Max from Junk Stars was very quick to answer these questions about their group ... In short consist ... October 2013

History of the group?
-The band started two years ago, we have been through a lot together. Played in reality show, released a newspaper, two albums, various nominations mm. Fucking fun, a lot of work behind the well-built house!

Tell us a little about each member of the group, age, family, job and something bad about every one?
-Max Singer is from Skåne. If it's horrible, I know not, but the others are from Stockholm and Staven is from Osmo. It is horrible!

Have there been many changes in the band  over the years?
-No. We are four friends who are also idiots, we stuck together.

Do you play in any other bands beside Junk Stars?

Rolling Stones, Ramones, Beatles, it was in the press release ... I do not hear so much of it ... where did it come from?
-Haha! Who wrote it? Ah, it probably depends a lot on how you see it. Three chords are the basis of all rock and pop music. There we also hold on to, but more rocking.


I think probably more Backyard Babies, DAD, Sator and Danko Jones, comments on it?
-Yeah but if we had written it, it would have been a cliché. But yep, that's how we sound!

Are you inside a lot of "old" music?
-More Old Music, Ramones is probably the general house band.

Or is there something new that you like?
-Yup, The Distillers, Rancid and Social Distortion.

Good bands in Sweden today?
-Many, far too many!

Your name seems like it would have been bands that have come before it ... nothing you've heard that there are bands that name?
-No, because that Gene Simmons of Kiss took our first band name so we had to record the band's name before use, so  no one has it and it is only we who have it. Phew!

Is a band name is important ... or it can be named anything?
-No you can not have any name. Important!

When you make music, how does it ... will someone with finished songs come to the rehearsal or jam that you make them?
-Someone has an idea, then it's just to test in the studio or in the rehearsal room. We work all together.

The lyrics .... what inspires?
-Film, experiences and crazy people.

Music and politics does it belong together or is it nothing to you?
-Everything is politics, but for us, the music is everything.

Can you imagine making a support song for something that you believe in .... football, animal rights, etc.? Or do you not put you in a box?
-I think we have our own little box If not so, we'll probably find your own fuck.

How does your audience look like ... it is very mixed, or is it a certain type of people?
-Pretty mixed it enough anyway, because it's not so difficult listened what we are doing.

Is there any kind of people you miss?
-Yeah, we miss YOU!

How do you think it is to live in Sweden? What is the best and the worst?
-Sweden's good to start with, we are doing very well we Swedes.

Where do you stand in the "debate" about mp3 download, Spotify versus physical discs etc?
-We have absolutely no problem with Spotify. It's great!

Do you sell a lot of records?
-We are probably a Spotify bands since we were born for real two years ago!

Are you satisfied with Despotz records?
-Of course, it is our record label.

Please rank your five favorite records, five best and five most important things in life?
1. Dad
2nd Mom
3rd Love
4. Community
5th Hate


1. Coral Fang – The Distillers
2. Supershitty To The Max – The Hellacopters

3. Lucky Days – Guns N Horses
4. Blood Sweat and Towers – Towers of London
5. Sticky Fingers – Rolling Stones


The best I've seen is Black Stone Cherry at Gota Basement. Nothing beats it.

First, last and most expensive record you bought?
-Wow. I think it was Michael Rickfors to buy wings for money. Expensive, do not think it is over 250 SEK incl VAT.

Best album to have sex to?
-Something quiet and peaceful which is good but still hard.

What does punk mean to you, it's just a word or is it a life style or is it just a style of music?

Future plans for the band?
-Do what we do and do it well.

For yourself?
-Continue to write the song I was doing before I begin the interview.

Words of Wisdom?
-Make the fuck you want and nothing else. Then you run everything you can at it and hope that the floor is!

Something to add?
Here we go.
Max / The Junks