they´re afraid to do anything political if people don´t agree. But it depends if you have strong opinion in the band or nt. If you´re not interested of politics so isn´t it necessary to involve that but if you have strong opinion so is this a way to affect,


But Mimikry mixes politics and music sometimes?

-Yeah it comes some lefthit sometimes.


Were you out and demonstrated on the 1st of May and if you did it ,with whom?

-Mia was on a demonstration in Djurås, I was in Borlänge and checked it out but it wasn´t so superserious.  


But which party have you walked with if you have done it?

-There is only parties so doesn´t it matter which I vote on. The most important is that it will be red in the government. It must be the socialist party or the conservatives which be the leading party…and then it doesn´t matter if you vote, on green, red or ultrared if you get it.  


Yeah I get it but you will vote this autumn?

-I´m not so good at all these leftparties. The most important for me the values in the ground that the differences in the countries not going to be bigger and that you must could be sick in Sweden. My convincement is red and I will vote red.   


In this way you answered the last time when we talked about voting..."Heavy: I don´t vote. I don´t care about it. " ...

-We all grown up and get wiser.


Hehe…yeah if that is a way to be grown up so is it so.,..but I never want to be grown up..do you want that?

-It depends what you mean with that?


Mostly in the head I think…the body is aged but the head feels so much younger….anyway I mean that it´s well noticed on a concert when I´m 47 and the rest of the people is 22 but I feel also like 22 sometimes. ......

-Yeah, but how is the question?


I don´t really know but we go to the next question instead…which are the nearest futureplans?

-Now will we play as much the families gives us permission to. And then we will begin to rehearse on Tuesdays again and do new songs. We want to do a new record with own material as soon as possible.  .


But that will be an ordinary release and not downloading or?

-No, then we will earn some money. A “real” record with a really thick CD-booklet!


Good…on which label?

-We don´t know but right now we collaborate with Sound Pollution so it´s a big chance that it will be them again, in cooperation with our own label Atomnummer 36.


Atomnummer...will something more be released there or is it already done?

-Ålderland is released on Atomnummer 36 and Sound Pollution.


Yes, but not any other bands?

-No, I don´t think so. No one in the band have plans for that right now.  


No, now we have talked for an hour and we must quit this…have you something more you want to talk about?

-Hmm…no, I´m really empty in my head..have forgot what we talked about but we´ve taken the important I think.


Hehe you will soon read about it because I put this out at once.

-Aha! yes... hmmm.. no I don´t can come up with something more.