Paul, Dale and Si from the group Hotwired answered my questions one early day in September(the 1st or the last in august) Anyway I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I do. Dale isnīt the one that talks too much and he havenīt so much ideas about things but the two other guys talks a lot.



Si- I started the band in 1999

Paul- The band had been going a while before I joined in about 2002 and since then we have had various line up changes, we recently replaced our drummer and now have a strong line up with very able musicians.

Dale:- We formed, we played, we haven't conquered yet


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work, interests and something bad about every one?

Paul- Iím one of the Guitarists from the band probably far to old to punk rock but once you start you cant stop, I am single at the moment and work in the building industry, I suppose my main interest would have to be music and playing in the band, Dave our singer is of a similar age he plays in various others bands as a front and playing guitar his main job is being a musician and has a bird, Flo our latest drummer again is of a similar age not quite sure what he does for a living but is a great drummer donít know if he does anything bad I think he has about 5 kids, Dave is probably naughty at times unfortunately I donít get the chance to be bad that often I gotta change that !!

Si- Iím the Bass player, Iīm a boatbuilder by trade, Iím single My mane interest is music , playing in the band going to gigs etc but I also enjoy painting leather jackets and visiting historical buildings

Dale: 37, kicked out, no real job, interested in making money by doing nothing.


My review of your record is like this :

HOTWIRED-MAKE IT COUNT(CD) The record was found on winamp and the it feels like this is an official release. I think a little about early Chelsea in some way

but a lot tougher. I like what I hear and it's really unstressing sound and

that I really like and it feels like if the punk is dangerous again when you

listens to Hotwired. And that without playing fast, hard or so but their sounds is so thorny in some way and it feels good. 9 songs of honest punk is to wait if you invest in thisÖ(EIGHT) 8/8-06

What about it?

Paul-I like this review I like the comment that you think we make punk sound dangerous again, when we play live everyone puts their soul into the performance to give it some bollox

Si- Great review cheers


Is there any other bands youīre being compared with?

Paul- We donít really get compared to anyone else generally which I think is good so hopefully people think we have our own original sound and style.

Dale:- No, so that's cool.


Do you care about reviews?

Paul-I think reviews are important as you get some feed back on what you are doing and whether people like you we have had some excellent reviews and it does give you encouragement to continue and to write better material, it is always cool to hear good things about what you do.

Si- Reviews are very important constructive criticism is always welcome.

Dale:- Don't read them myself but appreciate you doing us one.


Hotwired, where did the name come from?

Paul- I donít know that answer you will have to ask Si or Dale on that one as the band was going before i joined

Si- Dale came up with the name after he kept hotwiring a forklift truck


Whatīs the best and the worst with being a punkband?

Paul- The best thing about being a punk band is that you can be yourself and play powerful music express your opinions and be what you want, the worst thing I suppose is that when we do gigs you donít cover your petrol money you spent to get to the gig. But we do it for the love of Punk Rock.


How is it to live in England today?

Paul-It is OK living in the UK mostly but can be expensive at times and

sometimes the pressure of rat race does piss you off but is it any different anywhere else.

Dale:- Like one long street of indian takeaways and estate agents, or is that just north walsham


What about your government?

Paul- We ignore them as they donít come to our gigs or buy the cd donít know what they would think of one of our new songs fuck the government

Si- We hate the government and their crap rules!

Dale:- Dunno


Do you think that music and politics goes hand in hand?

Paul- In the punk scene music and politics has gone hand in hand for many years since the early eighties I donít know what many bands would have done without Thatcher to sing about, punk is about expressing your ideas on society so you canīt help but include politics in the songs.

Dale: No, it's an old hippie idea that people still keep forcing but it's never made any difference to politics. why sing politics when there's chicks n cars to sing about !


Best political band?

Paul-Probably Conflict

Si-Conflict and Subhumans

Dale: Screaming lord sutch


Is there any good bands in your homecountry now?

Paul-There are loads of new punk bands everyone deserves a chance

Si- Thereís loads of great bands Kaotixx, New york scum haters, Semtex, Compact Pussycat, Shakeout to name a few

Dale: I don't know


What do you know about Sweden?

Paul- Not much but would like to visit a play a gig in Sweden

Si- Would love to come over and play hint hint

Dale:- They have odd voices, make porn films and is it where they wear clogs or is that somewhere where they talk the same.


Have you heard any good swedish bands?

Paul- Unfortunately not

Si-I love the Hives

Dale:- Iíve seen them on Eurovision song contest when i was a kid and my grandparents forced me to watch it.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

Paul-Punk is a life style you cant help but where the clothes listen to the

music and it is an attitude that the carry in everyday life

Si Ė Iīts something that runs though your veins, its a total way of life

Dale:- That's a deep question !


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five

most important things in life?

Paul-  Exploited - UK 82, Dead Kennedys - To Drunk to fuck, Discharge -

Religion Instigates, Clash - Brand New Cadillac, Motorhead - Stone Dead

Forever, these are just some of my favourite songs that come to mind but this is only a small selection, The best concert I went too was the Damned one Christmas in the eighties but I gotta include other bands such as the Exploited, Chaos UK, Sick on the Bus and One Way System, most important thing in life I suppose is to not be an asshole.

Si- Oh god i have so many favourites  Screeching weasel- Teen punks in heat, The Ramones- all their albums, The living End- The living End, Uk Subs- Another kind of blues, Sensa Yuma- Up yours

Gigs..GBH new cross London 1982, Ramones Brixton 3/2/1996, HITS Blackpool 1996, NOFX London 2000, Rancid London 1996

Life 1-Honesty 2-Health 3-Happiness 4-Music 5-Beer

Dale:- Concerts: Stray Cats at Brixton, Dead Men Walking in Norwich, Motorhead in Norwich, the Damned in Norwich, Little Richard + Chuck Berry in Sheffield .... things: trust, my daughter,


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

Paul-The first record I bought was Dhowaddywaddy Hey Rock 'n' Roll but I was very young and impressionable back then the most expensive was Extreme Noise terror - 3 am Eternal 7", last record was a Defiance one

Si- First = Madness Embarressment, expensive= Combat 84 rapist Last= Eastfield Express train to doomsville


Most embarrassing record in your collection?


Si-Hotwired the greatest hits


You release your record yourself; why?

Si- You have total control over what you release and you can keep the price down

Dale:- Why get someone else to do it.


Youīre a bridge between skins and punks or?

Paul-Anyone can like our music we donít aim to play to one particular audience so if we are a bridge between punks and skins then that is cool

Si- Unity is the way to win!

Dale:- Iím a musician (sort of)


Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

Paul- We've done many interviews and is a way to get our name out there and get people to take notice of us

Si- Its never boring but I must say yours has been one of the longest we've done ha ha




Which is the question you never get, please ask it and answer it?

Paul-I will come back to that one as I have forgotten it as no-one has asked us it yet

Dale:- B. would you like to be set up with money for life. A. yes please


Is it any chance to see you in Sweden soon?

Paul- We would love to come and play in Sweden if someone could arrange some gigs for us over there just let us know if any one is interested in putting us on.

Dale:- I have no idea


Where is the best place to play?

Paul-We have played at many different places hopefully we might have a gig at the Underworld in London with Vice Squad in January which could be one of our best gigs we are just waiting for confirmation of the show at the moment

Si- Every place is the best

Dale:- The local pub, you can get pissed then


How is a good gig with you?

Paul-A good gig is when the audience are jumping about and getting on stage with us and shouting for more

Dale:- A paid one


What shall we do about the racists?

Paul-Burn em

Si- Stamp it out and educate people

Dale:- Do you mean them people in the middle east who like blowing up planes and stuff


Futureplans for the band?

Paul-To get bigger and release a cd on a proper label who distribute it

Si-To tour as many country as possible

Dale:- It's a mystery tour


For yourself?

Paul-Loose some weight

Si-Get outta debt

Dale:- To shake shit luck off my tail



Paul-Be Cool

Si- Spport the scene that supports you

Dale:- Mr grimsdale


Something to add?

Paul-Hello Sweden

Si- Cheers for the interview great questions.

Dale:- I can't be bothered