a tiger in the tank?

Nisse Hellberg sings and plays guitar in Wilmer X otherwise but now he release his fourth solorecord ”En tiger i tanken” and then itīs maybe time for my first interview with the icon Nisse…. …….2/10-07

Fourth solorecord…how does it feel?

     -I get an inspirationkick from the positive reviews "Snackbar blues" and I had a lot of songs to record. And then the record company wanted to have a new record with me again so it feels really good of course.  


A little bit different sound I think.... I get a little Elvisfeeling when I hear some of the songs? 

-Iīm always inspired of The King!


And I can hear old Kommissarrie Roy and Torsson....what about that?

-Eh ...itīs bands which always have been around me in some way but I donīt hear the direct parallelles on this record.  


Wilmer X comes back I hope? I saw you last year and I think almost youīre better than ever?

-Itīs good that you think so. Right now feels my solocareer more interesting but youīll never know. Iīm going on inspiration and lust.  


Whatīs the difference of playing solo if you compare with playing with Wilmer X? Whatīs better and whatīs more boring?  

-Thereīs may differences but many similarities too. We canīt go in and talk about everything here but ONE difference is of course that everything is about different individuals which puts their personal touch on the music. One similarity is the process with doing the records and thatīs almost exactly the same with both band and solo. I write (almost) all material, do all demos myself and is the one (almost) who does the record together with the producer.  


How do you think that pop/rocklife is in Sweden otherwise? Is there any good groups?  

-I think thereīs a lot of good things. Itīs really much things going on in the subcultures as  rockabilly, blues, jazz mm. Among the more established artists isnīt that so much in my style but I appreciate anyway Hellacopters, Timbuktu, Moneybrother for example and thereīs a lot more.


How do you see on downloading? Is it anything that bands can win on in a long time?  

-It have surely come to be here and for younger artists is it maybe the only way to come out. The boring is if not anyone will pay for the music and then it becomes impossible to live on your music. I think that thatīs way itīs going to be now. Back to the thoughts about that a musican  should be grateful just to have the chance to play.


Do you think your fans are doing those things? Can you understand that you download if you have all albums and maybe want to find some odd songs with you or some other group and in this way can find them without paying a lot of money to get them? Have you looked for something like that yourself?  

-I think I hear from every type of people that theyīre downloading. Mostly young bu teven some older and people who have money. Of course have I download some songs. It have been hard-to-get things but surely against the law anyway. I didnīt understood where the lwas said. Now I pay if I want some new song but it happens not so often. I am among those people who wants to hold some fysical in my hand.


Do you buy much records?

-I must say yes there.


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-First: "Jungle Book. latest. Lefty Frizzell 4-cd box. Most expensive: I have much records but not so expensive ones. Some of my Stones-records is surely worth some thousand kronas.  


The most embarrassing record in your collection?

-A pirate Stones-record which I bought on Ebay and I thought it was real. I was cheated and I am embarrassed every time I look at it.  


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concert and five most important things in life?

-Wow…this was heavy stuff to list. I say nothing about the life-thing. I can not give you absolute answers so it will be the things I think about now.  

Records: Rolling Stones "Exile On Main Street". Bo Diddley "Bo Diddley". Jimmy Reed "I'm Jimmy Reed". T.Rex "Electric Warrior". AC/DC "Powerage"

Concerts: Rolling Stones, Globen, 2005,   Peps, Dad's Dancehall 1978,    Cramps, KB, Malmö 2006,    John Fogerty, The Baltic Hall, Malmö, 1997   Rockpile, AF, Lund 1982 (?)


Lonely Boys....was it only an one-timer to the book........De ensamma pojkarna(The Lonely Boys) it was called?

-Yeah, I really think that it was a one-timer.


What did you like the book?

-I donīt remember but I remember that I like the first part a lot.  


You came foreward as a group in the punktime….which is your relation to punk?  

-It was a really big part that we started to play. A vitamin kick. In that time we didnīt do so big difference between punk and new wave. And there we had  Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Graham Parker and similar things which we listened a lot to then.


Is there any good punkbands around today or do you think that there isnīt any punkbands left today?

-I must admit that I donīt have no good check on todayīs punk. But Iīm allergic to some sort of American prefabricated speculative “teenage punk. ".


What do you think about living in Sweden? Politically?

-I canīt imagine to live in another country than Sweden even if I`m angry on many things. Iīm a little bit interested of politics but I donīt think that this interview is the right place to put out my opinions.  


Have you as a soloartist or band anytime played for something political or similar or doesnīt politics music nothing in common?  

-Politics have with almost everything to do in some way. But I would never think about be some megaphone for any special party. We was on something out in the leftside once but itīs among thing I regret.


It feels a little like every chord and every word already is used in songs….do you think that itīs easier or worser to make music today that it was in the beginning of your career? Or do you do music as an assembly production?

-Assembly production? No, not me. Itīs hard to come out with new ways to see things lyrically but itīs easier because Iīm thinking itīs easier now to do the songs


You donīt work with anything else or? Do the other gang in Wilmer X work?

-Everyone except me have ususal works. Wilmer X have some years now been a ”project” we have been doing now and then.  


Which are the members on the new record(I only got a promorecord and thereīs not so much info)?

-Same as on "Snackbar blues".


Is it many interviews? Is it boring or do you like it or do you see it as your duty do answer them?

-Of course I want to tell everyone about what I am doing. If you can call it ”fun” is another thing.  


Do you think that have a good dialogue with your fans?  

-Yeah I think so. Iīm often meet fans which gives me perspective on what I am doing.


Have you noticed that it comes new and younger fans all the time or is it only the old ones which comes to your concerts?  

-With "Snackbar blues" have it been more younger and older. I have surely lost some people also which prefer Wilmer X.  


Would you come out and tour now as a soloartist? When does the next Wilmer-tour and record come out?  

-I have played over 70 gigs the last year and I will take it a little bit easy now. We will see.  



-Is often really sensible, or?


Something to add?

-I hope you like the new record. Iīm really satisfied with it.