I have done my very first appearance on ICQ and that with Raoul , the singer of the german group I Defy.. Here we go, this was done in an hour the 25th of june 2003.

Skrutt (09:34 EM) :

When did you start to play?

defier (09:35 EM) :

Well we started to play around 1999 when me and Fran who was playing in MIOZN at that time were talking about forming a hardcore project. We started practicing and found Flo and Eze as guitarist and drummer. We started recording a demo, played our first shows and got more and more into it and turned the whole thing into a real band. Then we did a mini CD in 2002 and now finally the first full length almost one year later.

Skrutt (09:36 EM) :

Was it on Reflections too?

defier (09:38 EM) :

Yeah it was all Reflections records all the time. They were also the first ones who showed interest in us. We have been friends ever since 1996 so it was natural to work with them. I remember them actually when they were doing their first issue of reflections fanzine. That was a really good fanzine in Europe...

Skrutt (09:38 EM) :

1996? Then you were very young or, please tell me a little about every member?

defier (09:44 EM) :

Well we are quite different in our ages but generally a bit older than the rest. Im 28 and will turn 29 this year , I have been singing in punk bands since I was 17 I guess. Same for our bassplayer who turns 31 this year and has also been playing for quite some time in metal and punk/hardcore bands. Flo and Eze are 25 - 26. They have been around also for quite some time now. I guess we have all started pretty early playing in bands. I defy feels like an old mens club sometimes (ha, ha) especially when we play hardcore shows with many young kids I kind feel quite old....

Skrutt (09:45 EM) :

What do you say , Im up in age and still listening to this "crap"

I think you have a more melodic style nowadays, have you been into more melodic music since the last record?

defier (09:49 EM) :

Well, I have always like bands like DAG NASTY, SHELTER and al that stuff but I also like bands like F-MINUS or for example a band named TOXIC NARCOTIC, pretty fast , aggressive hardcore. i also listen to a lot of metal core / crossover like MADBALL, SEPULTURA, DEVIATE etc. with I DEFY we wanted to get back to the basics and try to represent hardcore as it was played more in the early stages without to much metal in it. I love the metal sound, no question, but with I DEFY we wanted to have more of a punk edge in the hardcore...

Skrutt (09:50 EM) :

I compared you with Gorilla Bisquits, Minor Threat and a little of Bad Brains? What about that? What other bands are you being compared to?

defier (09:53 EM) :

Hmm.....I would say a lot of people compare us to BY THE GRACE OF GOD and UNIFORM CHOICE I would say, with this record many also compare us to bands you mentioned...Bad Brains in the sense of Rock for light, I would say, right? Yeah, that might also fit

Skrutt (09:54 EM) :

Yeah I meant Rock for light and the Lp after that.

Have you got any reviews on the new CD The Firing Line yet, good or bad?

defier (09:58 EM) :

So far all the reviews are quite good, we will have interviews in TRUST magazine I hope 90 percent good chance, there will be an interview in OX magazine which is also pretty important for Germany. The responses are so far pretty good. honestly, I think it also has to do with the fact that I DEFY play a quite unique style so maybe thats why. But theres also many other good bands around from Europe. but i think that the responses who are still to come will be quite good i guess, we really put a lot of effort in to the songs and artwork, production etc.

Skrutt (09:58 EM) :

Do you care about reviews? Which do you trust the most, the bad or the good ones?

defier (10:00 EM) :

I care about reviews of course but I generally feel that bad reviews can be a good way of finding things that were not so good on the record. I would rather have somebody criticizing that kissing my ass all the time of how good everything is. Constructive criticism is always good!!

Skrutt (10:01 EM) :

Have you ever changed anything after a bad review ?

defier (10:04 EM) :

Quite difficult to say.... I mean I really take things serious and try to see if that is really something thats needs to be changed, that I myself may also find not satisfying. For example I dont like the sound on the new record so anybody who criticizes the sound makes me listen more carefully to him....if people just say that the music and everything is shit than I dont care really

Skrutt (10:04 EM) :

The lyrics are you writing them?

defier (10:05 EM) :

Yeah i write all the lyrics.

Skrutt (10:05 EM) :

From where do you get your influences to write them, is it easier to write when youre angry or what?

defier (10:07 EM) :

I usually write lyrics only when I feel disappointed or emotional . I cannot write when everything is ok, you know? I need that darkness a little bit. my lyrics have changed though over the years. I guess Im more optimistic now than I used to be 5 or 6 years ago.

Skrutt (10:08 EM) :

Why are you more optimistic today?

defier (10:11 EM) :

Because I came to realize that living desperate is not cool ... I love bands like UNBROKEN, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE and stuff. But I guess that in the end if you read the lyrics it all comes down to suicide and resignation. right now I dont feel that this is a perspective for me to remain bitter for the rest of my life and make a lifestyle out of it. As I said I love those bands, probably too much because I could really lose myself in those songs. Now I try to remain more positive optimistic and work on things that I want to accomplish for myself.

Skrutt (10:12 EM) :

What is most important to you in life right now, and then I dont mean music?

defier (10:15 EM) :

To me right now it is important that I finish university and get a degree so that I have something in my hands that I can work with. I will be thirty next year which is a scary thought somehow and I just need some security in my life so that at least I dont need to worry all the time about money. Its different when you are 22 or so but it changes. In Germany the situation is quite different at the moment as far as jobs are concerned. So this is the most important thing right now for me. Other than that i really want to stay creative as long as I can, I feel that that is really a thing Id like to continue with, may it be design or even writing.

Skrutt (10:16 EM) :

You cant live on your music? Is it a dream to live on the music?

defier (10:20 EM) :

It was for some time in the past but I dont think that I want to stress myself by trying to live off music. Now its fun and I love it, I dont want feel like having to do it because I have to pay my rent. The music business is quite fucked from what I have seen as a music promoter for a local agency and theres hardly any money to make unless you sell 60.000 copies or so...but even then, success does not last forever. What then afterwards? Thats why for me a degree is way more important than some rockstar life. I enjoy it now and I want to enjoy it in the future. What I really would still want to do is go on some nice tour with a good band and have good shows. Even take my whole holidays if it makes sense. I would always do that...

Skrutt (10:20 EM) :

How much do you sell approximately?

defier (10:21 EM) :

Lets do some more questions, Im a little tired, is it ok for you?

defier (10:21 EM) :

Not much, maybe 1000 - 1500 ... who knows!!

Skrutt (10:21 EM) :

From which country are you, is it Holland or Germany?

defier (10:22 EM) :


Skrutt (10:22 EM) :

Is there any good bands there right now?

defier (10:23 EM) :

Ummm.... Under Siege, Paint the Town Red, Highscore, Force of Change, Andy Nerd and The New School tough guys, Souls on fire, there are some good bands...

Skrutt (10:23 EM) :

What do you know about my homecountry Sweden?

defier (10:25 EM) :

Not much.....quite progressive political system, lots of good bands, Burning Heart records. Id love to visit Sweden, it must be really nice. I heard from bands going to Sweden that they were treated very good over there.

Skrutt (10:25 EM) :

Any plans to come to Sweden?

defier (10:26 EM) :

So far not....it depends on who is willing to book us some shows, then we would come. For now we are planning to play some weekend shows and find someone who will help us with booking cause we are too lazy....

Skrutt (10:27 EM) :

You play really aggressive music, is it a way to get out aggressive feelings?

defier (10:28 EM) :

Yeah kinda.... aggressions are quite natural I guess. It feels good after a show when everything is out....

Skrutt (10:29 EM) :

But somewhere I read that people who listens to aggressive music is getting more aggressive, but I think its the opposite way? What do you think?

defier (10:30 EM) :

I think its not true, other things make you aggressive than music. Music can actually be a good way of dealing with aggressions, at least for me.

 Let finish the interview now, one or two more questions and thats it, ok?

Skrutt (10:31 EM) :

Yeah of course....What does punk mean to you is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

defier (10:34 EM) :

Its a lifestyle definitely. it means to stand up for yourself and not be pushed around by anybody, to make decisions for yourself and believe in your values. Moreover its of course also a certain way to dress , to listen to music, and to stay young.

Skrutt (10:34 EM) :

Just two more questions

Futureplans for the band and for you except going out of the university?

defier (10:35 EM) :

Playing good shows and hopefully record a record this winter for next year.

Skrutt (10:35 EM) :

And a last wisdomword for all people in the world?

defier (10:36 EM) :

Fight for your dreams!!!

Skrutt (10:36 EM) :

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future

defier (10:37 EM) :

Yeah take the pictures from the website www.idefy.de , will it just be in an ezine interview or also used for print?

Skrutt (10:37 EM) :

Just an ezine....