Masshysteri is a rather new Swedish punkband which sings in Swedish. Itīs fun to hear all these band which have so much influences from my childhood. February-2009.  



-We started to rehearse in Eriks basement summer 2007, the first gig we did a year ago, december 07 and now we have done about 90 gigs, released 2 singles and one LP.  


Please tell me about every member, age, work, interests, family and something bad about every one?

-Erik, young, works and have been in 9 car accidents..

Sara, also young, works and check out UFC.

Robert, heīs also young, tattoos and do stuff.


You do a really own style with a girl and a guy on vocals in the same time, was it something that you decided or did it came foreward by itself and sounded best? Or was it so that not anyone of you dared to sing alone?  

-It was something that came when we tested so it sounded best.  


I hear early Uggla, Noice, Ebba and KSMB in your music, comment?

-You listens to good things. Early Uggla had an compromiseless expression which was very convincing and good songs. .


Is Ny Våg the best punkrecord company right now?

-Other people should tell us, but weīre anyway really active, it came a fullength with Tristess, Epidemics andMasshysteri. And this year it will come singles with  Bombettes, Mattias Alkberg amdStefan & The Problematix. Invasionen will release a LP and ia fucking cool thing will be the compilation-record UMEÅS VRÅLJAZZ GIGANTER with exclusive songs in Swedish with bands like  Regulations,  Tristess, Masshysteri, Knugen Faller, Most and all other Umeå-bands. It will be big.  


Why this fascination for vinyl? Itīs many people who donīt have a in vinylplayer?

-Itīs vinyl that people wants to buy, vinyl bands wants to release, vinyl which is most fun to do. A cd-single is never an alternative, hopeless, as best a parantes  but a 7 can band base whole tours on. A 7 single is spread very fast, a thankful format.  

Ny Vågs 22 releases and it was only 6 Cdīs done of these, that says something. And it will not change now when Ipods soon is unmodern, sreaming seems to be the thing but it sells more and more vinyl..


Punk seems to live on well in Sweden, doesnīt it depend on that there is a rightwing government, doesit make more and better punkbands?

-It maybe do so it becomes more bands. But itīs hard to have the possibilities to learn an instrument or even be interested in music because all money to the culture is drawn back except to brown opera. Itīs too much speculations. .


Music and politics, does it goes hand in hand?

-Music is an expression and hopefully there is one or more persons in the other end who sits there with thoughts and ideas how it will be sounding, what they want to say. And of course so is that politics many times. Itīs much talking about that all popularmusic is to the left but there is really strong interests which people and companies like Jamba, Rix, Bert Karlsson and other nuts who donīt want anything else than that we shall stop thinking and thatīs politics I think. But they will never admit that themselves.


Best political band?

-Sista Sekunden


What does punk mean to you , is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-That is what you do it to.


Except all those new punkbands so is it many old punkbands who begins to play again, is it pathetique or is it only fun?  

-Itīs boring to see people put all their time and energy to spread something they donīt stand for anymore. And if itīs pathetique so doesnīt it have so much with age to do.  


Which bands do you want to start playing again and relase a new record?

-No Hope For The Kids.


You sing in swedish, never any thought of singing in english?  

-Then we feel that it is right to have an english songs we will have it..


Why do you think that there is so many band in Sweden the latest there bands go back to a sound picture and a style which was popular when punk came in the end of the 70īs? Was the punk as best then?  

-It has a lot of  doing with availability, everything is available now on Internet, records, pictures, live clips and so on. Only ten years ago it was harder, those punk was obscure and in some easier and clear way itīs easier to make an identity around it, now all small styles and peculiarities is available , subcultures become more and more diffuse in the same time when itīs more available.

In the 70īs it came a lot of good music, and it was a soundpicture in rock rock n roll, before the computers came and started their masspscyhcosis, which is still there. Just because that something is new and the latest in development it doesnīt mean anything, just look on the autotuner.  


Have you tried to get the dangerous into music again? I mean when punk made people afraid? 



Whatīs the difference on the punk nowadays if you compare with 30 years ago?  

-In the DIY-culture itīs easier to tour, release records, go to gigs and take a part of the whole thing.  Thereīs a strong social network between punks all over the world and itīs done by themselves without earning a lot of money, itīs only interest for the music and people. Itīs really impressing.  


What do you thhink it depends on that many young people come into punk even if they werenīt born when punk first came?  

-Because itīs still actual to put a hit in the arse on every one.  


How would you describe your music in three words?

-The definition defines limits.  


Is there any good bands in Sweden today?

-Yeah, thereīs a lot


Please rank your five favouriteconcerts!


L7 and Ramones in Stockholm

Gorilla Angrebs last

Destinys Child in Globen


always Håkan






John Fogerty




K-Town 04

Government Warning

Gorilla Angrebs last



First, last and most expensive record ever bought?


First: Sator

Latest: Jimi Hendrix LP


First: Kiss - Rockin

Latest: - Jacques Dutronc


First: Uggla

Weīre not any collectors, some hundred for a box is the most expensive.  


Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-I cannot come up with any, music is good.


How do you see on downloading, good or bad? For who is it bad and for who is it good?

-Itīs fucking good for the listener, which donīt have to pay to be a consumer, and heīs not forced to think a record is good just because of the fact that he have bought it for 200:- on Åhlens, thatīs fantastic. Itīs bad for the one who looses their job.  


DIY movement goes along well, it seems to, in which way are you into it?  

-Release records, tours, do merch and gigs.


Futureplans for the band?

-We will go to USA and tour in march. After that an europetour in may, Sweden round this summer and surely some more recordings. ,



-Think for yourself


Something to add?