Heartbreakers- L.A.M.F

Release 1977

Johnny Thunders

Johnny Thunders was a man which could be seen as a genious sometimes bu the could be real shit sometimes too. He was a member of New York Dolls and formed Heartbreakers together with Jerry Nolan, Walter Lure etc and in March 1977 was this record recorded and it became a classic one. A record which have got many people to start playing punkrock I think. Here continued he with New York Dolls work and the dirty rock that Heartbreakers was playing have taken much from the 60īs, MC5 and the mentioned New York Dolls but the thing that hits me 34 years after that it came out is that the record feels really fresh and modern in some way and that the sound that Speedy Keen managed to get foreward is so good.

Strong start
The record starts incredibly good with a song like Born to Loose and thatīs a song that not anyone could have not heard and itīs one of the most well known punksongs in the punkhistory…attitude and aggrevissity mixed. Baby Talk is Ok but the third song All By Myself is a typical Heartbreakers song there many different styles is mixed but in the end so become it a really typical Heartbreakers-song.
I wanna be loved
I wanna be Loved is the fourth song out and that song can be known as a song Beatles would have done if they have been a punkband….. Itīs not Enough feels a little bit like a song middle other good ones and before Chinese Rocks comes and show up itīs face and itīs Dee dee Ramone and Richard Hell who have done this song and it can really be heard a lot of Ramones in that song..fuck this is good. Get off the phone is a real slugger-song which is followed by my personal favourite song on the record Pirate Love and it feels so cool and relaxed in a hard tempo…and itīs among my favourites all-time.
They died in the 90īs

One Track Mind and I love you is both songs which you really can pogo to and Heartbreakers have all chances to be one of the worlds most well known bands I think with this record and when they go over to the almost last song Goin Steady so are they a living proof of that 60īs music and punkrock is a good combination and then I get the positive creeps. Let Go is the last song here. Unfortunaly so did Johnny Thunders passed away in 1991 and Jerry Nolan 1992 so any reunion will we never see and it have never been so actual either and that was good that way because this album itīs difficult to be better then.