Lost in Tears is band which I like right away,their gothic style gives me something and theyīre finnsih not swedish that I wrote the first time. Please check them out for hellīs sake.


-Andy: We must do military training when we are 18-20 years old and thatīs for 6-12 months. Four of the "original" five members in Lost in Tears did their training in the same time. We have all played in bands before the army. Some bands have split up but at this time all split up. After the army thought Lasse(voclas), Micke(guitar) and Liljeberg(drums) that it would be fun to play again and they founded Lost in Tears, It was in the presummer of 97. During the summer 97 came Fridde as a second guitarist and then after that I came into the group to play bass. Two years later we thought we must have three guitars and then we talked to Lasses brother Fredde and he came in the group on bass so I played guitar instead.


Iīm sorry to say I was wrong when I reviewed your record there I said that you were swedish but I donīt want to read too much inof about a group before I review them. Where do you live then, you have all swedish names?

-Andy: That we can talk swedish have itīs roots in Finlands history. Finland have been a part of Sweden in 17-18th century if I rembere the things right and today itīs about 300 000 finishswedes. The twon we come from is called Borgå and itīs Finlands second old town and here have always many swedishtalking people lived. So we have some roots in Sweden but weīre a part of Finland.


Youīre forced to read swedish in the school in Finland?

-Andy: Yeah, thatīs  fact. In Finlands law it stands that Finlands is a twospeaking languagecountry and that means that everybody must read swedish in the school. But in the last years many people have been critical to that fact but everybody reads sweidsh in school this far.


How is it to live in Finland right now?

-Andy: The taxes are really high but otherwise itīs nothing to complain about.



-Andy: Itīs a little like other countries in Europe so have the interest for politics been much lower among the young the latest years.


Musically? Any good bands?

-Andy: On the music front itīs really good, in the metal music I mean. Insomnium is one of the best new bands I think personally. Their debut album came out this spring. I wait for Before the Dawns first album which should be out this fall through Locomotive Music. Check out Diablo too....


To play that type of music you do, how does it go in Finland?

-Andy: If we some day wants to live on our music itīs not enough to play in Finland . we must try to come out in Europe. The music type should not be any problem. The reviews have almost only been positive and we have some visitors on our website. We will see when our new CD come out how itīs going.


I understand that many people compare you to Sisters , is it any other bands you have been compared to?

-Andy: Anathema, My Dying Bride, Moonspell and Paradise Lost is some of the bands that people mention in reviews.


Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got?

-Andy: The thing thatīs feels strange now is that itīs reviews on many languages. And the most peculiar is that people thinks weīre from Spain or from Sweden and thatīs really funny.


Do you care about reviews?

-Andy: Everything is so new for us so this is the only way for us to get an idea what people think about us and our CD and thatīs to read reviews. So of course do we care about what they write about us. But we have learned not to take it too serious. A paper here in Finland didnīt like us at all and gave us 2/10 and that wasnīt so nice. But we have also got 8/10 and 9/10 so itīs very varying.


How is a good concert with Lost in Tears?

-Andy: Much feelings, good vibrations with the public. we have a livevideosong on our site so there you can look how itīs on a concert with us. Itīs going to be changes nbow when we have released a record and people are going to knwo our music better.


How does the listener to Lost in Tears look like?

Andy: We havenīt that type yet. No.... Iīm only joking. I donīt really know. Many different types likes our music. We have the traditional heavymeatltypes which is dress all in black but we have some "ordinary" people to.


Do you have good contact with your fans?

-Andy:We try to have good contact with your fans. We answer all mails we got and if someone writes in our guestbook and leave their adress. We have some fans from 1998 which still is mailing us now and then.


How did you came in contact with your label, is it a good label?

Andy: Itīs a long history.  We got contaced by them even if they didnīt know anything about us. We have been on Locomotive Music for a year now and we have no big complains. Itīs an international growing company so we see with big interest on the future.


Is there any good bands you know?

-Andy: Itīs a lot of good swedish bands and I donīt recognize the half of them. Personal favourites is  Katatonia, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Opeth...

Whatīs the besta nd whatīs the worst with living in Finland?

-Andy: Best:Beer. Worst:The taxes and the weather.

What drives you to play music? Please describe your music with three words?

-Andy: I donīt really know what drives us. We like to play "Melodic"


Do you think you can change anyones life with music?

-Andy: yeah a little. My life have changed a lot of the music I listen to.


What do you think itīs most important, is it to have a good melody, a good lyric or to have a refrain that people remembers?

-Andy: The best songs have all three. The less important thing is the third thing, a refrain that poeple remembers. But the words and the melody itīs extremly important.


How do you do your songs?

-Andy: personally I cannot say precisly how we do. they only comes. I write down some words and try to do a song with a start and an end. And they I plays the rest of it for the band and if they like what I have done we build some more on it.

Please rank your five favoriterecords, five best concerts and the five most important things in life?

Andy: Records:
Amorphis  Tales from the Thousand Lakes
Dimmu Borgir  Mourning Palase
Anathema  The Silent Enigma
Katatonia  Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus  Rajaportti

Children of Bodom  Tuska Open Air Festival ( Helsingfors 2000 )
In Flames  Tuska 2001
Moonspell  Rock Machina 2002
Katatonia  Tuska 2001
Machine Head  Nummirock 2000

Most important things:
My guitar
My girlfriend

First, last and the most expensive record ever bought?

-First( which I want to say ): Paradise Lost  Icon
Latest: Medication  Prince Valium
Most expensive: Moonspell  Second Skin / live double CD


Idoles when you were small?

-Andy: I didnīt have any idols. But I remember that I have some pictures of Europe on my wall but not much more.


How do you see on these things with idols and so on?

Andy: I donīt really know... We havenīt seen any of this yet. When we played on the Rock Machina festival some weeks ago and whole lot of fans came and talked with us and wanted autographs and those things. It was nice. I donīt have any idea how itīs going to feels in a year or two.


Heavymetalgroups and gothgroups seems to care a lot how a cover looks, do you think thatīs important. Which are five coolest covers?

-Andy: of course itīs importatnt, thatīs a part of the wholeness. A nice cover can get people to buy the CD instad of copying it. The nicest covers:
Katatonia  Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Katatonia  Tonights Decision
Amorphis  Am Universum
Smashing Pumpkins  Machina
Insomnium  In the Halls of Awaiting

I sit right now and listen to a tributerecord where heavy metalbands to covers of ABBA, is it something for you, covers I mean?

-Andy: No covers for us, bot right now. I see it as a possible thing in the future but many in the bands is against covers.

How do you do a cover good?

-Andy: The first thing is to choose a songs that suits the group. And then you must give it your own sound and play it your own way.

Futureplans for you as a human being?

-Andy: Working hard to get Lost in tears to deveolpment and go foreward.

For the band?

-Andy: The same thing. Try to get us wellknown in Europe.


Please tell me a little about every member?

Andy: Noone of us can live on our music, not yet. Some of us have a girlfriend but no family.

Lasse ( vocal), 26 years, works as a psychicward
Andy ( guitar ), 26 years, works in the helpdesk on a little ISP
Fridde ( guitar ), 26 years, works on a IT-support
Micke ( guitar ), 25 years, works a little boss
Fredde ( bass ), 23 years, study to be a  tradenom
Liljeberg ( drums), 25 years, works as a IT-specialist.


Dialogue with mirror and god, is the only record I have with you, have you done some more and how can I get them?

-Andy: We released a selfproduced MCD 1999 which was named ...ad mortem. Before that we did tow demos. All songs from them can be downloaded from www.mp3.com

-Andy: Our drummer use to say "Canīt we all be only friends"...

Something more to add?

Andy: A big thanks to our fans and to Locomotive music and rock on. \m/