Kristofer and Lars from the group Lamont is the guys which have answered the questions this time. Surprisingly is it so that the interview is about the just mentioned group. Lamont. (25/10-07)





-Lars: Kristofer and David moved down to Malmö from Östergötland  because of the fact that Kristofer that he should study at the high school. There he met me and I played in a band then and I needed a bassist. And then Kristofer jumped into that band. After some months we started an own band instead. My old mate Henrik could play drums and my sister Kristina played cello but I knew that she was keen on piano so she had to play synth. David was in Asia when the band was formed but he joined when he came home. Shortly we can say that Malmö was the mussel, Kristofer and David the shit around it or the sand which came into the mussel. Me, Kristina and Henrik was the mother-of-pearl which was wrapped around the other and together we became a really fine pearl!


Please tell me a little about every member, age,interests, work, family and something bad about every one?

-Kristofer is 25 years, a little sister, mother and dad. Interests: Music.  

Lars 26 years, two bigger brothers and one little sister(Kristina) and a mum and dad. Interests:Music. ,

Kristina 24 years, as above, but three bigger brothers and interests is music and literature.

Mr Hank 26 years, a bigger sister and a bigger brother and mum and dad. Interests: Whiskey, V8 and rockabilly.

David 25 years,2 bigger brothers and mum and dad, Interests: Music, travel, skating and surfing.


Why this Ark-similar cover?

-Kristofer: To sell more records and we hope that someone takes the wrong record. No, I´m only joking…there wasn´t any awareness about it.


But there is some similarities to Ark in your music or what are you being compare to otherwise?  

-Lars: From the beginning we did more synthetic music and many people compared us to Melody Club and The Sounds. But we don´t hear it anymore even if they have done good music.

Kristofer: It´s very unusual with bands in Sweden who sticks out in this way as we do , with outgoing and extravagrant music. And therefor it often compares with many other bands in the same theme. People must always could refer to something you recognize.  



Do you understand that people often compare with other bands when they do their reviews?  

-Kristofer: Yeah ,as I said, that have reviewers and audience done in all times.  .


How have the reviews been on the record?

-Lars: When I write this I haven´t seen so many reviews but it´s often a very good review or a very bad one. But it´s much better that than the record only goes by as nothing have happened!


Do you care about reviews and could you imagine that you´re changing anything just because of the fact that a reviewer have been saying that you should change anything?  

-Kristofer: Of course you care about it but as Lars said , we rather want to have the grades 1 and 5 more than only 3 which means that you haven´t done any big impression. But I would never change anything just because of the fact that a special reviewer have said anything about us.  


Does some reviewers have big power? Is it anyone you can name there?  

-Lars: Yeah, of course can some of the reviewers on the biggest papers  and they can surely give a reaction on the following reviews. Sometimes it´s so that is is more so that people out there hype the band after that they have hyped the band or the opposite way.


Where do you stand when we talk about Mp3 and downloading of music? Who is it good for and who is it bad for? Is it a good way to come out in that way just because of making a hype about the band?  -Kristofer: Downloading is good if you think about that they force the musicbusiness to think in another style and see the reality. It´s not good that the labels give minimal space and time for the artist to development and build a career. Of course I wish that people have bought a lot of records but they don´t do it anymore. And then it´s important as an artist to see that it is new times and find constructive solutions to spread their music. So I think that everyone both can have good and bad times of this and the one who´s most creative and most unafraid is the ones who will stand as winners in the end. People always want to have and pay for music in some way.


I can imagine that your songs will be played a lot on radio? This his maybe already been done? In which program is they best in do you think?

-Lars: Hmm I don´t really know which program it have been played in but it´s mostly in P3 and in different studentchannels. And there we suits in best I think but it´s nothing wrong if they plas us in the advertismentchannels too!  


How does your audience look like?

-Kristofer: Really beautiful!


Do you play a lot at stage? Where is best?

-Lars: We´re a liveband and we´re enjoying being on stage so then we have build up a lot of that we are today on our concerts. So we have played a lot but it´s hard to say where it´s best. It´s there where it is most open, happy and honest people. We will go out in december and tour Sweden a little tour to Finland!


What do you listens to most right now? Your five favouriterecords right now?

-Lars: Both Arcade Fire-records (”Funeral” and ”Neon Bible”) have been warm at my home.

Kristofer: Moto Boys new record!

David: Tom Waits,”Rain Dogs”

Mr. Hank: The Go Getters, “Welcome to SIN CITY”


The latest record you bought? And the most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Lars: Can only speak for myself:

Latest record: Arcade Fire - Funeral

First record: I think it was Metallica – Ride the lightning

Most embarrassing. There is no embarrassing! Have I bought it have I liked it and stand for it. It will maybe be some of our first demos then,  haha.


How do you think it is to live in Sweden otherwise? Is there any difference after the election last year and the first year after that?  

-Kristofer: Wow….that haven´t I any opinion about. I´m enjoying in this far in Sweden, if it is depending on which government we have I don´t know….I don´t think so.


Politics and music, how do you see on that, is that anything for you?

-Lars: Music and politics goes often hand in hand without that you have thought about it. Even if you don’t mean to do anything political so can it be taken so. We stand for honesty and happiness and that can you take as you want. In the same time so have it been incredibly important with political music through the history because music unite and gives us hope and those things.  


Best political artist?

-Kristofer: Dead End, an old band which our bassist David played in in the end of the 90´s.


Is there any good bands in Sweden right now?

-Lars: There’s a lot of good bands around and except from us I think that Moto Boy will be really big in the nearest future!


Why do you do music? Or I mean what drives you and how do you want the audience to react on it, with happiness, sorrow or which mood do you want people to be in?

-Kristofer: We want that people will feel happiness of course, but also that the things is touching them in an honest way. It´s hard to balance that but we think we´re doing that perfect on our record.. And it´s therefore we´re doing music….to touch and give people something they like and of course something that we like. We love to be on stage and I think that it´s showed when we´re on stage. Our concerts is a party together with us and the audience


Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-Lars: Still we think it´s fun but it depends on which questions we get. It´s easy just to say the same thing again and again as a parrot but with the right questions but with the right questions and it´s a challenge to vary our answers.  


Which is the question you never get, please ask it and answer it ?

-Kristofer: Hmmm… When do you have conquered the world? Answer: 2009 I think!


Futureplans for your music?

-Lars: Total world domination! Before that we´re taking over Sweden and then we do a lot in Europe. But now we´re really popular in South America and there are we being played a lot on different radiostations. It have been really exciting to go there


Futureplans for you as a human being?

-Kristofer: Wow… look after so that I and my people around me are happy!  



-Elegance & Discodance


Something to add?

-Buy our record, you will not regret it, Kiss!