Canada have had some good band through the times and a new band , anyway for me, is The Jolts. Now when Hellacopters have quit I think that Jolts is the next thing….february-2009


History about the group?
-Joey Blitzkrieg(Vocals & Guitar): I met Dylan in a bar sometime in 2004 and we decided that what we needed to do with our lives was to form a real rock n roll band. We started playin covers (Ramones, Dictators, Angry Samoans) with cases of beer and a crazy drummer named GT Flare. Did lots of local gigs, a small tour and self-released a CD (The Jinx EP, 2006) with GT and a bass player named Kurrentz. Got a killer new drummer, a wunderkind known as Mattias Von Dander, played a ton more Ramones songs, did 2 Canadian tours, shared stages with The Queers, Dwarves, NoMeansNo and a huge amount of other great bands, and released a full length (Haute Voltage, 2008). After the third tour Mr. Kurrentz left to focus on his lucrative baseball career, so we brought in our good friend Joshy Atomic. We just got outta the studio where we recorded 4 new songs.. so we'll hopefully have a 7" out later this year. Any labels out there wanna put it out??

Please tell me a little about every member in the group, age, family, work, interests and something bad about every one?
-Joey: 28.. yes I have family, no I have no work. I like marijuana, cheap guitars, Bionic Commando for NES, and Ace's solo album.
Dr. Dylan Danger(Lead Guitar): I'm 25 and work at Sparrow Guitars. When I'm not playing in the Jolts I'm playing in my other band Dylan Thomas or getting drunk somewhere.
Joshy Atomic(Bass): I'm 24 with no wife and I like the color black.
Matt Von Dander(Drums): No comment.
Joey: Guess I'll have to say something bad about everyone.. Dylan's a heartbreaker, Matt's a communist, Joshy is a bad influence on everyone he meets, and I'm a complete slacker.

How is it to play this sort of music in Canada right now?
-Dylan: It’s hard to get a gauge on good punk rock in Canada these days because the magazines/media don’t really give it much attention. We’re doing well without and I’m sure other bands are too. We’ve made some good connections with other bands we’ve played with on tour and that’s how we can do what we do.
Joshy: I've never played any other kind of music ever. So I guess this is the best type to play here for me.

Now when Hellacopters have gone to their grave, isn't it your time now?
-Joey: That's quite a compliment... I doubt it'll ever be our time.
Dylan: We’re all huge Hellacopters fans. It’s a shame they decided to call it quits but at least they ended on a high note.
Joshy: That's up to you! Buy the albums and join The Jolts army!

What do you know about Sweden? ?
-Joey: The liquor stores close early.
Joshy: I know that your hockey players are not nearly as good as ours but they have better teeth.

Do you like any good Swedish bands??
-Joey: Hives, Hellacopters for sure...Sahara Hotnights I love and Soundtrack of our Lives are great. We're definitely Abba fans.
Dylan: I have yet to hear a bad record come out of Sweden. The Solution, Regulations, Vectors, Invasionen, The Vicious..
Joshy: I liked Disfear and Randy. Abba is fucking great when they decided to play real pop rather than disco.
Matt: Refused

Which is the biggest band you have played together with?
-Joey: Probably the Dwarves, but Black Flab were pretty big..
Matt: Romeo Liquor Store

What does punk mean to you is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?
-Joey: It's a word you put before rock to signify you'll never make any money.
Joshy: Punk rock is puking in your girlfriends car and then dumping her for her brother.
Matt: Punk is absolutely a lifestyle

Haute/Voltage, what do you mean?
-Joey: “Haute Voltage” basically refers to Dionysian energy. The creative energy that comes from intoxication. All the songs on the album were written and usually performed under some kinda intoxication. Whether it be by alcohol, drugs, love, lust, anger. It's kinda the ongoing theme in our music..

Have you done anything more than the Haute/Voltage, demos, singles? If you have how can I get it?
-Joey: We also gotta 5 song EP called "Jinx". You can buy it and “Haute Voltage” off our myspace. Cheap!
Dylan: We will be releasing a 7” in the coming months. Everything is up on iTunes etc.

Which is your own favourite song of your own?
-Joey: DXM is always a blast to play live. And I don't have to play guitar in the verses...
Dylan: I tend to get tired of playing the same songs all time so when we play a new cover, currently Motorhead’s Bomber, or write new songs that’s what I’m most excited about.
Joshy: I like playing Black Snake or Angelbitch the most.

It feels like you mix a lot of styles in your music but that you always have punk as a ground? What other styles do you like?
-Joey: Rocknroll... in all it's various shapes and sizes.
Dylan: I like everything from early rock n’ roll and soul to early metal. I’ve always been into things like Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Neil Young too.
Joshy: I like pretty much everything but the mainstays are always the same, Dead Boys, Hanoi Rocks, The Clash. Lots of really good local Canadian punk rock too!
Matt: Disco.

Is there any good bands in your country nowadays? Any old favourites?
-Joey: In Vancouver right now there's a great post-punk band called Adjective, definitely check em out.. and I'm lovin the Rocket Reducers out of Welland, Ontario who just put a record out. Old favorites?? The Hanson Bros will always get played in my house. Gotta soft spot for Danko Jones too.
Dylan: We’re good friends with The Tranzmitors. They’re a great band from Vancouver. The Pointed Sticks have reformed and they’re still amazing. The Forgotten Rebels have always been a favorite too. We got to meet Mickey DeSadist at our show in Hamilton, Ontario.
Joshy: The Spectres are fantastic from Vancouver, Tranzmitors, Teenage Head was great.
Matt: Nomeansno, Propagandhi, Romeo Liquor Store

What do you think about the new president in USA? Will it be any change?
-Joey: I'll leave the politics to the rhythm section...
Joshy: It's a change because he's of darker skin, we'll see if anything else is different later. So far the white guys have had their day and fucked it up.
Matt: Obama is a chain-smoking playboy blow job. His administration has no coherence. He's doomed. The fact that there is so much enthusiasm about Obama's election just shows how much North American culture is race-conscious; I was hoping we'd be past that by now.

Politics and music , does it go hand in hand?
-Dylan: We definitely aren’t a political band but we’re not against that either. Some of my favourite bands and artists like Billy Bragg were political but didn’t let that stop them from writing good songs.
Joshy: Sometimes it goes fist in ass, or fist in face, rarely does it go hand in hand. Mostly it's a dysfunctional relationship.
Matt: Politics and music go hand in hand, but not in North America. People here are individualistic and think they know how to live their lives just fine. Libertarian bands do well here.

Best political artist??
-Dylan: The Clash.
Joshy: The Clash. Period.
Matt: Nietzsche would have probably come up with some pretty sweet album covers
Joey: GG Allin had some interesting ideas.

How is it to live in Canada right now, I mean politically?
-Joshy: It's getting harder to work less and party more.
Joey: Well spoken Joshy.

Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?
-Joey: Right now my favorite records are probably... The Ramones - S/t, Kiss - Love Gun, Misfits - Static Age, Hellacopters - High Visibility and The Troggs Hit Single Anthology..
Best Concerts... Turbonegro, Motorhead at Bumpershoot, Naughty Camp 2001, every time I saw Murder City Devils, and Airbourne
Life.. I'm not even close to figuring that out.
Dylan: Records: Turbonegro – Apocolypse Dudes, Ramones – Ramones, Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited, Neil Young – Zuma, Reigning Sound – Time Bomb Highschool
Concerts: Turbonegro, Hives, Neil Young, Dwarves, Queers
Life: Music, family, friends, good times, bad times

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?
-Joey: First was probably ACDC's "If You Want Blood You Got It", last was the new Sword record "Gods Of The Earth" for my girl's birthday. That was probably the most expensive too.
Dylan: First – Nirvana, Last – Jay Reatard, Most expensive – Slaughter and The Dogs (original pressing)
Joshy: I think my first record was a Mcrackins record. The last record I bought was a 7" by a band called The Madonna Bangers. They were fantastic.

Most embarrassing record in your collection?
-Joey: Bay City Rollers - Once Upon A Star.. with pull out cards of their gorgeous faces.
Joshy: Depends on who you talk to....Maybe Adam And The Ants? I like weird records many would find embarrassing, I also like to find records with nudity on the cover. Any good Swedish sleaze I should know about?

What do you think about Facebook, My space and all those stuff, is it good for a band of your caliber?
-Joey: Sure, you found us through myspace right??
Dylan: I think it’s helped in a lot of ways. We have booked a few tours by ourselves using myspace and it’s easy to stay in touch with fans and promoters.
Joshy: Facebook and Myspace are invaluable for finding new bands and booking tours.

Where do you stand when we talk about mp3 and downloading?
-Joey: The more music you listen to, the better. Just make sure you support the bands you really care about. Like us...
Dylan: I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. If it’s something someone really likes they’ll go out and buy the actual record. I think free downloads inside the record is a good idea too. That way you can play it on your computer and on your record player.
Joshy: I support the theft of all forms of things unless it has my name on it.

Is it good or bad for a band of your size?
-Joey: Considering we have no label or management and really suck at marketing ourselves, it's probably bad. If we were bigger someone else might care and if we were smaller we wouldn't.
Joshy: Don't do it....

Future plans for the band?
-Joey: Play shows, record again, maybe Sweden..
Dylan: We’re in the process of booking tours for the Spring and Summer at the moment. Hopefully in the fall we can set something up for Europe.
Joshy: Tour Sweden! Get in the van motherfucker!

Future plans for yourself?
-Joey: Find a real job, make some money, get outta town
Dylan: My plan is to just keep writing music and to push the band as far as it can go. We really want to do some international tours in the next year as well.

Wisdom word?
-Joey: You're asking the wrong guys.

Some thing more to add?
-Joshy: Check out Let's Dance from Edmonton Alberta Canada.