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Allan // The Kandidate

So does the interview with Allan from the Danish Kandiate begin. I saw them as a support act to Volbeat and their energy couldnīt go anyone by. October-2010

I know that Jacob was in the group Hatespehre. Which other groups have you been in?

-A long list... KB and I have been in both Withering Surface and Thorium together, KB is also playing in a punk band called Hitchcocks, and we are both active in the crust band Parasight. Jacob is also playing guitar in the hardcore band Last Mile. NP has played in a bunch of bands that no one have heard of, but maybe you know Human, which we was in for a period.


Are you living on your music or do you have regular jobs too?

-No, we all have regular jobs.


I saw you as a supportact to Volbeat this friday and it was a mighty experience, what is your strength live do you think?

-Ah, cool! We have played great shows on this tour. It's fun playing big arenas even though it's a bit tough, when they are 80% empty, haha. But as the first supporting act, that is expected. The biggest strength in playing live is that we enjoy it a lot, and we play well together. Also Jacob is a very energetic front man which makes it all more fun!


It felt a little like as if Jacob is your frontifgure and that you hold yourself in the background, is this any thing you have done because you want it or is it so that Jacob is so "wild" so it have been like this?

-Man, Jacob in stage... He's 100% impossible to keep up with and the rest of us do what we find comfortable. It's just how it is, we haven't planned anything.


Do you think that people who plays your sort of music is calmer persons than other people, because you get it out (the anger)on stage and on records?

-Well, maybe. I'd be the same person, I think. I'm the calmest man alive. But I definitely think that aggressive and restless people would benefit from playing metal.


Your music sounds very much hardcore I think, how would you describe it yourself with three words?

-Death, thrash, punk. I can follow you on the hardcore thing, but I wouldn't think of it as the first thing. 


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it sa lifestyle? Your releation to punk?

-For me it's all about the music. I don't feel punk in any way, but I know KB feels it much more. He is almost as close to straight edge as you can get, and he's all into the PMA-thing.


Now itīs hard to say which type of people who comes to your concert because youīre out with Entombed and Volbeat, but when you play an own gig, which type of people comes to them?

-Hmm, it's hard to say, cause we haven't actually been playing our own headliner shows yet. We will in the end of October while we have a break from this tour. But overall it seems to be everything from kids into In Flames to old guys into Dismember (like ourselves, haha!)


Youīre not on the whole tour that Volbeat does, why arenīt you with them on the last part of the tour?

-I don't know. But I think it's something about the booking agency in the UK have other interests than us. I actually didn't know that they were going to the UK before we joined them in Malmø.


How do you think that Volbeat take your music?

-Differently all of them. Michael and I go way back, but I know that he really dig what we are doing, otherwise we wouldn't be here. I think the others think we are OK cool and that's it.


How is to be on this tour with Entombed and Volbeat, it havenīt been so many concerts yet but it seems to be a success?

-It is really great! We are good pals with Volbeat, and we have all been big fans of Entombed since Left Hand Path. Everybody is cool and we are having a great time, and we are treated really good by the crew, local promoters and the venues. So yeah, it's great!


The other bands is good people I understand?

-You bet. The nicest people.


How is to play this sort of hard music in Denmark right now? Does people understand it or is it so that youīre more popular in other countries?

-It's good. What we are doing is not that common in Denmark, but it's a small country and there are fashions, which we are not a part of. I think we will be more successful abroad.


Until we are outnumbered , is that your debutalbum or what?

-It is.


How does Napalm looks like a label?

-Hmm... it's hard to say. They released our album, that's about it. They did a fine campaign and set up some interviews and we haven't heard or worked too much together with them since then.


Where do you stand when we talk about downloading and mp3?

-I used to download music myself, and go out and get the CD if I liked it. I don't do that much anymore, but I think downloading is partly a good thing. In some countries (like our own) CDs are expensive and if people don't have the money to spent on CDs, I'd rather that they download the music and go to the shows the band are playing. I would rather sell a ticket and a t-shirt than a CD.


Is it good or bad for a band like yours?

-It's good. Not many people would go out and get a CD with a debut band like ourselves just by hearing about it or seeing it in an ad. It's cool that people can check it out on the internet to get into the band. Hopefully they'll go out and buy the next one. Also, I downloaded the newest Converge album because I didn't know them and wanted to check it out. I became a fan and went out and bought four albums including the one I downloaded. If I hadn't downloaded it, I would probably never have bought CDs or go to a concert with them.


Do you sell a lot of merch or(I bought the black t-shirt, but you have some more stuff or?)

-Naa, not really. But thanks for buying! We didn't know what to expect for this tour, everything from 1 item a night to 20 items. I think the average is about five, so it's OK. We probably brought too much, but we have a tour shirt with the dates on the back, a simple green one with just the logo, a hoodie/zipper with the logo. Besides that we brought two older designs, but they haven't been on display all places. On top of that a beanie.


How is to live in Denmark nowadays, politically I mean?

-I'm not into politics and we are not a political band, so I'm not going too deep into that. We have a right-oriented government now, and for me it's fine. Mostly because the opposition don't have anything to offer in stead.


In Sweden our "racists" Sverigedemokraterna came into the government, itīs the same in Denmark, what shall we do about the racists thoughts?

-People have their rights to mean what ever they want. If they are being racists, it's mainly because of their prejudice towards other people, and I can only feel sorry for them. If we were to do anything, it would be better information and integration, not prejudice and isolation.


Have you heard any good swedish bands that you like?

-Oh yeah! I've been a fan of Swedish metal since I was very young and heard Europe for the first time. My favourites are still Opeth, Entombed, Dismember, At The Gates/The Haunted, Disfear, Mustasch, Katatonia, and I could go on for hours...


Is it important to sing about "important things" and not about love(I know that love is important but you know what I mean)?

-Yeah, I know what you mean. For me it's not about the message and to preach stuff to people. It's about the music, and the vocals are important for the music, and it's necessary to have lyrics for that. That's it for me. I don't care too much about it, and I never read lyrics or get into them with other bands.


Who is doing the lyrics in Kandidate?

-For the album KB and I did 50% each, but on the new material Jacob will write the lyrics.


And the music?

-KB and I used to do the music on our own, and it will probably still mainly be the two of us, who write new music. But since we recorded the album, we now have four members who are interested in writing music and having their say, so I believe that we will all be involved in the future.


Where have been the best to play this far on the tour(please say Gothenburg ,-) ?

-Haha, Gothenburg has been the best arena show by far. But the "small" venues are better for us, so I'd say Luleå, that was awesome.


How is a good concert with Kandidate?

-So far it has been any. For us it's great when people come to the stage and take part in the show, you know... Of course it's fine that people just stand around and check us out, I do that myself, but it's far more fun for everybody when there is some kind of synergy with the audience. We had that in Gothenburg and indeed in Luleå and Sundsvall.


Futureplans for the band?

-We have written three song for the next album. Maybe you noticed that we actually play those songs on this tour. We brought equipment so we can write and record while we are on the road and together all hours of the day. The aim is to record the next album in the beginning of next year and hopefully tour in the spring as well.


For your self?

-I don't have any future plans right now, I'm an old man and satisfied with my life right now... Boooring, I know. But I have a lot of work with The Kandidate and I'm going to focus on that for a while before chasing new adventures.


Five records which is a must in the tourbus?

-Hmm... I'll speak for my self of course. If we were not on tour with Entombed, it would be Morning Star, Seizures In Barren Praise by Trap Them,  Back In Black by AC/DC, Slaughter Of The Soul by At The Gates and Stinking Up The Night by Death Breath. But that is now, would probably change tomorrow...



-If you don't know how to do it, don't.


Something to add?

-Nothing besides a big thank you for the interview, and for coming to our show and your support. It really means a lot to us.