Robert Dahlqvist from Hellacopters was so kind that he wanted to be interviewed by me again and itīs about the last things with Hellcaopters and some questions about Thunder Express…  .....december 2008


Good that you wanted to be in the zine so soon again. Swedens most nicest rockstar?

-Haha.. maybe

Is it definitely ready with the tour with Hellacopters now? How does it feel? Is it right? Empty?

-Itīs definitely the end now. It feels really good actually from the time we decided to quit til we did the last gig it was almost a year and it did that the feeling was that it became a really long goodbye but of course it feels a little bit sad. 

Didnīt it felt wrong to quit playing after a so good tour?
-No, the opposite. It felt good, it was really good between us and good gigs.
It had been very bad if we have felt the opposite way. Now we quit with a positive feeling. .


And itīs no way back?
-I cannot see that.

What shall you do now? Is it only Thunder Express or do you have anything other stuff going?
-18th of february does Thunder Express release a new record but under the name Dundertåget, it is a record in swedish. It feels really good. And then I will continue to play with Sundström.  

Do you have any clue how much Hellacopters did sell ?
-I donīt really know but I will guess that itīs about 500-600000 of everything we did. But itīs mostly a guess. High Visibilty and Grace of God was the ones which sold the most.  

And you have get a hit with Darling Darling?
-Yeah, thatīs mighty!

Why did the last record became a coverrecord and nothing new material?  
-It wasnīt the idea that this would be the last record , when we recorded that we hadnīt a thought of quit the band. And the thoughts about a coverrecord have been around for years.  

Is there a lot of material which is here and there with Hellacopters which will come in a box later?  

-We will see!


What shall the other members do?
-Nicke is having his studio and he record some sort of record. Robban have his band Tramp, Boba studies and he have a band which is called Bitter Twins. Kenny writes reviews and he will start a spacerockband.

What is the most fun that you have done in Hellacopters?
-Big day out in Australia was among the most fun tours I ever have done.

What is the most peculiar which have happened?
-Wow... thatīs a lot..

Which is the biggest band which you have been a support act to? And which is the biggest band which you have had as a support act(which maybe have been bigger after that)?
-Must be Rolling Stones and Hives.

Swedish music have a good rumour outside Sweden, why do you think it is so that swedish music have this good rumour?
What do we have which is so special?
-Difficult question which I have got thousand of times, I donīt have any clue.  

If you could choose to be in which band you want, dead or alive, and play guitar, which should you choose?  
-Humbe Pie

Is there any good new music you like?
-I like Bullet and Dollhouse.

How do  nu...I mean politically?
-Yeah...itīs not so good. Have a little bit difficulties with that Reinfeldt, itīs not so good for us cultural workers when the blue is in the power.  

Barack Obama, what do you think?
-Everything is better than Bush.

My daughter loves your song Iīm in the band and that depends much on that she plays Guitar Hero…is a game like that good advertisement?
Have you played the game?  
-Yeah, thatīs OK advertisement, the things which was good was that we got younger audience. I have played it and Iīm really bad on it. ,

I think that gets more kids to listen to better music….what do you think?  


Have you been in any other computergames or similar?
-I donīt think so, but I actually donīt know.

Do you think that people stops their downloading when the law getting tougher?
-No, the people who downloads finds new ways.  

Do you think that bands like Hellacopters/Thunder Express have a lot of problems with downloading or do you think your fans are recordcollectors?  
-The older fans buys the records and the kids are downloading them I guess.  

The latest record you bought?
-Sugar Mountain - Live at Canterbury house 1968 with Neil Young.

I have in some odd way always missed Hellacopters every time you have played in Gothenburg? What have I missed…I mean live with Hellacopters…which is your big thing?  

-You have missed us live, that was our big thing.  


Favouritesong to play?
-Better than you

The fans favouritesong?
-Toys and flavors I guess.

What do you want as a christmas gift?
-Peace and quiet.

Will you go home to Uddevalla(our hometown)?
-Uddevalla isnīt actually my hometown, Iīm born in Visby. But itīs no Uddevalla this year, I will stay in my apartment in Stockholm so far away from everything which have with Christmas to do..

-Play music and be happy.

-Be nice.

Something to add?
-No,Iīm saisified this way.