The Hymans are back or rather they're back with a new record. I've always liked the group but didn't get my thumbs out and interview the group. But here I took the chance when their new album Hymanization arrived in September 2022.




You´ve started playing again or have you been playing the time? 

-We've been doing it all the time, had gigs all the years between 1984 to date.  


Have there been many member changes and tell us a little bit about each member right now, age, family, work and band in the past and on the side? 

-Many and many, if you've been doing it for many years, things happen ha ha.

First bassist Hazzle who co-founded the band with me and Matte. Then I played guitar and sang, Hazzle bass and vocals and Matte on drums

Then in 1987 HAzzle dropped out and Kempa got into bass and vocals.

In 1992, Bempa came on guitar and I had to devote myself to just the singing.

In 1995, Pelkle jumped in as drummer instead of Matte at a gig in Holland. But it was just a gig.

In 1998 in early spring Matte dropped out after a gig in Lidköping, in came Danne on drums but he was only with him for a few months then Pelle came along and already the same autumn we then recorded Chairmen of the bored with Pelle on drums.

In 1999, Bempa dropped out after a gig at Nalen in Stockholm and I got to start play guitar again. In 2000, Pelle jumped and moved to Oslo and Matte joined again.

In 2002 ish, Bempa came along again on guitar then he was with him some year before he dropped out again and in came then an old friend who played solo and made some song appearances at various local gigs with, Guran became the man with the guran(guitar).

Since then, we've been the same combo, for quite some time in other words.

Mike, Math, Kempa and Guran.


What strikes me when I listen to the new album Hymanization is that you guys run a little different styles and it's nice pop punk like in Falling, almost a little bit of horrorpunk in Zombie Love etc etc but all with an emphasis on punk, is it because new ones are different songwriters or how does it become like this?   

-I've written like 7 of the songs basically, Kempa a couple (Zombie love and Don't you forget about me), Guran one (Falling) and Matte one (I won't change) so it's been a little different setup. Matte has historically come up with basic ideas that we then put together in the rehersalroom. Of course, it has been the same now but as I said now it is I who have come up with the most basic ideas. One period when Matte was gone, Kempa and I did a lot of songs, that's when Hybrids came into being in 2000. We have just released it on Spotify under our own auspices after it was previously only released on a site called in the early 2000s. Think there were 10 sold there so that channel was nothing to have. But the songs are so good that they just have to get out and now they're out finally. So much Hymans it has become lately. The fact that Hymanization has become what it has become is largely due to the long time it has taken to get the songs out. Still think they're clearly Hymansy and naturally fall into the song family.


You release the new album in only 150 copies. why so modest? Will you print more if needed or is it just this limited edition? 

-It will be released in 150 copies on CD then 300 copies on fat 180 g Agent orange colored vinyl with inlay and everything, it will be the real release on Hymanization later this fall. Of course, also on the DDR, the world's easily best record label.  


There are some compilations that you guys made, are there single songs etc on them? 

 -If you mean our own collections Erare Hymanum est and A Hyman World then there are no single songs on them just kind of greatest hits.  


What do you think is the difference with playing today compared to when you first started playing as Hymans? 

-Ha ha we are older and dumber.  


Reviews is that something you read? What's the weirdest you guys ever got? 

 -Oh yes of course you read all the reviews you access but quite honestly I don't remember any real weird. There are probably some who wrote us down and things like and that are weird.


Tell us a little about the following songs 

-Fade out sell out   Oh to describe a feeling in words, I wrote the lyrics and did the melody a few years ago and then we finished it in the rehearsalroom. What it is about is superfluous to describe. Worldly problems.

Zombie Love  Kempa's song, the lyrics say it all ha ha.

9 hrs  I wrote the lyrics and kind of the whole song the night between February 26-27, 2016 to a very special woman.


You do Solitary Man in a fantastic version, who do you think has done the best version of this song besides you then of course?   

-Johnny Cash of course. But the original with Neil Diamond isn't too bad either.  


Do you do a lot of covers otherwise on stage?   

-No, there's usually a maximum of a couple per set these days. We have so much good songs that everything else is superfluous.


The Ramones have meant a lot, I understand, other punk groups that mean and have meant a lot to you?   

-In the beginning, the Ramones, Heartbreakers (Johnny Thunders), The Leather Nun, Stooges, Pistols, Hoodoo Gurus, Hanoi Rocks, Smack, Kiss and other 70-80's music were what influenced. Nowadays, to be completely honest, not many people give me anything, It would be Foo Fighters and Queens of the stoneage but they don't do anything good anymore, so nothing is probably the right answer for me. What the others have for influences nowadays I don't know, we make songs we think are good. Making my own new music is what drives me,


Are there any new good groups in Sweden that you want to share with us, even old groups that continue to play as you like? 

-There are a lot of good bands of course, but I don't know anything that stands out. Old ones who go ahead and do well are well too but no one mentioned no one forgotten.  


What's the biggest band you've ever played with? 

-Oh don't know, no big band has dared to play with us as a unit. But we've played a lot of great bands over the years. fuck 38 years, a long time not many people have been playing so long. One of the biggest we've played with has to be The Past,


If you could choose five bands, any, both living and dead to have a concert with Hymans where you were the main act, which ones would you like to have as the opening act then? 

-Wow, of course Ramones, Stooges, Sex Pistols, Nirvana, Hoodoo Gurus and Hanoi Rocks  


Now there have just been elections in Sweden... what to say about it? Or is politics something you don't want to mix into your music? 

-We've even done a political song on the last album, These Lines, it depicts the world today a dystopian song about all the fucking madness we surround ourselves with today. The election is a frightening reflection of what is happening today. Tinfoil hats and people who think they know how society should be governed. Contempt for politicians and no source criticism give room for unpleasant hesitant views, to say the least. That it looks the way it does is something we couldn't even have imagined 10 years ago. What is strange is that the brown shirts have a fifth of all voters but you rarely see anyone openly standing by their opinion. But of course you have shit yourself, you don't chant it out openly. Brown is brown and poop is brown after all. It happened quickly as the girl said. I'm hot-headed and quickly roar up if there's something I get teased about but there's no point in chanting it too much in Music. These Lines if we go back to it may sort of be enough to portray the world's problems, the rest of our songs are contemporary prose for worldly problems.


I love beer and maybe so do you also maybe. Favorite style and you don't have like many other bands any thoughts of your own beer? What would it be called then? 

-We've already had our own beer, so it's old already. It was called 1-2-BEER-4 and was released in a limited edition in Mariehamn on Åland before a gig we had there at Dinos. Favorite beer is difficult and depends on occasion, a swine bitter IPA in small volumes or a New England IPA even that in small quantities. If you are going to drink more, it is ordinary Czech beer that applies to me. Kempa works at Spendrups so he drinks mostly soft drinks. Matte loves women's perfume and Guran drinks mash.


What does punk mean to you, what is the difference in your view of punk compared to say 30 years back? 

-Punk means good people the most these days. It used to be the awakening that there was something hitting you directly in the solar plexus so you lost your breath, An associated fact that you could connect with like-minded people everywhere and that you were someone. The DIY or do it yourself thing has always been me whether it's about music or fly fishing which is my big passion. I can only speak for myself here of course but we've found each other in punk so it's punk's fault that Hymans exists.


What kind of audience do you have? Are there any varieties that you are missing? 

-At home in Ludvika, it draws ordinary people, very ordinary people. People who want to party and have fun, that's the best crowd. Lacking an audience filled with Hymanoids in ecstasy.  


Is it important to get physical records out, do you think? 

-Absolutely, it's the diploma for having finished something.  


Do you buy a lot of records yourself, are you a collector? What is the most expensive record you have? 

-I sold all my 1200-plus records last fall. Singles and LPs etc that I have collected since the 70's, mostly punk and of course a lot of rarities. I have all my life collected music and wanted good music on record but then Spotify came etc and a friend started selling his collection of similar music. Then I started thinking and then I asked a friend who has a music store if he wanted to buy my records. Of course he said we can see you this weekend and a few days later every single album, except Hyman's and all the releases on Frank Records, that I started sold.

The others also have collections but not as big as the one I had, I am or at least was a collector. After the sale of the record collection, I have stopped collecting. It's nice actually and almost all music is on Spotify or Youtube..


Just releasing music digitally, is that something for you guys? Do you feel like you would have even released an album/record if you're only released on say Spotify? 

-It's ok to release on digital platforms, but since you're born in the golden era of the vinyl age, the ultimate thing is to release physically. It's just like that. Releasing digitally is not the same thing at all. More like a demo that many can listen to. But if you have made a good recording, it is ok of course. That's just how I feel, physically being real somehow.  Just digital is like pretending to eat and think you shouldn't starve to death.  


What's the best thing about playing live? 

To be able to play your own songs and see the audience's reactions.


Please rank your five favorite records, your five favorite concerts? The most embarrassing record in your collection? 

-Records: 1. Ramones – Rocket to Russia, 2. Ramones – Road to ruin, 3. Stooges – Raw Power, 4. Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks, 5. Kiss - Hotter than hell Concerts: 1. Thunders live in Nås 1984, 2. Supersuckers live 1992 at Gino, 3. Nirvana Roskilde 1992, 4. Ramones – Ny Våg Gothenburg 1990, 5. Hymans live Dalarocken 1994

Most embarrassing record in my collection, there is none anymore.


Is there be a lot of interviews, is it boring? 

-It's a blast with interviews but there won't be that many.  


What is the most common and boring question? 

-Don't know  


Words of wisdom? 

-Play fast'n loud be Hyman proud!  


Future plans for the band? 

-We're going to go on and we're going to play more gigs and do more new songs.


For yourself? 

-It is written in the stars....  


Anything to add? 

-Buy our new album and buy it later in LP version and you will soon hear more Hymans. We will release more on streaming services such as Spotify, Youtube etc in the near future. Hymans is forever for real!