Fun, Mattias from Marble answered me in an hour and that´s the way the modern technique should be used. This happened in june 2006. 


Please tell me a little about the bands history?

-Marble have been around in 5 years and was founded by Stina and Tove. It have been some different members but since 2003 it's this lineup which is today and it was the time when the songs started to come.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, work, interests, family and something bad about every one?

-Yeah Tove Harström, 26 (?) journaliststudent, have a dog named Smilla and a boyfriend called Linus. She talks always about these individuals and there´s nothing bad to say about her..

Stina Högblom, 25 (?) don´t know what to be, maybe a nurse. The most of things in her life it's about living singlelife in Stockholm. There´s nothing bad to say about her either. 

Mattias Boström (me), 32. Journalist. I write novels, plays music and going to pubs. I don´t think that I am bad in any way. 

Jens Höglin, 33, also a journalist. He have a dog named Polly.

This one is black and hyperactive. Girlfriend named Anna. He talks often about the dog and the girlfriend. He´s not bad either.


Is this your debut record?

- This is our debut record.


The record is short, you hadn’t any thought of having more songs or is this the way a real rock record shall sound? 

-It feels really unnecessary to have more songs only for the thing. We have more songs but we stripped down it just because we wanted to have it more as a unit. Among the most important with a record is that you want to listen to it again when the record is listened to and that you don’t feel for if it is too many songs on it. You shall not be tired of it before the record is listened to once.


There´s some punkelements in your music, is that anything you´re grown up with? 

-I think that all of us in some way are old punks. That was the way I started. I was 13 and I was convinced that anarchy was the only way of life. Punk, oi and new wave have followed me through the years. But Marble is more classified as postpunk or New wave. 


Massproduktion, is it good?

-Massproduktion is very good for Marble. And most because that we have free hands and we know the boss Mats Hammerman from before. And then it's not wrong to be on the same label as many old punkbands from Sundsvall


You come from Sundsvall(or?) , there have it always been a rich punk/rocklife? Any favourites from the past? 

-I have always been weak for warped and naive punk. Our labelboss Mats Hammerman, played in Vacum which have the lyrics “ fabricpacked slogans for rebellious youth” It describe the whole punkmovement in a nutshell. And then we had RastaHunden, Förbjudna Ljud, Pizzoar, The Same and Massmedia. But if you compare with english bands it was if we´re honest more funny timedocument than good punk.


Which ambitions do you have, is it to be local heroes, swedish heroes or is it so naïve that you like to play?  

-The first meaning we have is that we like to play and do it just for feeling fine. If you play for other reasons you´re really wrong. If you have fun and as a bonus get success then it's good. But that isn´t any force in itself.

You do an old Vibrators song, how did?

-I´m responsible for that. I like Vibrators and Judy says is a fucking good song which isn´t so wellknown as many of their other songs.

And then it suits in well on Marbles sound.


Do you do any other covers on stage?

-We have done Alternative Ulster with Stiff Little Fingers now and then.


How is musiclife in Sweden then?

-It´s a whole lot of young girls and guys who wants more than anything else to play on Debaser. The best music is being done by bands which get noone or very little attention in lack of musicclimat. But after that My Space have been popular so have these bands got a forum which is very important. There you can surf around for hours and find very good music which you never have heard of before


Is there any good bands in your hometown, in Sweden?

-Yeah, it´s mostly metal in Sundsvall in all forms. And I haven´t any check on this style so I cannot answer that question. And then I live in Stockholm and I don´t know so much about what is happening at home right now.





What is most important when you do music, is it a good lyrics, a good melody or to have a refrain that people remembers?

-A good song is of course when you do something you feel sounding fresh. Today it's really hard to do that because everything is already done. But if you have some lucky you can maybe do anything own. 

Somewhere I read a comparison with Au-Pairs, have you ever heard them? What are you being compared to otherwise? 

-It´s maybe a little bit right. But we haven´t done that in purpose, We play happier music than them. I think we remind more about the old femalepunkband Kleenex if we must compare. 


What´s the advantage and the disadvantage with being two girls and two boys in the band? 

-There is no advantages or disadvantages for us guys. The girls maybe think we´re naïve but we´re older than them. We go along well, the girls are more keep one's things in order and that can be good if you have an hangover and is tired.


Please rank the five best records, five best concerts and five most important things in life?

-Wow that was difficult and almost impossible. I can mention five records I think is very good in different categories. Records without any particular order.

Kaleidoscope ? Side Trips

Sham 69 ? Tell us the truth

Billy Bragg ? Back to basics

Jackson Browne ? For Everyman

Trojan Ska Box Set

When we´re talking about concerts so can´t I mention some because I´m bored after 20 minutes on a concert. The most important things in life I cannot answer either because that demands me to think and I don´t have the strength to do that now. 


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-The first record: was Holy Diver with Dio, peculiar.

The last record: I downloaded Johnny Cash at Folsom prison

The most expensive record: It was a vinyl with Newtown Neurotics. Cost me

450 swedish krona but that wasn´t so expensive.


Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-It´s really embarrassing to own Jimi Hendrix records because I have never liked him and I bought them only because ”that you should have” some record with him. 


Have it been much attention now when you have released record?

-It have been some things. W have been played a little on P3 and a lot of studentradiostations around the country and den our record became This weeks record on radio Stockholm. 


Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-It´s not so much, we split it up. And then I´m a journalist too and sometimes it can be good to be on the other side too. 


Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?

-Question: It´s not so often I meet so unbelievable intelligent persons as du. Why is you so very very good on everything

Answer: Because I was born with a big developed capacity to analyse and understand my surroundings. 


Future plans for the band?

-Future plans is to play and we hope we get some attention from other countries too. 


And for yourself?

-I have another band, which Tove also sings in and we thought we shall record a record soon too. We’re going through the songs right now and arrange before we go into the studio.



-Never stop questioning


Something to add?

-I don’t think so.