Jimmy Nordin is the man who have made papers write about him about so different sport as shotput and drinkingbattles and now it´s time to make the papers write about him and about his music. Jimmy was so kind to send me his record and now have he answered a lot of questions from me. 19/10-2012.


I know that you are/was a shotputathlete but this with the music is now….please tell me a little more about Jimmy Nordin?

-I have been doing the shotput all my life and I have 13 goldmedals from the swedish championship, I quit 2003 and have then done comeback a couple of times. Now is that career over. But in the same time as I was a professional athlete I did music. I did two records in 2000 and 2001 just as a joke. The music have been with me since I was 12 years old and got a guitar. And the last three years I have written music in the same style as I love. The lyrics comes from my heart and in a nice singer/songwriter-spirit. Excactly the way I want it. Now I´m HOME.


Are you a typical y-child?

-I must admit that I have some similarities. But not the whole way.  


I understand that you like Neil Young and you sound the way you do….do I have a point there?  

-I like Neil Young and we´re almost in the same tune. And I have also the thin, sensitive voice. Young, Dylan, Willie Nelson they use to mention when they hear me. I will say that it sounds like Jimmy Nordin. But of course must all put it in a style and compare. But as an answer on the question. I like Young but I like so much music. Right now I listen a lot to Ian Matthews and the favourit A wailing goodbye and my mate Michael Ohlssons Vuxenpsyk


Favouriterecord with him?

-Neil Young have so much good music but After the goldrush is a good album.


Have you done anything more than the Gabriel EP? When does it comes a fullength then?

-I released a single Memories From The Past a couple of weeks ago. Now it must rest a little during the autumn and recordings in the studio. Around the new year I hope to have a complete record which will be released both on LP and CD.  


Have you played in any other groups?

-I have a project with the musician  Michael Ohlsson and we will release some material and we use to help each other on different gigs. Michael is a fantastic musician which made his first record in 1979 Zeit DEMO. Listen on it on Spotify.


I always think about punk when I listens to singer/songwriter-music…is it something that you like?

-No absolutely not. That style and classics is the style I don´t listen to so much. 


Is there any good artists/groups today in Sweden?  

-There´s a whole lot of good artists. As I mentioned before Michael Ohlsson, Peter Noresson with his Rock blues. But also the bigger ones like First Aid Kit they´re fantastic I think. Lundell, Dileva, Eldkvarn, Kebnekaise etc but there´s a whole lot of more if you keep your ears open.


Your lyrics…what are they about and from where do you get the inspiration?

-The inspiration comes from the daily life. My life and people around me. Almost all songs have something about the reality in them.


Can you see any similarities with doing songs and doing the sports and train and everything with that?  

-As entrepenade and an artist so is it many similarities. The longing for the perfect and to manages with the things you do. And shotput and music is like art for me. You must be an artist to succeed.

Is it many dopes in the athletics….it´s maybe a conscience question but wouldn´t it be better if everyone was taking dope so it was fair?

-I agree with you there. As a swede because they do test in your home at 5ó clock in the morning but so isn´t it in other countires. And then it must be released free. But it´s also a danger with that. All the youth who begins to athlete shouldn´t dope each other, it feels wrong. But it should maybe be two classes, one for the clean and one for the doped. As an answer on your question so isn´t it more in athletics than in other sports. But for us Swedes so isn´t it much at all in the elite sports.


What is your record in shotput?

-20.73 is the best I have done and did that in Ludvika 2002. It´s the third best in Sweden all times..


Which is your best memory from that time?

-My first goldmedal in Sweden Championship and it was very good to get it in my hometown where I lived then, Malmö.  


Your best musical memory?

-It´s always nice to write a wonderful song which you really love. Otherwise it´s must be the audience reaction you get on gigs.  


What was it with the ”alcoholscandal”, tell us the truth for a last time, it´s maybe it´s written in your book but in short terms? ....

-Disappointment after European Championships in Gothenburg so did I drank a lot of booze early on the ay and I was dressed in swedens dress which you must have on your body all the time. I become drunk and was running around. When I came to the hotel so did the captain of the team phone the whole policearmy which took me to the cell for drunks. Shortly so was it a drunkness which got too much space in emdia but it wasn´t anything special which have happened.


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Sensitive, honest and really nice.

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-The first was Pink Floyd the latest was Ian Mathews, the most expensive I don´t know


Five best records, five best concerts and five most important things in life?

-Records: First Aid Kit Lions Roar. Ian Matthews Some Days You... Neil Young After The Gold Rush. Kebnekajse skiva III. Jimmy Nordin EP of course. Concerts I can only say DiLeva because I haven´t been on so many which is special. The most important in life is my music, my son, Jommy Nordin, wine and snuff.  


Which response have you got on the record?

-Only good. That´s really fun


Do you care about reviews?

-A little. I want to have real reviews and not a lot of bla bla, it feels unnecesseray. A little bit deeper reviews isn´t wrong.  


Tell me a little about your musicians on the record?

-My musicians is most of all Rasmus Diamant which also have produced some of the songs. He´s a really scill musician on many instruments. He´s really fantastic.


Never have any thoughts of singing in swedish. Or is it more difficult to sing in Swedish….is it more personal in some way?  

-The music I did for 10-15 years agoi was in swedish but I don´t like to sing in swedish. English is more in my heart.  


Which is the best lyricwriter which writes in swedish?

-Wow, difficult Mikael Wiehe, Lundell, Dileva is among the ones I like lyrically. 


You seems to be a creative guy…you sells books, music, jewellery and paintings? How have you time to do all this and what is most fun to do?

(How can I get a book?)

-I do a lot. The music is the one I like the most but art is fun when you have the time. My book can be bought on my site www.jimmynordin.se or in a bookstore but maybe must the store send after it.  


Futureplans with the music?

-I hope to get out a fullength soon and go to USA and play there some months.  


For yourself?

-Be on a beach with a cold beer and releax some weeks.



-You must know what you wish to get the things you want.


Something more to add?

-I wish that the readers listens at Spotify or go to my website  http://www.jimmynordin.se

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