A really good band which came into my mail, not the band but the record is Loudmouth from England. I was “forced” to do an interview with this band and look after them everywhere…….august-2009



-We started the band September 99 when we were kids.Me and Dave are brothers and we've been playing music together since Dave was 8 and I was 10 so we got Loudmouth together when I was 17 and he was 15. Other members were Dougy Giro -guitar and Droy-drums, who got replaced by Amos about a year later.I Sing and play guitar and still do ,Dave played bass then moved onto guitar when Dougy left in 2001 then Willis joined on bass.
We kicked Willis out in 2006 and replaced him with Perky.
We kicked Perky out in 2008 then eventually got Willis back in earlier this year after doin' a couple of gigs with Dave back on bass and Dean Towers on guitar.
We were originally inspired by alot of 70's punk and 90's punk when we started, ska too. We could never be categorised as a retro band because there were too many modern influences.
We didn't fit in with anything in England at that time. Young bands calling themselves a ska band or a punk band sung in whiney American accents and didn't like the Sex Pistols or anything that attracted us to punk in the first place so we couldn't relate to any of that scene so we rebelled against Blink 182 and Less than Jakey
types.We love all kinds of music and always have. A good song is a good song no matter what the style is.

Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests, work and something bad about every one?

-I'm age 27 somehow.
Dave, Amos and Willis are all 25 and all born in the same week in the same hospital which I find really weird.
Me and Dave are brothers like I said before and we are both builders. I'm sometimes a tit when I'm pissed and Dave's edgy.
Andy design's websites for a living and hasn't done anything with ours for a couple of years. Willis is a barman and annoyingly wanks on with his bass in practices when you're trying to talk.

Your music is interesting, how would you describe it yourself?

-That's really up to other people to say really. We just do what we do. I't's punk I suppose,the attitude/ styles. Someone reviewed one of our cds before and said we bridge the gap between Sex Pistols and Green Day .It's a mish mash of all our influences done in our own way. We do our own thing and have a clear vision of what we are progressing towards .

I say in my review that it is a mix of a Clash and Red Alert and Angelic Upstarts, how about that?

-Well we love the Clash, I suppose that's where we got a lot of influence from.The Reggae/Punk thing.We just proggress on that two guitar thing and make the guitars bounce from left to right like a strobe light.I'm really attracted to dubby bass but it doesn't have to sound like a reggae song to have that bass sound.
Red Alert ha ha. Well,I,Dave and Amos actually play for Red Alert so that don't surprise me.
The Angelic Upstarts -I played for them when I was 20.

The name comes from the Ramones song or?

-Yeah that's right -we named ourselves after the Ramone's song Loudmouth-We sometimes cover that song.

To play this sort of music in your homecountry, how is that?

-Eventhough England's given birth to some of the best Punk bands ever ,these days it's pretty shit-waste of time.The venues have 0 respect for bands ,the audiences try to stand as far away from the stage as possible unlike the rest of Europe.

How..s musiclife in England right now? Any good bands?

-Thing's are alot better in England than when we formed. There's some good bands about now. the Dipsomaniacs album is really good. Gimp Fist and Keyside strike have been doing good stuff too.

What do you know about Sweden?

-Burning Heart, Bad taste,The Hives ,Millencolin,Backyard Babies No Fun At All Hellecopters.The Stranglers song-Sweden. I think Sweden produces the best rock bands other then The UK and The States.The best in Europe by far. Most non English speaking bands I can't get a way with even when they're speaking English but the Swedish pull it off really well.I think it must have something to do with the English schools you have.I would love to play Sweden.

Have you heard any good swedish bands?

-(look above) That's all I know about Sweden the great music i was listening to when I was a kid -Burning heart stuff

Cast iron Smith, how come

-He's our mate and most of Loudmouth play in Red Alert so we asked him to come down the studio and sing on Brain Dead Society and he did. Steve has always been supportive of the band since day one ,he's helped us out alot.

Have you been outside England and played? Where is best?

-We've played Europe 3 times and the USA once,Scotland too.
Germany's always a favourite place to go.

Is it many gigs?

-We did a full European tour in 2006 with Red Alert and played a couple in Germany and France since as well as two in Texas. We have plans to go back to the USA to do a full tour next year and hopefully do a European tour beforehand.

What is the most odd which have happened during a gig with Loudmouth on stage or in the audience?

-Odd things happen all the time on and off stage all the time at Loudmouth shows-there are too many stories. The latest odd thing was playing in front of 20 odd dogs at a squat in France.

Why haven´t you a contract(record)?

-I've asked myself that question for years. I think it's got alot to do with being from Sunderland. It's a dead end place-no labels etc... If we were from London or LA it would be a different story I think.

Have you done anything more than the CD you sent to me?
-We've done lots of demos from 2000 to 2006 which we've been selling at gigs for years and a download single of Friends like
you. We just decided that we would do an album instead of an expensive demo. If we can't find anyone to bring it out then we'll do it ourselves.

I´m grown up with punkrock, how´s your relation to punk?

-For me personally.I got into Punk through Nirvana.I would read interviews and they would talk about SEX PISTOLS and BUZZCOCKS.Mine and Dave's Dad used to be in a Punk band in the 70's called the REBELS .I was like,Dad ,can you lend me some SEX PISTOLS... and then he got all his old records out.There were RAMONES, CLASH, DAMNED, LURKERS, VIBRATORS ,the STRANGLERS,All kinds of stuff obscure singles etc...I became obsessed.Then Kurt killed himself then GREEN DAY ,OFFSPRING ,NOFX,BAD RELIGION RANCID and bands like that came along.
Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

-This is so hard to do
Records 1-Nevermind-Nirvana
2-Never mind The Bollocks-SEX PISTOLS
3-Dookie- GREEN DAY
4-Stranger Than Fiction-BAD RELIGION
5-The Clash-THE CLASH

The first the last and the most expensive record ever bought?

Most Expensive- I spend as little as possible on records as I buy so much when I can but I have records that must be worth a fortune. I don't know how much things are worth-that's irrelivant to me.I could never sell them no matter what situation I'm in.

The most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Well since I don't have BAD-MICHAEL JACKSON anymore it would probebly be EVACU 8- ALTERN 8 some old rave shit pre NIRVANA days but after MICHAEL JACKSON days. I can't even give it away. Do you want it??

How do you see on mp3 and downloading and that stuff?

-I suppose it's good in away. I'm just starting to come around to it all. You can download so much for free. But I see people download most of my collection which I've searched for all my life in minutes. I feel like alot of great music doesn't get the attention it deserves as a result of all that. I like to have a cd in my hand -it's more special that way,something to treasure.

Is it good or bad with mp3 and downloading for a band of your size?
-I think it can do any band good. What harm is it to let people download your mp3s for free for example-More people will get to here you or you can make money too.

Politically in England, how is it?

-The BNP has 2 seats in the European parlement which is worrying that they've got that far.

How about racism and those stuff, is it something which your gigs is free from?

-Racism is always around but it's not too much of a problem. There's no Race riots or anything-not in Sunderland anyways. We don't attract political types to our shows. But if we thought someone was dodgey they'd be kicked out. It seems more of a problem everywhere else in Europe.The venues would always have no nazis signs everywhere. I don't understand how anyone can hate anyone because of their colour of there skin or where they are from-I see people as people.

When do the next album comes?

-We are gonna start demoing soon and hopefully we can start recording for the new album before the end of the year.

Futureplans for the band?
-Release this album then do another.Tour Europe and the USA .

For yourself?

-The bands my life so I have the same plans.I'm also writing The new RED ALERT album to so I'm always busy.


-Think for yourself,seek out the truth and ignore the lies.

Something to add?

-Thanks very much -take care.