Kurt Olvars Rebeller have been doing their punkmusic for over twenty years now and that´s a long time for a punkband in sweden, Fun I think and I was ”forced” to send a couple of questions which ws answered in the end of august 2008.  



You have been doing this for over twenty years now….how could you hold the flag high for so long time?  

-Of course!! When the hate is burning and it´s benzin on the fire all the time because of the government, so isn´t it hard to have the flagwaving. I cannot say that it´s hard to play punkmusic because then you get out your anger. Sure we have been on the punk train for a long time and I´m convinced that we´re going on for a long while. In these Olympic games times someone must to hold the flag…..hehehe.  


Many changes in the group? Please tell me a little about every person?

-Yeah, it have been a lot of bandmembers through the times. It was my brother (Johan Andersson) and I who founded the group after a messy introduction , many personalchanges in the group. The first real line up was: ”Sid” – drums,   Martin – bass+vocals, Johan – guitar+vocals. This line was in the years 1988-1993.   ”Sid stopped or maybe he got fired and in came Jocke om drums. Jocke was in the group between 1993-2006.  ”Glenny” came into the group  1996 and then we were four in the group.. Emil (från Warcollapse) was member a short while around 2000. ”Herr Nilsson” (EA) came into the gang as a happy guitarist around 2000. My brother stopped playing in the band 1999. Yeah. Back to 2000… Martin-voclas+bass, ”Glenny”-guitar+choir, Jocke-drums , EA-guitar.  I think it was in the beginnng of 2006 Jocke quit playing with us and then the ”new” guy came into the group. Fredde he was named. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and then we recorded the record  ”Häng dom högt” which was a little comeback for the band because we haven´t released ANYHTING SINCE 1998. One year(2008)  later we release the record  ”Älskade barn Hatar bäst”


Other bands before or on the side of KOR?
-Yeah…where to start? Ok. ”Herr Nilsson”- Smol, 3-way cum, Fuzzter, Stuck ups and more that I cannot come up with the name on. ”Glenny”- TC gang, Harleqin, Sveriges allmänna orkester and so on. Fredde – Iron Maiden, Mike and the silluets amd so on .
Martin - VFP, Aktiv död, Fuzzter, Punkrockers.


Isn´t it a little bit of a suicide pact to release an own CD in these downloadingtimes?  

-Bad tactics or not but a record is a record and a download is an downloading.


What do you think about mp3 and downloading?

-MP3 is a really smart format, download just to listen and find new bands and love, yes –not only for downloading.  But fuck I don´t even like the CD-covers because they´re too small and when you download them you get nothing to hold. Lp is the best format and think about how long you can study the pictures and inlays in LP:s. …


Is it anything you do yourself? If you do , in which purpose?

-I´m the most bad on computercomputerstuff so I don´t fucking now how you do it. I can surf a little on My Space and find good bands.  


Punk feels like it´s important to you? What is it with punk which is so good?  

-The energy. It´s such fucking energy when you have done a song and you can feel how the sweat is only squirting. The hate, the anger and the happiness is important to us. Punk is important. I don´t know anything else than punk and haven´t done anything else the latest 25 years. So: punk is very important.


How do you think that punk lives on today? Is it better or worser than when you started to play?  

-It´s maybe different today. What do I know? When you were young it was very big fellowship and you wore a big gang which party together and played music. Now you´re older and you have been going different ways. But sure, todays kids maybe have it the way we had it when we were young.  


Please tell me something funny from your long career? Something funny which have happened?

-Yeah, it have been a lot of things through the years but here you have one thing. We was going to play with Sid behind the drums. Sid was then in a very bad period of drugs and shit and first of all we picked him up in his apartment, and he have smoked a lot and he´s behind the drums and it goes in slowmotion. We´re angry on him and say to him to play faster, then he left the stage and go to the toilet and five minutes later he´s back behind the drums and plays fast. What he did on the toilet you can wonder. In the same evening my brother give him a hit because he´s so fucking useless. They have decided to fight outside this place but Sid had a knife and there that evening ended….but no bloodbath…


I understand that people asks about the name all the time so I wouldn´t do that but the CD-title ”Loved children hates the best”…where does it come from and have it any deeper meaning?  

-”Älskade barn Hatar bäst”, yeah it sounds good?! There´s some irony behind it and a thought behind…so taste the title.  


I know that the most bands ambitions is to get better all the time but often so isn´t so if youi´re honest that they´re better after some years but with your group I really think you´re better all the time….what does this depend on do you think?  

-It must depended on that we´re better now than before….laugh. But I think that we have going back to how we sounded in Kurt Olvars-beginning. We had really much melodic songs and much choirs before so I think that we sound as we shall do now. Melody, anger, tempo.  


Describe your music in three words?

-You can get a description in two words: swedish punk.


How do you think is it to live in sweden? Politically?

-Politically! It´s a asshole which have the power in this country so it´s smells shit in whole Sweden. The blue alliance is a fucking shit and I hate every inch of their politics. But otherwise it´s good…laugh.  


Any good bands in Sweden today? Favourites from the past?

-There´s so many bands so to just mention one band would be a pity for other bands, But I have really hard to like bands who have decided themselves of how they should sound before they have rehearsed for the first time. I mean you must experiment and take it as it comes. I promise you that we never have tried to sound as any other band and we sound the way we sound. Some good bands; Ramones, all days in the week, every day, all the day round.   ! Sex Pistols, Exploited, Conflict, Varukers, almost all swedish -82 punkband. Rolling Stones, L.R, C.B, The Who and so on,  satisfied?!?


Is there many gigs right now or it really calm with gigs?

-Not so many gigs as we want…because we have been stucked somewhere between crustpunk and trallpunk(melodic punk) . But what the hell…we will maybe come out on the roads more now after the last record, as we think are the best record ever done.


Which of your songs is the ones people most want to hear?

-Stockholm, Dödenstriangel, Arbetartjej. Once when we played we had so many new songs so we didn´t do any songs which was released. It was fun for us but maybe not so fun for the audience. ,.


Which type of audience do you have?

-”Punkaudience”..laugh.. No, I don´t know if it is any special category, except the punk then. Maybe some workers which want to hear some protestmusic


How many CD:s do you sell today? And how many did you do?  

-This record is done in 1000 CD and 300 on LP. So hurry up.  .


Do you sell/play something outside Sweden?

-No we have never played outside Sweden but I have heard that people buys our records in Finland and Germany. I have also seen us in some japanstuff.  


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five most important things in life?

-Five favouriterecords: 1, Never minds the bollocks- Sex Pistols 2, All records with Ramones (love their ”Live”) what fucking tempo! I become happy every time I hear: one, two, three, four! 3, Fuck I want to say Sex Pistols and Ramones again, because they have been so much influence for me and therefor I say , för: Sex pistols and Ramones. 4, Ebba Grön-Were only in it for the drugs. 5, Exploited- Troops of tomorrow. But I should have said: Sex pistols and Ramones in all places.. Five concerts: 1, Ramones-Hultsfred 1990  2, Sex Pistols – Stockholm 1996 3, Rolling Stones- Cirkus 2003 4, Mazarine street – Alcatraz, Kalmar typ 1997 5, Rocky Ericsson – Hultsfred 2007

Five most important things: 1, That you live 2, Keep the health 3, Enjoy life 4, Take care of the time and 5. Care about your relatives and near people


The first , the last and most expensive record ever bought?

-I don´t remember the first record I bought but I remember I got Sex Pistols_ Never mind the bollocks when I was 7 years. The most expensive record …yeah…I have 6000 LP and about 3000 singles so which is the most expensive but I know that I have some records which is worth a lot. The last things I bought was…hm…it becomes a lot…something good. Napalm lr Bad Religion …or the fuck I don´t know!


Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Embarrassing? I think that all records are records and the music is going in different ways and to different people. Why should a record be embarrassing, because that I don´t like it or?  


Which record are you most disappointed on?

-Most disappointed…must be when english punkbands in the 80´s put on a lot of solos and sounded like metal.


You put some times on the lyrics I understand….is it important that they´re about something important or could you record a straight love song?  

-No; i don´t really know. I´m sitting in my kitchen at my home and write. Often it comes a song. My old man is a poet so I have got some from him. And to record a lovesong. Yeah, why not? One song we have is called ”Livet” (life) and it´s a lovsong to life – a tribute to the human being. And then I don´t think that Kurt Olvars Rebeller sometimes will do a “dancebandlovesong”.  


Which is the most political song you have done?

-I think it´s up to the listener to decide that. But sure is  ”Stockholm”, ”Religion & Politik”, ”Lögn” but also ”Häng dom högt”,  oh what the fuck we have only political songs almost.!


Futureplans for the band?

-We want to show us for the audience, do new songs – and a new record.  .


For yourself?

-I´m waiting for my vacation, I have worked all summer so it´s starts to feel a little bit boring now.  



-You can never be to happy and the day you´re happy it rains.  


Something to add?

-Please look into our website to buy records, clothes and gigs or be social in our guestbook.!  www.kurtolvars.com