Hi Peter,

At long last!!!

These are mostly answered by me (Bev) unless indicated otherwise. If there's anything you don't understand just ask. Sorry it took so long, I was waiting (in vain) for contributions from Nuts & Andy but the lazy bastards never replied!


Why did you start again and play?

-We started playing again cos we felt like it really. Nuts and Andy never

stopped playing together, Steve got in touch, we met up for a beer and

thought why not?


Which of the originalmembers are still in the group?

-We're all original members although I joined just as the 2nd single was

coming out in 1983. The current lineup recorded the album All Part of

Growing Up and the 12" Unwanted Children.


What drives you to play?

-Fun mainly, we have a laugh at rehearsals every week, we love gigging

again, it had stopped being fun last time. Plus there is that sense of

perhaps making a tiny difference somewhere to someone. It is good to be able to highlight issues through our music, like the Fathers 4 Justice thing.


Which are the differences to play today if you compare with how it was

back in time?

-For us the difference is huge, we now have a guitar tuner and tune the

guitars up! If you listen to our old stuff every recording was in a

different key. When we started playing again I couldn't sing 1/2 the songs

cos once in tune they were off the scale!


In which way have you changed your minds since then? Is it still easy to

be angry? Or do you show your angryness in some other way?

-I think its probably easier to be angry now, we've lived with this shit

for longer and are really fucked off with it now. We write more protest

letters and boycott more products/companies now. Steve is a very active

member of Fathers 4 Justice and spent 2 days on top of Tower Bridge at Xmas

dressed as Santa as part of a very cold (-10 degrees) protest.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle? Or a

misused word maybe?

-Punk was always about doing your own thing and not being dictated to. It

manifested itself as being about studs and spikey hair when that could shock and demonstrate rebellion- fair enough. Now children of 5 spike their hair - its fashion. We got called pretend punks at one gig recently because we don't spike ours. There is absolutely nothing wrong with spiking your hair now - what we are saying is you shouldn't be judged by whether you do or don't - there's no rule about it and that's the whole point! We saw punk in the early 80's as our awakening, our education. Its where we learnt about animal rights, human rights, the threat (very real at the time) of nuclear war etc.etc. We can still learn through punk today, I was reading in a punk fanzine just yesterday about the abuse of street kids in Central America, if that kind of information can get out under the umbrella of the word punk then that can only be good. On top of that the music was fucking awesome..


I compare you both to Crass and Vice Squad, how about that? Other bands

you having being compared to?

-(Steve) Yeah, two bands that made their mark in very different ways but

were both listened to alot by Cherrees. Then and now. Saw Vice Squad in

Croydon a few months back, changed alot now, much rockier, but still liked

em. Would still work with either band.

(Bev) We always used to be likened to Rubella Ballet & Hagar the Womb but

only really because there were 2 female singers in each. We now have male &

female vocals and did get likened in one review to the American band X


A band you want to be compared with if you must be compared with some


-(Steve) Dont really care. Any band that are honest and sound good

(Bev) quite happy if we're 1/2 as good as X


Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got?

-(Steve) That Unwanted Children was a cross between Blondie and U2

(!!??)....can't remember who said it

(Bev) Yours - it was all in Swedish! :)


Why didn´t you release your latest records on Mortarhate?

-The last 2 haven't been on Mortarhate, the 1st one because the guy that

put it out, Jared, asked us if we would be the 1st release on his label just about the week we reformed and months before we spoke to Mortarhate again for the first time. The American deal was that any money made would go back into the pot to fund the next release, help the next band along if

necessary. We even bought our own copies off him to sell via our website.

The 2nd release was for Fathers 4 Justice and they paid to produce that and

brought it out themselves.


Is there any good bands in England right now? In the world?

-(Steve) Loads. Hear new bands every week. Really like the Thermals right


(Bev) We've played with alot of bands we really liked (and some terrible

ones) the good ones included Rong'uns, Active Slaughter, P.A.I.N., Icons of

Filth who are better than ever.


How is it to live in England right now? Politically I mean? How does Blair do his job?

-(Steve) Blair's a nightmare. A liar and a warmongering puppet whore for

the US...... but that's common knowledge surely?....... however, politically it's just the same old story....tweedle fuckin dee or tweedle fuckin dum.......there's no choice, no real option....... no need to vote, it just encourages them.....

(Bev) When elected in 1997 Blair promised to reduce the number of animals

used in experiments - the number has actually gone up year on year. He also

promised a vote on fox hunting, 3 votes have overwhelmingly gone in favour

of a ban so why hasn't it happened?- because he is a liar - could never

trust him on anything.


Please tell me a little about the Fathers 4 justice thing you did with

Eddie Goldtooth, what is F4J?

-(Steve) Fathers 4 Justice is a non-violent protest group. Formed in

December 2002 to campaign for equality in the family court system in the UK. Check out www.fathers4justice.org and also www.superherodads.co.uk for

further details. Eddie Goldtooth is a prominent activist (currently on bail

for protests), he is also an incredible poet. I have been a member of F4J

since June 2003. I have been involved in numerous non-violent direct actions and am currently also on charges. It is historically proven that civil disobedience can bring about changes to law. When a law is clearly wrong, it is not only correct to break it but it is essential that it is repeatedly broken, over and over again. F4J will continue to protest until the law is changed.


Is it important to sing about things and don´t sing only about love and

so on?

-There is nothing inherantly wrong with writing about love, its just not

what we're into tho if it had a further meaning then why not. I heard a

great song recently to do with domestic abuse, it was basically a love song

but the message was that a man has no right to abuse a woman whether that

woman is his wife, his lover or a stranger. We just choose to write about

subjects that we care about and hope that maybe it will prompt someone else

somewhere to ask questions and seek further information.


Can music change anyones life? Give me an example?

-Yes absolutely, punk music changed all of our lives I would say from

turning vegetarian to having a political conscience. I'm not sure many

other genres could claim that. Having said that, music can just be for the

sheer pleasure of listening to it and nothing more.


What do you know about Sweden?

-My brother learnt Swedish at night school as he had a Swedish friend he

used to visit quite often - it sounds like a fantastic & beautiful place

from his descriptions - very expensive though.


Have you heard any good swedish bands?

-Only Abba, almost as good as their tribute band Bjorn Again, and the

Hives. If there are any good bands we should be checking out - let us know.


Please rank your five favoruite records, five favorite concerts and

Five most important things in life?

-Five fave records change from time to time


1. Summer Wind - Frank Sinatra

2. Let's Pretend - Tindersticks

3. Creep (or Fake Plastic Trees)- Radiohead

4. Serenade is Dead - Conflict

5. Thirsty Dog (or anything else! by...) - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


1. No Room For You - Demob

2. 3 Bells In a Row - Tenpole Tudor

3. Your Love is Like a Ballistic Missile - Roses are Red (only single from

this 1979 punk band)

4. He's So Fine - The Chiffons

5. Stranded - The Saints


five fave concerts...


1. Tindersticks - Hammersmith Palais 2000

2. Sinead O'Connor - Fleadh 1999

3. Dead Kennedys - Lyceum 1982

4. Motorhead - Hammersmith Odeon 1979

5. Pogues - Brixton Academy, xmas eve, can't remember year


1. Tenpole Tudor - Moonlight Club, Hampstead1981

2. Ramones - every year from 1981 to 1996 but particularly Hammersmith 1984,

a small venue holding only 200 people - it was wild!

3. The Fuzztones - The Garage 1993-94 or around then

4. The Sweet - Kilburn National Ballroom New Years Eve approx 1990

5. Stiff Little Fingers - Electric Ballroom approx 1988 I think



five most important things in life...


1. my children

2. colours

3. respect

4. great sex

5. the arts


1. my family & friends

2. my dogs

3. to have a purpose in life

4. the environment

5. chocolate/beer depending on my mood


First last and most expensive record ever bought?

-(Steve) first was 'I can see clearly now' by Johnny Nash. Most recent

was new Active Slaughter album (excellent!)........most expensive was the

Tindersticks/Gallon Drunk split single which I paid around £75 for

(Bev) 1st was Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep by Middle of the Road

swiftly followed by Blockbuster by the Sweet. I'm not a

muso like the rest of them and would never pay alot of money for a record,

however I did once pay £75 for a ticket for the Wales/England 5 Nations

rugby match in Cardiff in 1995. Last record I bought was South American

Pan Pipes


Most embarrasing record in your collection?

-(Steve) Loads of really embarrasing records.....still listen to them  occasionally and smile.

(Bev) Sadly when I first got into punk at about 14 my friend & I had a

ritual smashing up of anything that could cause embarrassment so all my

Osmonds and BeeGees records went. I'm told I should be embarrassed about my

Patsy Cline records but I'm not so there! Hate all other country & western

music but I love her voice. Refuse to be told that because I'm in an

"anarcho punk band" I can't like Patsy Cline. Charlie Harper actually told

me I sounded like her once and I was thrilled! (that was in another band - not the Cherrees)



Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-(Steve) Always a pleasure, never a chore

(Bev) Back in the 80's we used to do 2 or 3 a week, more if a record was

out, now its probably that many a month so its much more handleable. The

interviews are surprisingly varied so no, its not boring.


Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask it

and answer it?

-(Steve) Q. Does anyone ever really listen? A. I'm not sure, but I hope



How is a good gig with you?

-A good gig is open minded with respect given to supporting bands. We

hate this mentality that says you can only dance to the headline band. Also

a good gig should not have a separate bar - people can be very lazy and will sit in the bar until the headline band goes on, again - very unfair on the other bands and totally pointless - why don't they just go to a pub if they don't want to watch the bands?


Which style of people comes to your concerts?

-Old gits like us mainly. We stopped spiking our hair 20 years ago (or

never did in the guys' case) and people that come up to talk to us are

usually our age, and look pretty much like us. In the USA its mainly 20 year olds that like us and they are usually a bit more image conscious than we are here. They want to know why I don't have a mohican anymore and tell me that "the long hair just isn't working".


On Fathers 4 justice record´you don´t sing so much as one the EP, why? Is it only because of the Fathers 4 Justice thing?

-I don't sing much on the F4J record because the lyrics are written from

the father's point of view, its the father's fight and his pain. The record

was produced as a Fathers 4 Justice record 1st and a Lost Cherrees record

2nd. However, when you hear our new stuff Andy sings a fair bit because we

think the 2 vocals work well together.


Please tell me a little about every member, interest, work,age,  family

and something bad about every one?

-Steve (bass) - interests, movies and art......work, picture framer......

age, 39........family, divorced, three children.......bad stuff, impatient

and rude Bev (vocals) - interests - animals, rugby & travel... work – veterinary nurse....age - 38, married, 2 dogs, no kids...bad stuff - find it hard to take things seriously, politically incorrect after a few beers, talk far too much

(Bev's answering for Nuts and Andy cos they were too fucking lazy to reply

themselves so tough shit if its wrong!)

Nuts (drums) - interests - his millions of CDs, used to write a

fanzine...work - just been made redundant, was a sort of graphic

designer...age - 37, married, twin boys and a baby due in October.... bad

stuff - he's tight & gets worked up and cross about things that

really don't matter Andy (guitar/vocals)- interests - collecting vinyl records, gigs....work - also just been made redundant, was a printer.... age 37, married, 2 kids....bad stuff - he's a lazy bastard who couldn't even be bothered to learn chords!


Which are the future plans for the band

-We are currently recording a new album and we really want to go to the

States next year.


For yourself?

-Steve- To change the UK contact laws to a legal assumption of equal

shared parenting as a starting point in any and all cases.

Bev- Not quite as huge as Steve's but I have always wanted to work with

Orang Utans in Borneo, when I make my millions in the Lost Cherrees thats

what I'll do.



-"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that


- Martin Luther King

"There is enough in the world for everyone's need, but not for everyone's


- Gandhi


Something to add?

-If you get the time visit www.lostcherrees.com and go to guestbook and

share with us your opinions.....then visit www.fathers4justice.org and

www.superherodads.co.uk and find out how much has been acheived through

peaceful demonstrations