One of the better bands in the 77-punk style which I have heard the latest is the finnishsinging  Kakka-Hätä-77. Teemu have answered the questions in October-2011



Teemu: KK77 formed in 2006. originally we were a three piece band without bass player but then Juuso came & bought me some shots so he was in. We have released some seven inch singles and one full length. we play straight up shitty punk rock in finnish. Teemu and Janne play guitars and Mirko is beating the skins. everybody sings but mostly it's me.

Please tell me  alittle about every memebr, age, family, work, and something bad about every one?

-Teemu: Juuso is maybe 25 or 26?! The other members are too fucking old. We all work shitty jobs to survive. Janne has kids & Mirko will also soon have one. I’m a pig, idiot & alcoholic. Other members are also sometimes but not nearly as often. I also stink.

Bands before or on the side of Kakka-häta 77?

-Teemu: Mirko plays in MAAKUNTARADIO and THE DWYERS. I play in THE HEARTBURNS, MAHO NEITSYT, LIIMANARINA and some new band which will maybe be called SAATANANPALVOJAT. I used to be in VAASANKATU SS, KIROUS, STAKEOUT, NAZI DEATH CAMP & some other punk/noise/HC bands as well.

What is the name means? 77 is for the year of punk I understand or?

-Teemu: Sid killed Elvis in 1977. So why not?

I think your music sounds oldfashioned in a modern way? How would you describe it yourself in three words?

-Teemu: Punk, shitty, stupid and ugly.

You don´t have any thoughts of singing in english?
-Teemu: i already do in THE HEARTBURNS & making english lyrics is a pain in the ass. The rednecks in Finland are easier to piss off in finnish 'cos they're too stupid to understand english. Do the uganda!!!


What are your lyrics about?

-Teemu: Depression, beer, pills, living/dying a punk, violence, getting beaten up trying to beat other people up, shitty society getting even shittier, slashing tires & starting fires, being stupid, hating the rich, hating cops, hating the swedish. Yeah and white power too.

How is musiclife in Finland right now? Any good bands?

-Teemu: Fucking too many. The best punk bands are THE SPLITS, MODERNI ELÄMÄ, RÄJÄYTTÄJÄT, KIELTOLAKI, KYLMÄ SOTA, KIVESVETO GO-GO and KYRE & DUUNARIT. Mirko's label AIRISTON PUNK LEVYT is also releasing a lot of good shit. I also love good old TERVEET KÄDET & it's singer Läjä's blues band, THE SULTANS. but my fave is actually a rap artist called RAIMO. he's a genius.

What does punk mean to you? Is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-Teemu: Ha ha, hate this question. I guess for us it's not just a hairstyle. We are losers, drunk idiots and cowards so I guess we are pretty punk.

Which are most important punksong through all times and the most important punkband?

-Teemu: EAT SLEEP & FUCK by the TEENAGE PHDS is pretty awesome. My TOP5 fave bands may be THE PAGANS, THE REATARDS, RAMONES, ELECTRIC EELS and KOLLAA KESTÄÄ from Finland. Dunno what is the most important or does that even matter but 999, GREEN DAY or NIRVANA it is not.


Many of the old finnish punkbands was really raw like Terveet Kädet, Riistetyt and those bands, is it anything you listen to?

-Teemu: I love all those bands, especially the first EP's. RIISTETYT was actually even better when they were called CADGERS. Kaaosta tää maa kaipaa!!!!

Have you heard any good sweidsh punkands?

-Teemu: Yeah many. Don't actually like EBBA GRÖN too much but I love SHITLICKERS, KRIMINELLA GITARRER, MODERAT LIKVIDATION, old MOB 47, ANTI-CIMEX, CRUDE SS & almost all of the old 77 style stuff on swedish BLOODSTAINS comps. SVENSKA PUNK KLASSIKER 2CD is one of the best comps I have ever heard. I have also heard some new bands I have liked but I guess things in Sweden are bit too trendy and self-concious for us fuckups to really like. It’s so stupid to go see all these bands in their perfect hair & clothes to "play punk", get paid & get laid. Makes me feel like killing somebody.


Have you been outside Finland and played? Where?

-Teemu: Yes we were in USA (thanks Mike!) & in Milwaukee we were KAKKA-HÄTÄ 77 from "Sweden" so we fucked that gig up on purpose. My other bands have played in Germany etc. and I have been to Stockholm to see MARKED MEN, THE REATARDS etc great bands that don't come to Finland many times.

Is it true that you learn swedish in school, if you do why? Shouldn´t we learn Finnish in swedish schools then?

-Teemu: Yes it's our second language. I guess you are better off just learning english 'cos USA is where you wanna go anyway. If you are not up to move to Eskilstuna & become an amphetamine addict. My last name is by the way Bergman and Janne's last name is Eriksson. I have also had a girlfriend who's mother language was Swedish even though she's Finnish. In Turku there's a lot of Swedish talking people.


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

-Teemu: KOLLAA KESTÄÄ - NELJÄN PENNUN OOPPERA LP, RAMONES - ALL TH STUFF & MORE 2LP, THE PAGANS - SHIT STREET LP, THE REATARDS - GROWN UP, FUCKED UP LP, first 20 KILLED BY DEATH compilations and maybe BLOODSTAINS ACROSS TEXAS LP...five fave concerts, MODERNI ELÄMÄ, THE REATARDS, MARKED MEN, KIVESVETO GOGO is often pretty awesome. Missing my mothers 70th birthday to see THE GORIES & THE OBLIVIANS was great also. And seeing 2 M.O.T.O. gigs last week & another tomorrow!!! M.O.T.O. sucked in Stockholm though....my friend making MARK SULTAN cry was also pretty awesome. Five most important things, hmm well let's say beer, punk, friends, making shit happen, partying & masturbation.

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-Teemu: First punk LP was maybe "My war" by BLACK FLAG. first punk bands I liked were the RAMONES and THE MISFITS etc. metal and Michael Jackson before that so let's not talk about that shit. Most expensive might have been another of my KOLLAA KESTÄÄ LP's. Most expensive 7" was maybe PROTEX - DON'T RING ME UP, ELECTRIC EELS - AGITATED or some METAL URBAIN single. Most I got myself was when I sold ARYAN DISGRACE - FAGGOT IN THE FAMILY 7". Should not have sold that one though. Great fucking record. Last record?! bought JOY DIVISION 7" BOX with my last money. Before that, singles by SKREWDRIVER, COUNT VERTIGO & first DISCHARGE  even though I already had one. Ha ha I’m a bit crazy I guess.

Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Teemu: Our split 7"EP with my ex-girlfriend's band SEKSIHULLUT 'cos our side is so shitty. also KIROUS/SHARPEVILLE split 7" for the same reason. Glad they kicked me out after that.

Where do you stand when we talk about downloading?

-Teemu: I don't really give a fuck. if it's ruining big labels it's great I guess. Our "fans" still do buy records though. I also do & have never downloaded anything, I bet I couldn't do it even though I wanted to. I suck with computers. I suck with everything. Just write into your zine that Teemu fucking sucks.

Is downloading good or bad for a band like yours?

-Teemu: Don't know. Maybe bad 'cos people hear how shitty our record sounds & don't buy it, ha ha!

I think you have a little bit thin and low sound on your record, anyway on my Iphone if you compare with the other records on that Iphone, is that you have done with purpose?

-Teemu: No. we just suck.

Futureplans for the band?

-Teemu: We are playing with THE DWARVES next month. That’s pretty much about it. We live very far away from each other & have better things to do than to worry about this piece of shit of a band. Mirko is also going to have a kid so he's propably rather staying at home than going to some shithole to get yelled at by some 15-year old feminist idiot and to eat shitty vegetables straight from a dumpster. Been there, done that, one time too many.  And no-one really gives a shit about our shitty band anymore. We were "hot shit" maybe 4 years ago. Now it's somebody else's turn I guess.

Futureplans for yourself?

-Teemu: Drink, fight & fuck. maybe die.


-Teemu: Ha ha, not from me mate! Finland fucking sucks, go west, young man.

Something to add?

-Teemu: Thanks for the interview & for the interest, Peter!!!!