"But I definitely like GAIS, it feels like a really genuine team "

Jarlsmark is a guy which I really like and his music is a little bit odd and it´s really good. He tellse me about himself a day in march 2008.  


Please tell me about yourself?

-My name is Johan Jarlsmark and I´m born and raised in Gothenburg. I am a musician, songwriter and an artist and I´m really up-to-date today with my new album Revolution which is out now.  


Bands before, on the side and bands before?

-Have played in many bands and constellations, most not so known bands which have done my songs.  

You have some people with a lot of routine in your band, how did you found these?   

-A little bit coincidence … I knew Johan Håkansson from earlier and then I was on a party at Nikke Ströms home and asked him if he wanted to be in the band ” Is Johan in the band so do I want to be in the band”answered Nikke and in that way it is. Bengt Bygren came with Dan Viktor which is an old friend to me. Agge have I known since high-school.  

I have listened a whole lot to your new record I can hear  John Holm, Imperiet, Eldkvarn and some punk in Hur kunde det bli så här? How do you see on these influences?

-I have listened a lot to Thåström … John Holm have I heard earlier but I have no direct relation to him, I don´t know if I have heard him. Eldkvarn have I never listened to a lot, but I have heard them.

Which is the band/artist you´re being compared to most?

-I have earlier heard John Holm as you said, otherwise it´s Winnerbäck, Lundell and Thåström …

You don´t have so long lyrics, why not Lundell-styled lyrics?  

-It´s hard to say … it haven´t become so. Can I say what I want so can´t I say any idead to write longer lyrics just because of a selfpurpose.  


Why do you call yourself only for your last name?

-Short and simple.

How much does a guy like Jarlsmark sell?

-We will see!

You´re on a smaller label under Sony after what I understand, how does it work?

-I have an own recordlabel which have a distribution by SONY BMG. It´s working so simple that Sony distribute the music both physically and digitally and I do the rest.  

Is it so that your music is much played on the radio or how is it?
What´s the payment from Stim nowadays?  

-I have had a lot of rotation on P4 around the country….STIM-payment is different different times but I think that you can see what the payment per minute is on their site


Do you live on your music or how is it?
-I live for my music. But if we talk about selling records so is it sometimes tough.. .


Is it many interview, is it boring?

-It becomes many interviews when you release a record…it depends on the questions  if it´s boring or not. But often I think that it´s really fun.  

The question you never get but you want to have?

-Don´t know.

Five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five most important things in life?


Neil Young – Harvest

Thåström – Skebokvarnsv. 209

Emmylou Harris – Wrecking ball

Nirvana – Nevermind

Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha



Bruce Springsteen – Scandinavium, 2005
Rolling Stones – Ullevi, 2007

U2 – Ullevi, 1997

Thåström – Eriksbergshallen, 2006

Neil Young – Roskilde 1996


Things in life:

My girlfriend and dog

My guitars


Movies & Books



First, latest and most expensive record ever bought?

-The first record was a double-LP with Chuck Berry, the latest was Bruce Springsteens Magic and the most expensive I don´t know. I am not a collector of special records so this is if I have bought any record on Åhlens or so.  

The most embarrassing record in your collection?
-I don´t know


How do you think that musicsweden lives today?
-It´s bubbling here and there but there´s some tendencies to let the music sounds the same way and that most in the radio.


You have always only singed in swedish since you started to play solo or? Never any thoughts of the English language?  

-Have always written in swedish and I have no thoughts about writing in english.  

Is there any good groups in Sweden?


How is it to live In Sweden otherwise, I mean politically and so on?

-Sweden is good in many ways. But it could always become better. It´s so that you can´t stop reflect on things.  

Music and politics, does it goes together?

-Everything is politic, also music. So it can go together. Some music more I suppose maybe

Best political artist?

-Hard. I must say Nationalteatern so becomes Nikke really happy.

Do you think that you can change anything with music?

-Yes, I think. It´s a really good forum to get foreward your message and hope that you can do any change for anyone.

Have you done any special thing like that, I mean any political thing or similar?  

-I played at an Attac-party on  Pusterviksteatern 2001 during the EU-meeting in Gothenburg.  


Do you like football(me msyelf I is a fanatic GAIS-freak) , anyway which team do you support if you like football and could you imagine to do a song to a team or similar?

-I´m not a sportfan but I have actually played football once upon a time but I´m sad to say that i played in IFK Göteborg when I was really small and then I played in Mossens BK. But I definitely like GAIS, it feels like a really genuine team. I don´t support any team right now. Should I be asked to do a song for a team should I decide then and I would really think about that.

Your relation to punk?

-I have never been any punk but I listen a lot to Ebba Grön for a while. I like the punk as an attitude.  


Futureplans with the music?

-To continue to release records.

For yourself?

-To afford to release records.


-It´s must be a revolution to change anything.  

Something to add?

-Buy my new record Revolution!