Sascha Lazor wrote in april 2003:    





-All original members knew each other from high school.  Started the band in 95 played around Santa Barbara for a little.  Fat Mike head our demo and signed us to Honest Don's in 97.  Moved to Fat in 98 and have been recording and touring ever since.



How is it to live in USA today, after the terrorist attack are people scared that it´s going to happen again? 

-We live in a small city so I don't think about it that often.

Honestly my life isn't any different that it was before 9/11.


Which was your reaction when it happened?

-Total shock.  I remember watching TV and my jaw litterally dropped.



Please tell me a little about every member in the

group, age, family,interests and something bad about every one?

-Sascha(guitar) is 26.  Likes reggae, Jazz, and formula 1

Chuck(vocals) is 25.  Likes surfing,snowboarding,and rollercoasters.

Mark(bass) is 27.  He's got over 5,000 cd's.

Brian(drums) is 25.  He likes Pantera.

Ed (trombone) is 27. He's the nicest guy in the band.

Keith(trumpet) is 25. He's got fake front teeth. After a drunk accident.


Have it changed your life anything? 

-Not really


How does Bush doing now with the Iraqwar and all that, what do you like him? 

-I don't trust any current politician, republican or democrat.


When you do music, which is most important is it to have good lyrics, good melodies or to have a refrain that people remembers? 

-The first thing I pay attention to is the melody.  Then the lyrics.  It's all important.



Have you got any reviews on the new CD yet?

-Yes,they have been very positive so far.



What do you know about Sweden? Why does many people mix us up with Switzerland, is the geographic so bad in USA?

-Abba, Volvos, Meatballs and cute Blonds.  What else? sheltered.  It someone wants to find out about the the rest of the world they have to do it on there own.

Do you care about reviews, which do you readmost the bad or the good?

-I don't really care.  It's always nice to get agood review but I don't take it to heart either way.It's just someone's opinion.



You got alot of good bands and you guys fought Poland along time ago.  In my opinion Americans are ignorant. It's not our fault.  We are only taught about America in school.  The media is horrible too.  We are very



Which bands are you being compared to? 

-The Squirrel Nut Zippers on crack is my favourite

comparison.  People don't really compare to other

bands to much though.


Have you heard any good swedish bands? 

-Of course, Randy, Millencolin, Refused, and a bunch of others is can't think of right now.



Have you changed anything after a bad review sometimes? 

-No,  We know what best for our band.  I get more inspiration from talking to the kids than from reviews.



Is there any good bands in USA right now? 

-I don't know.  I mostly listen to reggae, jazz, and anything from the international section at a record store.


Which is the most peculiar review you ever got?

- I can't think of any one that stands out.


Which is the most peculiar thing which have happened during a concert with you, on stage or in the audience?

-Once we got booed off the stage for insulting Jesus at a christian punk show.  That was very interesting.

 What drives you to play music? 

-It's the funnest job in the world.

Please describe your music with three words?-Rag-Core


What´s the best and what´s the worst part inbeing in a band? 

-Traveling is the best and the worst part for me.



Please rank your five best records, five best concerts and five most important things in life?

1)Guns n' Roses- Appetite For Destruction

2)Sex Pistols- Nevermind the Bullocks

3)Toy Dolls- Ten years of toys

4)Buju Banton-Till Shilo

5)Sizzla-black woman and child


1)Bonjovi/Skid Row



4)Guns n' Roses


Important things to me




4)formula one



How is a good concert with you? 

-If it sounds good and the crowd is energetic I'm happy.


First, last and most expensive record ever bought? 

-Last record was Vybz Cartell.  Most expensive was any record from a big chain. ( I'm not a collector)


Do you have good contact with your fans , in which way? 

-Yes, via the internet or at our shows.



Where do you stand when we´re talking about mp3´s? 

-I think they help bands like us.  If  people don't by the album I think they will at least come to the show and by merch.  It all works itself out in the end.  I think it hurts mainstream artists alot more.


How does the average fan look like? 

-Like a young suburban punker kid.



Idols when you were small?

-Indiana Jones, My Dad


What does the word punk mean to you, is it onlya word or is it a style to live? 

-To me it's definitely more an attitude than anything else.


How is Fat wreck? What´s the best and and what´s the worst thing of being on a smaller label? 

-Fat is killer.  That’s all I got to say about that.


Is it many interviews? Is it boring? 

-Some are boring, some are fun.  It all depends on the questions.



Have you heard anything from a bigger label?

-Sometimes I hear of some interest but I don't pay attention.


Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?

-Why did you punch the singer from Good Charlotte?cause I felt like it.(I never did)



Futureplans for the band? 

-Touring everywhere we can possibly tour.  Write better songs.


Futureplans for your self? 

-Work on new Caddies songs and being other music projects outside of the Caddies.






Something more to add? 

-Thanks and we hope to come to Sweden soon.

thanks again

sascha lazor