Foto:Jessie Fischer

I saw Lag Wagon back in the end of 90īs in Magasinet in Gothenburg, in a small local with a very low roof. This time I only got ten chances to get som out of Lag wagon and I hope you like what you read. This happened in November 2005 and I hope to get back to them in another time and get a longer interviewÖ..


Do you remember your gig in Gothenburg some years ago, very low roof and it was difficult to your long guitarplayer to jump, do you remember this gig? And have he hit his head into many roofs?

-Yes, I remember it vaguely. He has hit his head many times.


Your new CD Resolve have a more poppier sound than were used too, comment? Is the sound more grown up now?

-That is the first time anyone has said that. They have said the opposite. Is it more pop than the old records? I thought it was much darker. It seems much less of a pop record than the past records to my ears. I think I have to disagree with you on this one. Sorry!


Fat Wreck is a good label or? Is there any other good bands there?

- Fat Records is a great label. They have signed so many great bands over the years. I think their track record is nearly flawless.


Which was your goals with music when you began to play and which are your goals with your music nowadays?

-When I began being a musician or trying to be a musician I was motivated by my passion for music. It is still the same motivation but now I have a better understanding of the song writing process. I am more self indulgent as a song writer now and that makes it a much more natural and true process.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-I donít know. That kind of thing is only important to kids. It was a lifestyle when I had no other life. Now it is just guidelines for how people think I should live. It more a term for know-it-alls than the definition of what I once new as anti-establishment free thinking.


Joey Cape did a soloalbum some years ago, have any of the other members done things like that? Any bands on the side of Lag Wagon?

-Dave Raun records with Billy Gould from Faith No More and he did a record with Good Riddance. Chris Flippin and Chris rest were in a band called R.K.L. and now Chris rest has a mariachi band with Keith from the Mad Caddies called King City.


What do you know about Sweden? Have you heard any good swedish bands? What is typical swedish?

-I love a band called Logh. They are on Bad Taste Records. They are very slow and melancholic. You would probably not like them. The Satanic Surfers are a good punk band. I havenít heard it yet, but their new album is supposed to be great. Abba is pretty cool too. They had great melodies but bad lyrics. Sweden has produced a lot of great music.


Is it important to have important lyrics? Does politics and music always goes hand in hand? best political band/artist?

-I do think Punk music is a great plateau for political lyrics but I personally am not that into mixing the two. Iíve done very little of that. Iíve always considered Bad Religion the masters of political punk. NOFX do a great job as well. Propaghandi are great as well.


Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got? Do you care about reviews?

-I donít read them. It is pointless to read reviews. I donít want other peoples opinions to have any affect on my song writing. If you do read a review, you have to remember that everyone has a different opinion and it is just thatís someoneís opinion. People have made some pretty inappropriate comparisons. I think we were once called a Foo Fighters rip-off. That was funny. I like the Foo Fighters, but I think our sound is fairly different and they certainly have not been influential to Lag Wagon.


I only got 10 chances to ask you questions so if it is any question you want to have, ask it and answer it?

-Are you done Joey? Yes I am. Bye Bye!