A whole lot of bands I have met the lately is through My Space and that I did with this punkgroup Insurgency too. Look into the interview which was done 8/8-07


When and why did you start to play?
-We started almost immediately after punk rock hit our ears. At the time, we were all in high school and were not of the "jock or rich kid" thing that was predominantly the entire school.
But as we got older, we learned punk was more than loud, fast music. The lifestyle to us now is equally as important as the music itself. To put it simply, really.

Please tell me a little about every member in the band, age, family, interests, work and something bad about every one? Both new and old members? What do they do nowadays?
-Generally speaking, we all have the same interest. Which is why we all get along very well. It's safe to say we all love being in this band.
We were friends before we were a band. Though Tosh and Jack have a pretty big interest in movies. in fact, they are in the process of editing a movie that Jack wrote right now. As far as myself (Erik) and Christos,
we take interest in cooking. Although, I personally enjoy auto mechanics as well as cooking, but that doesn't pay rent right now.
Collectively, our ages range from 18 to 21, so we are all pretty young, which is good for stamina in playing shows.
As far as work in concerned it seems that we all cook at local restaurants. So basically, we all work shitty jobs but it pays the bills, touring and any recording or other merchandise that we can afford given the handicap of two of us in college and trying to pay for band stuff all at once.
Here's some dirt on us all...we all think it's funny to see another band member suffer, especially when touring. As long as it's not too serious. Say if one of us is hungover from drinking too much the night or day before,we laugh when they vomit or just feel sick in general. I know it sounds fucked up but we always have and will be close enough to not get mad at each other.

Tosh looks like he..s coming from another planet if we compare them with you other.....how come?
-We always feel that a group's look should never take priority over the lyrics and music. Tosh dresses in whatever he owns or is comfortable. It's not necessarily that we are trying to be diverse or even conform with an "image" to have people assume we play punk. I don't know, just not his thing to "look punk" I guess.

What does punk mean to you? Is it only a music style or is it a lifestyle?
-Punk is a big variable and it really depends on the person, but it reflects self respect and rebellion amongst other things.
I think it's both music and life. Punks are all different in everyway, but we are all in this thing together.

My review on your record, what about it?
-It's great! We are appreciative that you did not think we were a typical '77/'82 punk band. (Look at the reviewsides to read it)

Is there any good bands around?
-Of course! Many of which have been a big inspiration and help with not only music, but shows and moral support as well.

What do you know about Sweden?
-Awesome punk scene, from what I hear, but I have never been to Sweden

Have you heard any good Swedish bands?
-Asta Kask fucking rules!

You donīt have a record contract or? Which records have you done(and how can I get them?)
-WE are not signed to a record label yet, but we have been contacted by a few, so hopefully soon. I think it's good that we have done everything by ourselves without the help of a record label. So far we have our first EP, a few demos and our newer full length CD.
We have a bunch of new songs that are in the works for another EP which should be out by the end of the year. You basically have our best recorded stuff but the new EP is going to be much more aggressive.

How would you describe your music in three words?
-Fast, honest and original

Which type of people comes to your concerts?
-Mostly punk kids from surrounding areas or cities. We have tried playing with bands that weren't punk or rock n' roll, but it's discouraging when no one cares about your music when they don't even know what it is about.

Which type of people do you miss on your concerts?
-I'm not sure i understand this question. Sorry, I am stupid.

When you do a song, which is most important, is it to have a good lyrics, a good melody or to have a refrain that people remembers?
-It's good to have all, but not necessary. We always try to put the most into the quality of our music as a whole, but sometimes
a cheesy chorus like "fuck off and die" or something dumb like that can save a song.

Politics and music, does it go hand in hand?
-Yes. There are many levels of politics though. Whether it be personal politics or punk politics as a whole or a particular issue.
As far as our band, we don't delve too far into politics, because everyone in any crowd thinks differently. Sure, we all want change but the issue and conflict is how do you achieve change? Actually, we don't have and agenda to preach politics that much because I know we can't take down the whole system but we can contribute small things that collectively change things.

Best political band/artist?

Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?
-1)Ramones-self titled
2)Bad Brains-self titled
3)Riot Act-Live For Today, Fight For Tomorrow
4)A Global Threat-In The Red
5)Johnny Cash-Live At Folsum Prison

Stiff Little Fingers was a great show as well as seeing Buzzcocks are the o-nes that really stand out. We have all seen a lot of
amazing bands...

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?
-I got my hands on a Ramones promo which has only 2 songs on a 12" record. That was the inexpensive one but it is worth a lot of money.
The cheapest record I ever bought was a great hip hop band called "The Fat Boys". I got it for 50 cents at a thrift store.

Most embarrassing record in your collection?
-UGHGHG! Nirvana. I was young and didn't know what punk was at the time...

The record you bought just for the cover....and became so disappointed on??
-Motley Crue self titled album. It didn't even have Vince Neil singing. It sucks big time!

How is it to live in your homecountry otherwise, I mean politically?
-It seems as though there are too many advantages for rich assholes. This country has made huge mistakes that are the worst in just a few
short years. Politically, I think the future of this nation is fucked.

What do you think about the government?
-In a nutshell, greedy and corrupt.

Is USA the land of milk and honey or does your government lie to you through media and so on?
-Of course they lie. They have so much power over the media that we don't find out about horrible things until about 20 years later.
On the other hand, there are so many opportunities to obtain vast amounts of money and wealth, but that’s what is so bad.
Many Americans obsess over material goods rather than doing what they love or really even need. And the obesity rate isn't going down either. How hard is it to not be so selfish and not eat 3 fast food meals a day. And of course, people are obsessed with image too, so they take diet pills or have surgery just to look acceptable to common society. Sometimes, I really hate this place but from what I am told, "we live in the best country"

I understand that you being compared to other bands, which are those bands?
-I've heard us compared to a mix of the Unseen and A Global Threat.

Do you care about reviews? Which do you trust the most, the good or the bad ones?
-Yes, but you can't trust everything that people say or write to be accurate.

Which are the most peculiar you have got?
-We actually have not been reviewed like this. We know what our friends think but that's about it. You are actually the first one to review us!

Which is the biggest audience you have played for? The amount of people I mean?
-Probably about 200

Which is the biggest band you have been a support act to and which is the biggest one you have had as a support act?
-Career Soldiers, The Ghouls and Copyright Chaos.

Futureplans for the band?
-Get signed to a label and tour. Tour a lot.

For yourself as a human being?
-Maybe some college but I enjoy doing what I do in this band. I would not mind having this band for a career...

-It is better to have tried and failed, than to not have tried at all. Especially when it's a band.

Something to add?
-Thanks for taking the time to review us. We hope we can keep in contact and we look foreward to seeing our review!
Take care and UP THE PUNX!!!