Lastkaj 14 has sails up to one of Sweden's best punk bands. Soon, the new album Speglar och Rök  comes and I have the honor to listen to it already and you LK14 fans will not be disappointed. The interview down below was done in February 2020 Check out the new single


Soon comes the new album Speglar och rök... how's the feeling?

-It bubbles in the stomach and recharges! We are sickly satisfied and also hope that others like what we have achieved.


Speglar och Rök, how did you think about the title and the cover?

-Dr Dille is probably better suited to answer that question but we spontaneously felt with the cover that the former was difficult to top so we went in with the feeling that it would be quite simple and a little classic old feeling. Mirrors and smoke are what an Illusionist fools the audience with. Aren't society and some relationships the same?


Second Class Kids wrote that you sounded like Winnerbäck with speed or something like that? Thoughts about it?

-I think it's a pretty good parable for those who aren't inaugurated in punk music. Sad, melodies and fast as hell. What would you like us to be if you explain to someone who has never listened to punk in their lives?


Other bands you have been compared to over time?

-Don't come up with any extravagant comparisons except for the obvious ... Do you have something you think is the first time?


You wrote something in your press release that you would like to have done a happy record but that it did not go? I don't think it matters so much to the music getting so much better with angry lyrics etc and the disc and your music makes me strong anyway?

-Thanks. Well, we probably don't think it does anything either, but in a way it's tragic that all our records get so damn sad because we build them on our lives. For us, music and Lastkaj have become a way of writing off our grief and misery so that we can instead be happy and cozy when we spend time with each other and others. It may not always work, but I have always seen music as a form of therapy and processing of my personal inner.


What is the most uplifting thing fans have said about your music or done (type of tattoos etc)?

-Oh oh oh. There are actually really amazing things that people have done so I have a hard time sorting it all out. One thing I remember is a mother who wrote and told about her daughter who lost her footing but found strength in our music and our songs. Such things is warming.


Tell us a little about the songs


You can get to a point where everything goes around and you notice that you have gone wrong. Then you have to embrace change, otherwise it will be empty.

-Gaffa, glas & porslin

It was a song I wrote during a dark time in my life when I had to get rid of myself very badly. The worst thing about the song is that I was a little unsure about giving it out as it gives the person some kind of recognition which he will only absorb as yet another feather in the hat. Now I chose to release it as I think it shows that the song is more important than the person.

-Lämnad åt gamarna

It is about being cheated in a relationship where everything ends up in waste.


Are there any other good bands that are new or old that you want to tell my readers about in Sweden today?

-Sardo Numspa, Björnarna, Illbutts, Död TV, Kardinal Synd, Vet Hut, Anti-Lam Front, Laarhöne, Civil Olydnad, Charles Hårfager, Sector Sexs, Mögel (Borås)


What is the most odd thing you listen to?

-Depends on who you ask, but few people believe me when I say that I think Enya is the best artist ever!


Tell me a little about the following about an album? Why and what do you think about them today?

-Your first album:

Don't know but the first but songs I remember I loved were Eric Clapton - Layla and Four Tops - Reach out. Great songs even today !!!

-The album that changed your life

Sex Pistols - The great rock'n'roll swindle

-The album you are a little embarrassed about?


-The album that makes Lastkaj 14 sound like they do?

Mögel - Ditt ljug, Illbutts - Gubben i månen, Radioaktiva Räker - Optional, Räserbajs - Optional, Charles Hårfager - Korpen faller, Död TV - Optional, Sector Sexs - Optional, Strebers - Optional, Asta Kask - Optional-The album that always has to be on the tour bus?

Lastkaj 14 - Speglar och rök

-The album that you would have liked to be on and played on?

Strebers - Öga för öga(Play with Ulke and Majken, mmmmm)


What are your most frequent asked songs at a concert? Which songs do you personally enjoy the most? Which of your songs is the hardest to play live?

-Inte arg, Becksvart, Håll höjd, Våra dar, Overkligheten etc. I think everyone is a  fun to play but if I can say a favorite then probably Inte arge och Overkligheten is at the top. The most difficult thing is to play the songs that rarely come up type but become set no. 3 or 4 when we have released our "Seriousness"


What happens when the release is… will there be a lot of gigs or how does it look like?

-Yes now we should be playing much as hell. We are fully booked until the summer


How is a typical life night looks like with you. Before the gig, during the gig and after the gig?

-Drive a car, rush in to do everything before the gig ... Maybe stress to the hotel and change clothes, otherwise stay and hang with cozy people ... Charge and go on stage ... After the gig - total discharge with all that contains.


If you were to record a cover song with 5 songs, which 5 songs would you have chosen? Do you make any covers live?

-Asbest - Som ett löv

Illbutts - Stadens original

Sjukdom - Trolligt pulver

Mental Härdsmälta - 20C Kallt

Död Tv - Ingenting

At the moment we have no covers on the setlist but it has been done and will probably be done again;)


Now to the political who really looks pitch black ... How the hell are we going to reach out to the idiots who are so fooled by SD, KD's etc propaganda? Should we continue to propagate or propagate it only to those who already think as we do?

-Of course we will continue to propagate! If it then gives something or not, we must see in the next election. On the other hand, I think it is important to consider why the whole political climate has changed before we judge. If we are to reach people, we must also listen to individual individuals and their particular history. I refuse to believe that 20-25% of Sweden's population are racists, but if we look at election barometers it is obvious that SD attracts so many. Why?


Tell us a little about the game that will be included in the record? How did that idea come up? Difficult to include such things if you only listen to Spotify?

-The game is based on Lastkaj 14 and our stories as well as all members, current and past! If people want to play is the only chance to buy the vinyl record. It's a fucking fun game whether you like Lastkaj or not.


How do you prefer to listen to music? Vinyl, CD, digital?

-I prefer to listen to a vinyl record but time is rarely enough so it will be digital. CD is only played if I can't find the music anywhere else.


When you make a record, you have a special thinking when you put the songs on the record. Is there any special order you want that gets "ruined" if you just listen to some song digitally etc?

-Noo. We make a song and try to mix it so that everyone who listens, regardless of media and order, should like what they hear. Our music is for everyone and not just those who adopt vinyl or trall. Lastkaj is a band for the people! Obviously we have a plan when we set the song order, but I hope everyone thinks the songs stand for themselves.


Future plans for the band and for yourself?

- Hopefully we will be touring constantly for some year or so now and meet a fucking lot of happy and kind people. In between, I will try to be the best dad in the world to my daughters and tile  the kitchen at home. If the time is right, I would also like to fix the balcony at the back of the house and invite my girlfriend to a really romantic dinner there this summer.


Anything else to say?

-Continue supporting music by going to concerts, buying records / merch, actively listening to Spotify etc. You think it is a piss in the sea but that is everything for us!