Hostile Cell is a new band which release their debutalbum in october. Martin have answered some questions about the group and that they did one day in September 2008.  


-The band was founded by me(Martin) and the bassist Per Romvall when we hit each other during a concert with Backyard Babies on Banapiren in Gothenburg 2006. Per was going on in the surfrockband Vegas VIP and I have put my guitar to sleep in lack of inspiration. We both felt that it was missing something HEAVY in our lives. We began to play under the name Black New Day, with the drummer from Hide The Knives. After changing of drummer and recording of a record it became Hostile Cell instead. The band become full when Johan came into the group during the autumn 2007 after we have seen an ad on Vendolin.  


Please tell me a little bout every member, age, family , interest and something bad about every one?

-Vocals and guitar: Martin Söderqvist, skiphotographer, newly two child father but I´m still good at beer and chicks(horrible) .

Guitar: Johan Svensson, he drives around bloody meat to restaurants in town, he likes really hard music and want to play all our songs in 240 bpm. He will get evil twins soon(horrible)

Bass: Per Romvall, he almost became raped by a homosexual classic guitarist(horrible) in Trollhättan after a gig there….but we saved him…likes bizarre games

Drums: Eric Olausson, he have sold his soul to covers(fucking horrible) and country before we get him to the darkside. He eats Tool to breakfast  .


Bands before or on the side of Hostile Cell?

-Johan was in the Gothenburg-band Roach during ten years time, and then they played as a support act to Entombed and Per is still playing in the Six Killer.

One in the band/Eric) have a GAIS-t-shirt(that I like). What do you support or don´t you care about football? Could you imagine to do a tribute to a football team?

-Eric with the GAIS-t-shirt have already played on a tributerecord to the team, we don´t care about football but of course if they pay us much money we can do the next world championshipsong.  

Hostile Cell plays a type of metal I really like because you can hear Black Sabbaths early things together with St Angers Metallica and in all this they have managed to get a really own sound actually.  This I write about you…comment?

-Yeah, we mix really much. I(Martin) wrote all material to the record and we did the whole thing in the rehearse room. Eric plays really rocking on the drums so it became never European metal of the music. And then I almost only listen to American bands. Both me and Per wanted to play really heavy, with groove when we started the band. And then it can remind a little about Sabbath and also Down. St Anger soundet must be coming from the dirty drumsound.  =)


Was youa s many other people disappointed on St Anger( I like the record but many other people was disappointed)?

-The riffs are cool and I can stand the dirty sound but where is the melodies? Haven´t listened to it since it came out(I think the rest of the band hates it)

What do you think about their new record?

-We discussed it on yesterdays rehearsal….Johan likes it and Per think that it sounds like if they have tried to record One once again. I think it sounds like if they haven´t managed to listen to modern music. Fuck, Nickelback have heavier riffs.  

Do you care about reviews? Could it ever get you to change anything in your songs just because of the fact that someone writes it?

-Of course we care about them. And then you must take it for what they are. It´s always good to get positive reviews not always fun to take shit. But hopefully you learn to do better songs and take care to what people think. But I must like what I am writing myself, otherwise it´s more than OK to don´t give a damn bout the whole thing.

How should you describe your music in three words?

-Heavy, riffs,melodic

Which type of people comes to your concerts? Which type are you missing?

-Mixed, both really metalfreaks and usual people. We don´t miss anyone, but we want more of all!

Is there any good bands in Sweden today?

-Yeah, Mustasch, In Flames, Amon Amarth, the Haunted

Johan likes Dark Tranquillity also... so maybe, 5 good bands  plus Hostile Cell then.

Which is your relation to punk? Any favourites

-"Dricka sprit och Hålla käften", is really good, is it DLK? Otherwise, Ramones and Refused maybe... (hardcore but still punk)

Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

-Breaking Benjamin: Phobia

Disturbed: Ten Thousand Fists

Static X: Shadow Zone

Pantera: Vulgar Display of Power

Motley Crue: Motley Crue (unexpectedt)


5 concerts:
Annihilator as a support act to Trivium, really tight 2007
Killswitch Engage on Kåren, Göteborg 2008
Down in Trädgårn in Göteborg 2008
Metallica ni New Hampshire, USA 1994
Iron Maiden, Fear of the Dark at Scandinavium 1993

5 most important things in life
Hard music
My girlfriend Anna and my two children, Freja and Viggo
To be healthy and do what I want with my life  
Skii photography
Gibson guitars..

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-The first one was Come Out and Play with Twisted Sister which I got from my dad when I was 8. It´s still really good. The latest was Daylight Dies with Killswitch Engage.

I don´t know which is the most expensive.

The most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Maybe some nerdy glamrecord as Erotic Suicide maybe, shit how bad that record is, already when it came.

The record you bought but become so disappointed on?

-Overkills latest I was almost throwing it out from my carwindow when I was on my way from the recordstore. It´s the same with Cults latest but I have listened to it a lot now. jag

How do you think it is to live in Sweden…I mean politically?

-I have it really good with house and family. It´s many people who have a good time but I become so fucking angry when I see all the families who don´t have it so good and the socialsecurity don´t do anything.  It´s in those families future murderers is coming from. These children should be adopted instead of going between different places.

And then media have such big power in Sweden. Everything that media says, common people believe that it´s true. Now are we in a warm and unsteady climatperiod =global warming and we´re all gonna die if we don´t change to Godel och sort our shit. Such bullshit, how warm wasn´t for 1000 years ago.

In Sweden are you fucking dumb in your head if you don´t believe in media and try to go your own way.


Which is the dreamcountry to live in'

-I like Switzerland. Nice people, beautiful nature and lower taxes.

Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-It becomes some, but it´s fun to get out your opinions.  

How do you see on downloading and so on? Is it something you´re doing? In which purpose?

-I´m very doubtful. I use to download some songs just to check out if a record is something to have and then I buy it later. Another things is that it seems like people think it´s their right to download(steal) other peoples music and movies.

Who the fuck cannot afford anyway one record a month in Sweden? Don´t go out and party one evening instead. .


Which bands can downloading be good for?

-It´s good for us right now when we will spread ourselves to the world.   


Do you recognize the feeling of sitting outside a record store and wait for a new record to come? Have you ever had that feeling and have it been a record that you have longing for that way?

-Yeah, I remember when I bought The Crimson Idol with WASP. Had waited a long time on a new WASP-record….I thought that they have put down their music and become really happy when It was reviewed in GP.

Futureplans for the band?

-We will promote our record as much as possible. The record comes out the 1st of October and the fourt of October we plays on Backstage in Trollhättan and then we go down to Gothenburg to support M.A.N. on  Sticky's Top Floor. Wes hall record a video to the song  "Black Hole Nothing" also.

For yourself?

-I go to Colorado on work with photos in november. And then it´s a lot of travelling to the mountains and USA when the skiing season comes along. Much songwriting in hotelrooms and on airplanes..  ...


-Live now, then you maybe woke up dead tomorrow.

Something to add?

-Come to our gigs and wish Black Hole Nothing on Bandit and on P3. And don´t believe the press except when we get good reviews.