Headons from Halmstad have done a lot of really good songs lately and I had to send an interview to them. The answers arrived and now it is the middle of July 2020.

A little story about the group?
-We were formed from the band Elliot in 2007 but did our first gig only in 2009!

Tell us a little about each member, age, job, family, band before and nowadays? Have there been a lot of membership changes?
-Yes, we have replaced a drummer and bassist.
Today we are
DivanGuitar and shouts 52 hard years both children and grandchildren and cohabitants exist and work hard as supervisors, the only real punk job for no one likes one!
Has played in Bad Boys K.O.Corral, Candystore and Pussy Galore before and probably still with someone left in the band I-DECAY
Jussi, Guitar and nice vocals, 54 years old, grandfather and grandfather and co-owner of a company in the sheet metal industry.
Played in world-famous bands such as AB Kaos, Bad Mothers and Mr Lovedog among others!
Rolle. Drums. Almost 51 years young, he is also a grandfather. Works in the sales industry. Also plays in Scenic Belly but has played in Bad Mothers among other things.
Danne, bass and vocals, 32 years. Girlfriend and three cats. Has been working hard enough as a machine operator for 14 years!
Have previously played in the skatepunk band Goodbye Larry and some short-lived emo band I do not remember the name of!

I can hear much old punk? Was it better before?
-Now punk is 'better' n ever! (Divan)
Agree with Divan (Jussi)
Dare not to say against Divan (Role)
I have "only" been in the punkmovement for about 20 years, and then it was a lot of skate punk that mattered and it was definitely better before. Punk in general, I think has gotten a fucking boost now with bands like Gamla Pengar, Vänsternäven and other personal favorites! (Danne)

Headons, are you happy with the name? If the best band name not had been taken, which name would you have chosen then? I mean which is the best band name?
-Headons eis good but now that we almost only sing in Swedish maybe we should have chosen another name but it's too late and Totalt Jävla Mörker is' my fav name. (Divan)
Yes, I'm happy with the name, it's still been fairly established in the circles, so to speak. Had we changed our name now, people would probably be wondering who the hell we are, haha. (Dan)

What is the best thing about playing live? How long ago was your last gig before covid came? Do you have anything planned in the way of the gig?
-Meet people is gold and we played acoustically at Crippas in December, but did a gig now 26 June in Halmstad outdoors which went well and the police are happy!
The people, of course, the beer is not stupid either. It will be like a fun party where you can unwind a bit at the same time. But most of the time we get a good response, people are usually tagged and good! (Danne)

Where is the best to play, where is the worst?
-Worst is some little town where type no one shows up and best is probably still our little Halmstad! (Divan)
I have to agree with Divan that hometown is always the most fun, even if we had a hell of a lot of awesome gigs in another place. I do not know the worst, always fun to play! (Danne)

What is it like to play this kind of punk in Sweden today ??
-Don't really understand the question but everyone can play whatever they want, if it´s good so is it good! (Divan)
What is it like to play this kind of punk? Necessary, I would like to say given the situation with racism, sexism, homophobia and all the other outdated shit that is going on right now.

How would you describe your music in three words?
-Angry Folköl Happiness (Divan)
Fast, angry and happy! (Danne)

What does punk mean to you, is it just a word or is it a lifestyle? Does it mean anything different today than it did in the beginning?
-For me, punk means an exclusion you have chosen and measure your heart very far to the left. (Divan)
Punk is love anger and therapy (Jussi)
Is well the old classic, be yourself, don´t give a damn in what people think and run your own thing. (Dan)

How do you see on downloads, mp3s and the like?
-No problems, it hopefully means that they like us!
People are welcome to download our songs, if it is now available to download somewhere? (Dan)

How do you think it is to live in Sweden today, politically? Where have Åkesson and Lamotte gone now in these covid times?
-Haha yes you can really wonder, you get scared of some people who think a lot of shit spreads it all the time but there are still a lot of good people that we should not forget and the kids will probably see and understand the world in a different way than us old people!
I think it's scary to see how accepted racism, homophobia and all that is today. Hope a little as Divan says that the younger generations will open their eyes that many others obviously have not yet.(Danne)

Are there any good bands in Sweden today? In your hometown?
-In punk there are Scenic Belly, Executioners, Weltsmershz (hm the spelling is wrong!), Retstickorna and a few more bands.
Bands in my hometown I do not want to miss a gig with are of course Scenic Belly and the guys in Executioners. Elsewhere in Sweden, there are countless bands I like to see live and listen to on record. Vänsternäven, Liptones, Slöa Knivar to name a few! (Danne)

Do you play anything outside Sweden?
-Yep once we were playing in Munster in Germany, a very sick trip and event!
I personally have never played outside Sweden, I am only 5 years "old" in the band. Hope it gets off sometime! (Danne)

Other good bands from abroad?
-Halshug is awesome! (Divan)
Aivolävistys, fucking good finnish punk and Gorilla Angreb fucking good danish punk (Jussi)
Rancid. The Old Firm Casuals. (Rolle)
Oops, this list can be made endless. Has recently become incredibly attached to a band called Spanish Love Songs that runs a bit of skatepunk-ish with a lot of anxiety and anger in the lyrics! (Danne)

Your lyrics, what are you influenced by? You sing both in Swedish and in English. What do you like most? How was the reaction to your Lamotte song?
-Contemporaries with racist idiots around us are a constant source of angry texts.
Do only Swedish now, a little Finnish though!
Lamotten is nådd has been very well received by many and will soon have 15,000 plays on Spotify after about 13 months, which is really mad in our world!
That said, it's not hard to keep the anger and inspiration from yawning and screaming as long as racists and other fools shout their shit out constantly. Lamotten has received good reactions except someone who commented on youtube that we were nominated for "Cringe Awards 2019", haha! (Danne)

Is there anything you will never write about? Or is there nothing sacred?
-We have written a song that we sing from SD's side, we will never give it out as made to be misinterpreted!
Hard to be ironic these days.
Would never write about anything that justifies injustices of course. (Danne)

Politics and music, do they always belong together? Which is your most political song and the one that has received the most reaction through the ages?
-All our songs are more or less political, but Vi ska aldrig bli som dom, we can probably say if we are to choose a song.
In our situation and the style we do, I think it probably fits together very well. Then there are many apolitical bands that are absolutely fantastic, but in our case it is probably a main ingredient! (Danne)

Best political band/artist?
-Oh there are so many but Lastkaj14 is really good (Divan)
Asta Kask's latest set the cabinet for me, sickly good both musically and lyrically (Jussi)
Must say as Jussi without a doubt ASTA KASK. (Rolle)
As an old skate punk, I can probably say Anti-Flag (Danne)

Do you think music can change someone's life, then I mean lyrics etc?
-Yes for hell would not have been who I am without Stiff little fingers and later Discharge. Maybe would have become an ordinary boring hard rocker otherwise (Divan)
Ebba å Ksmb were the ones who put into words most of my teens (Jussi)
I was a boring hard rocker from an early age, but I was taught by my friends to become more punk and start listening to the lyrics and not just the drums. Of course, music can change you.
It can definitely change your life! Heard Dead Kennedys and Ramones when I was 11, then punk was my thing! (Danne)

Your cover is really cool on your records, who made them? Is it important to have a cover that you understand what kind of music you play? What is your favorite cover of all time?…
-Both yes and no some at a time, you can see that it's a crust band on many "tough" bands should have some skulls knives and alcohol etc. oh then you know what you get but personally so it should be the opposite of the music itself!
Favorite LP is probabl yLastkajs Becskvart, sickly good-looking and this millennium's best record! I think it's Olle who made the cover,sickly talented band! (Divan)
Favorite cover is not done yet but it will be soon (Rolle)
I also think that a cover does not have to reflect the content, it gets a little more fun that way. Favorite Cover? I fucking don´t know, haha!(Danne)

Is it important to get physical records out? You have released some only digitally, does it feel like you made a record then? Vinyl or CD or both? Is there a good record store near you?
-Well, you would rather be able to hold in a record, but digital is better than nothing and not everyone can afford to release physical records.
record stores are unfortunately a memory only in Halmstad, there is someone who sells used left only!
I like physical records, preferably on vinyl! If digital is the only solution, it works well! (Danne)

Please tell me something really funny that happened during your career on stage or behind the scenes etc?
-Always fun when people come up and sing along on stage, there is probably a bunch of videos on youtube but the clip from Tyrolenpunk is cruel.
This gig so the stage was full of fake blood and cum from the band that played before us and Jussi got his guitar ollad during the gig people showed genitals and were on stage and also children were up on stage very strange gig but fun.
The only thing I think of is probably also when people come up and sing along to the songs! Sometimes it has happened that we count in and start playing different songs, it's also fun (in retrospect) (Danne)

How does the audience look like? What type of people comes to your concerts? Do you miss any types of people?
-Halmstad, of course, we attract the most people and it's all types that come, children elederly people, ordinary people! outsiders and it is of course most punk sometimes the people sometimes do not come!
Doesn't have much to add to Divan's answer actually, the he covers damn well!(Danne)

Please rank five favorite records, five favorite concerts? Five records that must be in the tour bus?
-Hm there is no perfect record but in this second I choose.

Lastkaj 14: Becksvart,
Discharge :Hear nothing .....
Massgrav: Still the kings,
Scared Earth : Poisoned World,
Bastardes: Drunk on dreams
Concerts it must be
Discharge Sprängkullen 83
Rose Tattoo Sweden rock 2001 or 2002 I think.
Turbonegro Lisebergshallen 200?
Massgrav Hängmattan 201?
Disfear/Halshug Trucken201? (Also saw Baboon show on Pustervik this eveningl)
Runs mixed "tapes" on Spotify with the last 5-6 hundred favorites (Jussi)
all the gigs I've seen with Baboon Show and Trubbel outshine most (Jussi)
Here and now I'll probably say records: Lawrence arms - Cocktails and dreams, Dead Kennedys - Give me convenience or Give me death Alkaline Trio - Maybe I’ll catch fire Ramones - Leave Home, Gaslight Anthem - ’59 Sound. Gigs: Smoke or fire at the homestead in Lund 2013, Bonni Pontén at Crippas last year, Iggy and the stooges at Peace and love, Knaegt at Halmstapunken, then I'll have to go with DAD at Tallship Races in Halmstad 2017 or when the hell it was !(Danne)

Is it boring with interviews? Is there a lot of interviews?
-No too rarely you are interviewed!
No, always fun with interviews, not because it happens so often but it's fun (Danne)

If you could choose five bands from history, dead and alive to have a concert with your band, what are the dreambands then?
-I have already done that with "my" festival Halmsta Punken! (Divan)
Ramones, Rancid, Alkaline Trio, Lawrence Arms and Rational Anthem! (Dan)

Is music a good way to get out frustration and become a kinder person? Are you angrier today than you were as young punks?
-I'm much angrier than what people understand and frustrated and probably damn and angrier now! (Divan)
Most terribly annoyed at some people's bottomless stupidity (Jussi)
and yes! punk is therapy that makes you put up with stupidity ... (Jussi)
It's a damn good tool for getting rid of frustration, but anger is born again pretty quickly after a gig or rehersal considering what the world looks like! (Danne)

What is the strangest question you were asked in an interview?
-The one before!
Oops, no idea actually! (Danne)

What is the question you never get, ask it and answer it?
-q. Vaffö a.Däffö
Hmm ... (Danne)

Future plans for the band?
-Releases two songs digitally soon and a hell of a good LP in the future!
Survive Covid, finish the last thing on the upcoming record, gig as much as possible, and drink lots of folk beer! (Dan)

For yourself?
-Survive ... (Jussi)
Play faster. Want up to over 350 bpm on any song (Role)
Try to be more humble and never stop wanting to try new things! I will never be a sober person! (Divan)
Damn it, I'm doing a little carpentry on a couple of acoustic songs I want to record in the future and release digitally at least!(Danne)

Words of wisdom?
-A little worse than yesterday, a little better than tomorrow!
Do not skate when you´re drunk! (Danne)

Anything to add?
-Wash your hands. (Jussi)
Take care of yourself and stop being such a fucking ego and stop blaming others! (Divan)
Be humble (Role)
Wash your hands, stay safe and listen to punk! (Danne)