Lawrence Arms is a group which really hit me when I heard them the first time. I sent some questions to their label and here is their answers. It´s Brendan who answer the questions and the interview was done in the beginning of February 2002.


-We are three best friends who

started playing music for fun three years ago,

Please tell me a little about all the members, age, interests, family an dsomething bad about
every one?
-Brendan (me):25, drinking, skateboarding, reading, writing, and I have a
tiny penis. Chris:24, reading, smoking, writing, he has sores all over his penis. Neil: 23, smoking weed, drinking, making out with girls, he has balls the size of cantaloupes.

Chicago is it a good town to live in? -The best.

Any good bands there
and how´s the punkscene´s living?
The scene is great. there are tons

of great bands like the Killing tree,
Rise against, the ghost, The honor system.....



How did you react when you heard
about the terrorist attacks the

 11th of september 2001? With anger or
with frustration or with hate?
-I was sad,

my girlfriend was crying. it was a sad day.


How do you see on the thing four months
-It' s still really sad, l

ots of people are dead

and more are still dying. it sucks.

Have it changed your life something?
-Not really. i'm still just touring and drinking.


Your music is a mix of
various good punkmusic ,

is it diffiuclt to write new songs which

not sound like any other shit?
-Uh.....sometimes, but if it does,

that's okay too. it's 2002, there is
no such thing as a new sound now.

What does punk mean to you?
Doing exactly

what you want,

no matter what anyone

 (and that includes other
"punks") says.


How would you
describe your music with three words?
-Drunken punk rock.



Which is your strength as a
-Our legs are very

shapely. we look great in bathing suits.



The cover of your album Apathy and

 exhaustion, who have done and
do you have any purpose with it?
-Our friend josh painted it. it's pretty depressing.



What do you
know about Sweden?
-I hear you guys

have a great bikini team,

that might just be an american
joke though.


Is it important with a good cover?
-I don't think so.


Have you heard any good

bands from Sweden?
-I don't know.....i really

don't know if i have or not.


Is it any bands or labels who

does nice covers?
-We did it.


Is it many
interviews? Is it boring?
-Lot's of interviews. 

They can get boring

after a while, not this one
It's great.

Which is the questions you

want to have but
you never get? Please ask

and answer it?
-Will you kiss me? yes.


What do you think about the 

"new" way to commuincate

with email and internet
and all that?
-It's pretty nice. lots cheaper than

doing this interview over the phone.

Do you have a favouritesite yourself?


Which is the
most peculiar thing which

have happened to you

during a concert with the
band, on stage or in the audience?
-A drunk girl stole my

microphone and started

singing this song, she
didn't know any of the words

and was screaming like crazy.....


First, last and the most expensive

 record you ever bought?
-Michael Jackson Thriller, Merle

Haggard, Mama tried,

Guns n Rose Appetite
for destruction with the

original cover. Thirty bucks.

How is a good concert with you
Lawrence Arms?
-If everyone there has fun, it's good.



Are record collectors

pretentious arseholes?
-No. Some are, but not all.

Have you done any more records

than the ones I was writing

about before?If you have

how can I get them?
-We have some

other stuff. get it from


Do you do any covers from any band?

If you do why and which?
-No. We don't do any covers.



futureplans a s a person?
-Become a chef and

have some cute kids.



Which are the futureplans as a
band? -Tour and record.

 tour and record.



-Don't eat yellow snow.