Korslagda Kukar have come forward as a band which have been nominated for This years Breakthrough by Gaffa, sold more records a week than ABBA, N.W.A and Guns N Roses and here I get Ubbe who sings to answer a bunch of questions. February 2024


Please tell me a little about how you came up with the idea with the group? You come from Baboon Show and Mando Diao or am I wrong?

-The group came about when we on our way home in the airplane from a tour in Europe started to talk about Swedish actors "K", and with that came Håkan (Pedro Sanchez) the idea of how Micke Persbrandt's punkband should be called. Then when we landed he said that the name of Micke's punkband had been Korslagda Kukar and then we started a discussion that we should start a band with that name. I'd rather say that we came "to" Korslagda Kukar.


Your music is a mix of Eddie Meduza punk, heavy metal, Ronny Jönsson and Jävlar Anamma or how would you describe yourself to those who never heard you?

-Glesbygdspunk is an excellent description of our music.


Who does the lyrics? There are no limits on what you can write lyrics about or how is it?

-It ́s Ubbe (Stefan "Steffe" Sjur) and Pedro (Håkan Sörle) who writes the lyrics, so far anyway. No, we have no boundaries or frameworks to follow.


A lyric which stuck to me is the one on De var i Hollywood which you can almost believe in....which is your favorite lyrics and your favorite song? Where do you get your inspiration from when you write the lyrics?

-I like all our lyrics, "Check på den" for example which is about my travels in life and which is true to almost 100%, Dennis of course but also "En sån här chans får man bara en gång i livet" where the lyrics really explain my dreams in life. The inspiration almost always comes from life, after all you are 50 years old and have been through a lot.


The name may not be so popular everywhere, how did you came up with the idea to be called like this and have you got a lot of shit for it?

-The bandname we came up with which we answered in the first question, it was the genius Håkan Sörle who cracked that nut. And no, it doesn ́t go home everywhere, especially the pensioners have a hard time saying the name and at the same time they love our songs and I know that even many who are younger than pensioners don ́t give a damn about listening to us because a band called Korslagda Kukar is already doomed and placed in a box, but then they hear our songs and absolutely love what they hear. We haven ́t got any shit for our band name, the only complaint the radio got when we played there was that the children's radio took over just after they played our song and presented the band so it ́s well justified criticism I think.


Which type of people comes and looks at you when you play live? Are there any types of people you miss? You ́re going to play in Gothenburg sometime soon or how is it?

-We have only played live once and that was on a punk cruise so then it was a lot of punks, but we are loved by everyone so there will probably be people from punks to greasers and everything in between. Yes, we are going on a mini-tour 9-11 May where we start in Gothenburg and go via Borlänge before we finish in Stockholm.


Have you got any idea of who listens to you, is it big city people or is it more people from smaller towns?

-As I wrote above, we have fans all over Sweden from the countryside up in Harads to the inner city on Stureplan, all kinds of people seem to love our music, the hard part right now is how to reach out to everyone.


You have done the record Den korslagda läraren and that ́s the only thing you have released or?

 -The record is called Den korslagda lärarn and is the first and only record we have released so far.


Do you have new songs on the way?

-If we have, making music without having any frames is one of the most fun things you can do, so we have a lot of new hits on the way.


Do you play live any songs from your other groups?

-Absolutely not, we are Korslagda Kukar, not a cover band.


How many copies do you release a record today? How much did you release this in and how much has it sold? Anyone know about it?

-We started cautiously with a unique first edition of 200 copies that sold out in less than 24 hours, the second edition that is released I don't know how many are released but we were in 3rd place in Sweden on sales the week that the second edition was released, before both ABBA and Guns'n'Roses.


I look at the pictures and think I recognize you from the merch table for Baboon Show, is that right or what connection do you have to Baboon Show?

-Yes, that's how it is. I have been following the baboons since 2013.


I can also see that you like Hammarby, I support GAIS which went up this year. What do you think about the placements for Hammarby and GAIS this year?

-Every spring before the premiere and during the premiere march to the Nya Söderstadion, I have the feeling that the Swedish Championship gold will be won. Unfortunately, the men did not manage to do so in 2023, but Hammrbygirls took the double, so you got to taste the sweetness of gold in 2023, what heroes! I don ́t know much about GAIS but I hope that they will make it.


You like beer too from what I understand in the pictures and I also love beer, if Korslagda Kukar would make a beer, what would it be called and what style would it be?

-Beer is amazingly good, and by beer I mean light lager, no IPA or shit like that. If we would have had a beer, it would of course have been a light lager and with an alcohol content around 4.7%, the name would have been IPA är djävulens påfund (IPA is the devil's invention) (There you fell down on my list because IPA is my favorite style 😊 /editor)


You ́re not so political when I listen to your lyrics even if everything is politics in its own way? Which song would you say is KK's most political song?

-It must be De var i Hollywood.


But you yourself seem politically interested, what do you think about today's Sweden and our "fine" government?

-"Sweden can do better" is a good summary of today's Sweden.


What kind of reviews have you got on Den korslagda lärarn? Is it any really weird or what do people say about the record?

-Only positive reviews, people love the album and it's also nominated for Album of the Year at the Dalecarlia Music Awards. The criticism we got is that the songs are too good so people listen them tired and want more music from us.


Do you really care about reviews?

-Both yes and no, it's always fun that people like our music, but at the same time you know that all people are unique individuals and with that also different musical taste, so this with reviews is misleading because sometimes it is a single person who can judge a record, movie or dish and then 90% of the population follows the summary the person described.


Do you play in any other band than KK?



If you could choose five bands, dead and alive to have a concert together with you, which would you have chosen then?

-Euskefeurat, Blues Brothers, Elvis Presley, Scooter, Hurriganes and AC/DC as a support act.


The five best records right now?


Scooter-20 years of hardcore

Korslagda Kukar-Den korslagda lärarn

Euskefeurat-Sista färden hem till byn

Die Toten Hosen-Reich & Sexy


Futureplans for the band?

-They look very bright, the next record will be a killer, a modern classic and as long as we think it's fun we go on and on and at the moment it looks like only death can stop us.


For yourself?

-It looks bright for me too, exciting and incredibly fun job ahead of me and recording a new record and tour and a family and friends who are healthy.



-As Scooter says: It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice


Something to add?

 -Hope to see you on the tour and check on that!