Körsbärsfettera(Cherry Cunts) have a controversial name but musical they´re not so controversial  but they´re really good. Good old punk with much melodies and choirs. The interview with the girl is done in november 2008.  



-Anna and Hanna comes from Skövde and have been mates for a long time back in time. Totta and Anna became mates when Anna lived in Borås and was studying to be a nurse. Jennie and Totta become through their exes. Jennie and Jossan is sisters. Totta and Jossan and Anna was on a festival last year, then Totta and Anna have talked about starting a band and asked Jossan if she wanted to be in the group. And then it become Christmas when Jennie was at Tottas home and she thought it could be fun also. In the beginning should a girl celled Elin be in the group but it didn´t become so of different reasons. And we started to rehearse without a bassplayer. And then Anna asked Hanna if she wanted to be in the group and she wanted that but the problem was that she never have hold a bass. But she tested to do it so now she´s playing the bass. Jennie and Jossan have played a little bit of guitar before but Jossan is the only one who have been in a band before and played live before. Totta have played the drums for one and a half year.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, interests, work, family and something bad about every one?  

-Jennie (guitarist)28 years and she lives in Gothenburg with her glamrockguy Ludde and.

Jennie works on a bakery and loves the 50´s, the cars, the clothes but she loves also Dropkick Murphys and she have contact with Kenny in the band and have been in Boston and visit them. Jennie have also a club in Gothenburg on Kontiki. Jenny is the bigger sister to Jossan, If Jennie drinks five beers she become drunk and must go home.  

Totta (drummer)26 years and lives in Fristad in a house with her Päff.

Totta works in health care and she loves snuff, glögg and to be photoing. Her boyfriend sings and plays the guitar in Veckans Klubba and plays the drums in Gatans Lag.  

Totta have a terrible morning behaviour and if she drinks gin she becomes really drunk and she wants to hit people in their face then.  

Anna (singer) 25 years and she lives in Skövde with her heavymetal guy Kalle karl. Anna works a s a nurse on the psychiatric clinic.

Anna loves tattoos and she is on her way to have her whole body filled with this fine art. She have already her whole back filled. Anna have always a hangover which makes her throw up if she don´t eat the ice cream Piggelin.  

Hanna (bassist) 23 years and she lives in Skövde with her boyfriend Calle. Hanna works as a storageworker. She loves to party and she drinks happily both whiskey and shots without stopping. Hannas boyfriend is wellknown for the "Rövhöl är det enda höl som töl tvöl"(The ass is the only hole which can take soap) When Hanna becomes hungry and not get any food so is it a near-death experience and she must eat as soon as possible and then she eats a little of everything on the fork in the same time. .

Jossan 22 years, lives in Borås with her boyfreind Skagge and sometimes with his two goodloooking children Saga and Elis. Jossan works on Fristads arbetskläder. Jossan is the littlesister to Jennie and the littlesitster in the band. She´s a happy girl which loves to do music and she have studied in a music high school and played with bands since she was 16 years old. Have earlier been in the band Leopard Ladys. Her boyfreind is one of the new ones in Vrävarna. Jossan goes under the name  Korven Korvlander.


I think back to the youth of punkrock when I hear your music and then was punk a lot more dangerous, do you listen much to old punkrock?

-Yeah, we listens to music a whole lot. Yeah, some old punk comes around but the things which have put the traces of punk in us is when we grow up in the 90´s with the Definitivt-compilations and Äggröran.


When I listen on your lyrics so does it feels like you describe things really good? Festivalsommar for example? Who makes the lyrics?  

-We have written some songs each and some together. Festivalsommar is one of the songs we have written together and it´s a little bit more fun lyrics than other songs. Feels like we have done a song which describe how stereotyped it is on festivals.  


The song PK(Political Correct) is fun I think, how did you came up with the thought of doing that song?

-There´s a lot of people who puts themselves in a special style just to have somewhere to be and without knowing what it´s all about. We thought about that and then It became a song.  .


Isn´t it any label which is interested in the things you do? Kjell Hell should be interested?  

-Now, we haven´t got any concrete bid but there is labels which have been interested and like the things we do, Kjell Hell for example.  


Rövsvett, Raped Teenagers, Räserbajs and now Körsbärsfettera, how did you thought with the name. I can understand it becomes a lot of reactions? Do people think you´re a funpunkband or how do people react?

-Yeah, some people do think we´re a funpunkband or maybe more a sexrockband. Körbärsfettera isn´t a bad name it´s an expression for a goodlooking girl. We have talked about being named like this long before we started the band and when we started the band it wasn´t any other alternative than be named like this.  


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Punk,simple and melodic


Which is the political song you have done?

-It depends what you mean with that. You can always hear the lyrics you want and always read between the lines. Or so can you take the words for exactly what they say. We have never though that now shall we write a political song but do you have an opinion so is it many times so that it can be shown in the lyrics.  


Have you only done this ten song demo Skyll dej själv?

-Yeah, we started the band for real this February so we haven´t had the time to do more yet. But it will come..  


You lives in many different places, how could you rehearse?

-We rehearse in Fristad so everyone in the band goes there one or maybe two times a week. It’s a a little bit tricky for the ones who lives faraway but we think it´s fun to both rehearse and to meet so it´s worth it. We wouldn´t be meeting so often if we didn´t played together.  


Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-Have been some interviews but it´s fun. You shouldn´t lie and say that you´re not happy about the attention. But some questions is really difficult to answer.  


The question you never get but you want to have? Please ask it and answer it?  

-Do you think you have got so much positive response just because of the fact that you´re girls? You cannot blink that it have helped us just that we´re girls. But when people say that they like what we´re doing I hope they say it because it really is so that they like our songs. I think that people think it´s good with bands with only girls in which plays punk too.  


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

-OK, we choosed one each in every category so you can see how mixed we are.

Top five records: Blood for blood-outlaw anthems

Social distortion-Sex love & rock..n..roll


Eva Eastwood-En ny stil i stan

Misfits-Walk among us


Top five concerts: Desmond Dekker Augustibuller

Volbeat Sweden rock

Los Fastidios Henriksberg

Mustasch Sweden rock

Dropkick Murphys The Avalon Boston St Patricks day


Top five most important things:

Friends, love, family, happiness, glögg and solidairty.


The first, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-I don´t remember…the latest was maybe some with Flogging Molly.


The most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Could be some number of Absolute music.


The biggest record disappointment?

-We´re too young for such things, when we started to buy records have it came so much good music already that you wanted to have.

I didn´t sat there and wait to see that Strebers should release a new record for example because then I was around 8 years.


How do you see on downloading? Does it destroy the music or how do you see on it?  

-No, we don´t think so. It´s surely destroy for big artists but they have maybe earn so much money so it´s enough now? I don´t think that people will stop doing music just because you cannot earn money on itbut I don´t think that people stop buying records either. But I think that people will get the chance on listening more and more on music they didn´t had got so far that is doing now. So is it for us and that´s good.


How do you think that it is to live in Sweden today? I mean politically?

-Oh my god, I think we´re on the way out here in Swedish politics for a very long time. The whole life I could almost been a little bit proud of the politics. That we have got an own politic and did good things of our heritage. Then I mean the heritage from the one who struggled for us to get 8 hours working day and that we should have a vacation and who started the unions.  But now we shall listen to The European Community in some sort of global politics which haven´t anything to do with our usual values. What have happened to our unions and what have happened with the solidarity?: When a strong ground as the free speech have been moved away so do I become frightened!!!


What do you think about the election in some years….will it be a change then?

-Yeah, absolutely. It´s about every twelve year Swedish people forget how it is when the right wing is having the power and they get some peculiar idea about letting them try again. Now I don´t say that it is the ultimate solution to have a socialistic power but it´s a whole lot better than it is now.


The best with a rightwing power is that punk is growing every time it is so. Is it something you have noticed?

-Can maybe be true but it is also gives us a lot of frustration. Sure I like punk but I had rather be without that if it´s being better politics in Sweden


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-Punk is of course both a lifestyle and music. There´s a lot of nice punks which looks like the stereotype of punks and you can see it in 500 metres and that I lijke. But you don´t have to look so just because to be a punk.

It´s more about attitude. You see something which is wrong and you choose not be a part of it. The way I see it is that punks is people who protest against something. But punks aren´s snobs which looks down on people because they´re not like them. Even if someone seems to have that attitude.  


Some good bands in Sweden today?

-Yeah, there is actually. Thanks to Internet so do we have the chance to find new all the time. Just to mention something I must say Asta Kask. It´s fucking fun that they´re still doing the thing and that the new songs are really good.

Gatans Lag I don´t hope anyone have missed them. Torpedo Gbg is the best in a long time. It´s good that there´s a lot of good ska too in Sweden as The Liptones. The Accidents is another good band. And I just heard a new band which is called De Pistolhotes which I like much. And then I must say that I like Bruset a lot but they´re not playing anymore.


Is there any good websites you want us too look at?

-Yeah Körsbärsfetteras myspace isn´t bad....


Is it harder or easier for girls to have a band? I mean is it easier to get a gig or so? Or does the name make any problems for you?  

-A little bit easier we have maybe. But it´s more about that we know people more than that were girls. And just because that we play punk so then we want to play in punkclubs and then isn´t the name any problem.


If someone call you a girlband…do you become angry?

-No, because we are girls. I become angry when people say that we´re good just because that we´re girls.


Futureplans for the band?

-Continue to gig and record. Rehearse as much as we can so we become better musically. Have a good time and party together.  


For yourself?

-Maybe change work and have a  cheerycuntsimperium.



-The main thing is that everyone comes along!


Something to add?

-Yeah, you have a very funny petname!!! (Which petrname do they mean?)

Thank you for writing about us. Love  /KF