This is a compilation of the answers given by 3 members of the band, Beaker (singer), Paul (guitar) and Gaz (drums). Andy the bassist didnít think he had been in the band long enough to answer the questions.



Lowlife UK formed in late 1995 as a result of a daft idea Beaker and Cat (original bassist) had whilst pissed up one Saturday night. After finding some other idiots, who wanted to play the pubs in Bradford for the promise of free ale and maybe £20 for a curry, the first line up made a demo tape in August 1996. 4 drummers, 3 bassists, 2 guitarists and 1 American tour later we are still here. We have 2 albums available from ourselves and are currently practicing new songs for a new album which we hope to have finished by Autumn 2004. The current line up is probably the most stable we have had in many years and so far this year we have played more gigs than ever before.


Band Members etc.

Beaker, singer, 34, divorced. Interests are drinking, drives a van for a living, bad thing is heís a chronic masturbator.


Paul, guitarist, 35 going through a divorce, 2 brothers, 1 daughter, work for an electrical retailer. Interests are, drinking, smoking when Iím drunk, music, porn and more drinking. Bad thing is not being able to read the set list properly after a couple of beers.


Gaz, drummer, 30, single, 1 sister, work in sound installation. Interests are, skateboarding, playstation, music and having a good wank. Bad ting is I canít write a straight tune any more.


Previous Bands etc.

Beaker: - Stax Wheelwright (ska/punk)

Paul:-Auto Da Fe (80ís punk rock), F.U.E.L. (rock covers) Lemon Enema (90ís punk rock)

Gaz: - That Man There (straightforward indie-pop), Voorhees (pretty widely renowned hardcore), Idiot Box (quirky rock). Also slowly recording myself as Mission to Mars (angsty indie rock)


Why the U.K. after the name

Beaker, The U.K. stands for ĎUgly Kuntsí and itís not from the 4-skins song.

Paul, There is a hip-hop collective called Lowlife based in Brighton over here in the U.K. so we put it there to avoid getting a cap in our ass.

Gaz, it stands for ĎUnlicensed Killersí


Do you count yourselves as a skinhead band etc.

Weíre just 4 working class lads, playing loud, obnoxious music and singing about life. Beaker is the only skinhead in the band but thatís because heís bald rather than choice. If the skinheads like us all the better but we tend to keep out of any political stance.


What do you know about Sweden

At this point Gaz wrote an essay on the Swedish economy and how by staying neutral throughout the 20th century it has achieved an enviable standard of living. Seeing as Iím (Paul) typing this in I canít be bothered to put it all in so the answers are: - Itís cold and expensive, Sven Goran Errikson, itís abroad, you eat meatballs and all your women are beautiful and are nymphomaniacs.


Have you heard any Swedish bands worth a mention

Blisterhead, Bombshell Rocks, Anti-Cimex, Entombed and not forgetting ABBA and Roxette.


Favourite bands in England

Beaker, Dead Pets, 3CR, Wizards Sleeve, Argy Bargy

Paul, Cock Sparrer, Dead Pets, Goldblade, 3CR, Argy Bargy, Cockney Rejects, The Damned.. The list is endless.

Gaz, Cardiacs, Oceansize, 3CR, Argy Bargy.


When do we do the best music, when youīre happy or angry etc

The best songs are ones that happen by accident or ones that come together really quickly. Sometimes during rehearsals things just seem to fit together and end up being new songs. It helps if weíre sober.


Are people who play this sort of music more violent etc.

Not these days, most of the older punks and skins have got families and have grown up and the young kids donít seem to cause any bother as they are too soft the little shits!! There are arseholes in all walks of life not just the punk scene and it usually the Friday night types who you have to watch out for.


Describe your music in three words

Beaker & Paul, Loud, Proud, Drunk

Gaz, Hardcore rock thanks


Which is the best music to terrorise with

Beaker: - a) Aphex Twin b) AC/DC c) Johnny Cash d) The Ramones

Paul: - a) Opera b) Motorhead c) depends on my mood but it could range from classical to Napalm Death d) Macc Lads or Chas n Dave

Gaz:- a) The J.B.ís b) music is irrelevant at that point c) Classic FM d) The J.B.ís


Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics.

Life! Itís just things that happen around us in everyday life. Drinking, women, fighting, getting shit off your boss etc, etc.


What is the oddest thing that has happened during your time as a band

Beaker: - meeting the smallest dominatrix in the U.S. She was 3í11Ē and fucking scary. I cried like a bitch

Paul: - some bloke from Sweden got in touch for an interview or failing that going to Brighton for an album launch only to find the album hadnít been pressed

Gaz: - staying in an old house in Holyhead after a gig in Wales, not so much odd as unexpected


How does a Lowlife UK fan look like.

Backwards. A cross between punk/skin, football hooligan and village idiot. A banjo player (remember the Burt Reynolds film Deliverance?)


How is a good gig with you

Beaker, all gigs are good. If itís badly organised it can be a pain though, a really good gig usually involves a pair of large breasts

Paul, when I remember what Iím supposed to be playing and when we get lots of abuse from the crowd.

Gaz, When Iím not fighting the drumkit to play well and when people are shouting abuse at us


Politics and Music, does it go hand in hand

Yes but only if you want it to and not when itís preached to you and forced down your throat. Lowlife arenít political in the traditional sense but the politics of our music are more of a working class thing as opposed to any particular party.


What did you think when the terrorists attacked USA?

If you mean Sept 11th it hasnít really changed a thing, the Americans will still do whatever they want to no matter what anyone says or does. It was upsetting though to think 3000 people lost their lives because of their countryís imperialistic foreign policies throughout the world.


Please rank your 5 favourite records/concerts/most important things in life


Beaker a) AC/DC-Highway to Hell b) Agnostic Front-Victim in Pain c) Motorhead-Live at Hammersmith d)Ramones-Itís Alive e) Bad Brains-Rock for Light


Paul a) The Blood-False Gestures for a Devious Public b) Cock Sparrer-Shock Troops c) Cockney Rejects-Greatest Hits Volume 2 d) The Damned- Machine Gun Etiquette e) The Misfits-American Psycho


Gaz a) Sunny Day Real Estate-How it Feels to be Something b) Cardiacs-Sing to God c) Clutch-Elephant Riders d) Hoover-The Lurid Traversal of Route e) Soundgarden-Superunknown



Beaker a) GWAR-Leeds 1985 b) Dead Pets-Leeds 204 c) Conflict-Leeds 1985 d) Circle Jerks-Nottingham 1987 e) AC/DC-Manchester


Paul a) Sex Pistols-Finsbury Park 1996 b) The Misfits-Bradford 1996 c) The Cramps-Reading Festival 1990 d) The Dead Kennedys-Leeds Polytechnic 1983 e) Dead Pets-CBGBís 2004


Gaz a) Cardiacs-London 2003 b) The Fire Theft- London 2003 c) Flaming Lips-Sheffield 2003 d) Voorhees gigs before I joined them e) Dave Gorman (comedian)



Beaker a) Family b) Friends c) Health d) Drink e) Porn


Paul a) My daughter b) Friends and Family c) knowing someone cares about you( HI KAZ!!!) d) being happy e) being healthy


Gaz a) Being special to someone b) having something to look forward to other than work c) doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do d) giving a damn e) not being a cunt


First, last and most expensive record in your collection


First- Barron Knights- A Taste of Aggro.

Last- Ding Dong Denny OíReilly-Publocked

Most expensive- AC/DC-Bonfire Box Set



First- Ian Dury and the Blockheads-Hit me With Your Rhythm Stick

Last- The Misfits/Balzac-split c.d. single (the day the earth caught fire)

Most expensive- Misfits Box Set



First- One 2 One 7Ē

Last- Retisonic-Return to Me

Most expensive- The J.b.ís Anthology c.d.


The Most embarrassing record in your collection

Beaker- A Taste of Aggro-the Barron Knights


Paul- Where do I start? How about ĎLetís Go Fly a Kiteí (from Mary Poppins) or ĎOliverí the original soundtrack


Gaz- Iím not embarrassed about any of them


When youíre on tour what do you do to pass the time

Beaker- Drive the Bus!!!

Paul- Sleep, eat, drink, sleep some more and groupies (I wish)

Gaz- put batteries in the clock, go to sleep, talk absolute nonsense until sleep kicks in


Which is the record which must be in the tour bus, the record you canít live without

Beaker- Slayer-Reign in Blood

Paul- Macc Lads-Beer and Sex and Chips and Gravy

Gaz- Depends on whoís driving, if itís me the itíll be a Clutch minidisk



Any favourite web sites you must recommend to us

Beaker- www.lowlifeuk.co.uk

Paul- www.punkoiuk.co.uk or www.thehun.net

Gaz- The Onion


Is it many interviews, is it boring

Beaker- is it fuck

Paul- Iím sick to death of doing interviews, the endless autograph signing, the screaming fans. Itís a hard life being a rock star

Gaz- Oh yes I feel like a regular film star a lot of the time, answering the same questions day in day out. What a fucking bind.


Which is the question you never get asked please ask it and answer it


Beaker- Q. Can we give you this cheque for a million pound?

A.     ErÖ.. Go on then


Paul- Q. Do you want to stick it in trap 2?

A.     Maybe later, Iíve got a gig to do


Gaz- Q. Do you want to go somewhere quiet with me? Would you like me to go down on you? How did you get to be such a fantastic drummer?

A.     Yes. A. Yes. A. ?


Future plans for the band

To play as many gigs as possible, worldwide, to record and release a new album by the autumn, 10 year anniversary next year and to see if we can get Gaz laid!!


For yourself

Beaker- Donít have none, see what comes


Paul- To stop being paranoid about things I should know better (hi again KAZ!!), to be able to leave my job and maintain my rock Ďní roll lifestyle and to continue being the only guitarist in punk rock that looks like Johnny Vegas


Gaz- Thanks for asking! Iíd like to get a better job with some realistic prospects and Iíd like to practice my drums a lot more. Iíd also like to be able to buy a house


Wisdom word

Beaker- What goes around, comes around


Paul- Donít put your cock near a dogís mouth when youíve got hold of its bollocks


Gaz- One manís corpse is another manís feast. Everyoneís got friends but itís what youíre like to strangers that really counts. You get nothing in this game for less than 3 in a bed


Something to add

Beaker- Bummers are deaf


Paul 2+2


Gaz- Are you going to sort us out with a Swedish tour then?