I almost missed Headlines, I have a record before but Jake was so kind and sent their new Warpaint and it's a really good punkrock record. The band may be bigger in other countries but then I think you have missed something if you have not listened to them. This was the first interview for the year 2021 and this happened in January…


What's the story of your particular band? I think I hear a lot of different influences but mostly punkrock?

-We really started to rehearse already in 2005 and tried to find our style. At the time, both me and my little brother, CC, were a bit half-tired of "regular" punk, if you can put it that way. Therefore, we, but also Kerry who is an original member, wanted to create something a little more unique. Therefore we had the instrumentation with mandolin, saxophone and harmonica in the mix heard on the first two records. At that time we looked a lot at Springsteen, later Clash, New Model Army, Pogues, Hooters etc.

In a way, you can say that this band has worked backwards as most punk bands usually start harder musically and then get the above mentioned influences! I say punk band because there is a lot in the lyrics, Clash could play Jazz and still write about relevant societal problems etc. it IS punk. For me, punk is not primarily in music.

Then my brother quit and we became a more classic setting in 2011 with two guitars bass and drums and for obvious reasons more influenced by Ramones and that kind of "guitar bands". The difference between our pop punk and others is probably that we are more extravagant and have more rock n roll influences and riff-based sometimes that you hopefully hear on the later records ("s / t" "Vendetta" "In the end" and "Warpaint" )


Please tell, whats the story of the members..... Age, family, work and the best thing really yummy about every member that no one knows until now?

-Peter Rasmussen, drums, vocals, 40 - Sick thing is that he is a caretaker in the area where the killer Peter Madsen built his submarine and met him on a few occasions, etc. when the workshop was under the responsibility of his employer, so to speak!

Peter Henriksson, guitar, 40 - Works with forest machines at a company in Österlen but is also a notorious Go Kart champion out there! The only one in the band who can, and has ridden a snowmobile. However, not on Österlen.

Kerry Bomb, vocals, 35 - Runs a tattoo studio in Italy i.a. - She receives various offers most of the time, which always begins with some kind of promise of marriage from different men in the industry. One of them has been Conny Bloom. Then you will not get more.

 Sofie Ward, bass, 30 - Works at Swedish Radio - Sofie is a relatively new acquaintance for us in the band and she has not had time to tour yet with the band, which usually gives rise to yummy details. I think she's a bit kinky but ask me again in two years hahaha.

 Jake Lundtofte, Guitar, vocals, 38 - Cultural worker and booking agent etc. - I do not know where to start as my whole life has been lined with yummy details. I have played guitar with Svullo for example but what first came to mind was how after a tour at the end of 2014 I went into a notorious gay bar in Berlin at 01 and came out again at 05 but I do not remember what happened in there. The statute of limitations is also 5 years, isn't it?


No one in the band has any children.


I understand that you received many questions about your name, but how did it come to life? Are you always the headline band?

 -No, that is not what the name refers to as it is called "HEADLINER" we thought more about newspaper headlines ie Headlines. Regardless, it's not a good band name, but what should we do about it now?


Which is your absolute favorite name in the rock world?

-Clearly SEX PISTOLS. That name has it all .... sex, dangerous, violent, rock n roll .....


You released an LP quite recently, tell us who did not hear it? You have released on many different companies?

- "Warpaint" is our latest album that was recorded in Gothenburg for the first time when we previously mostly worked with Stry Terrarie or in Denmark in different studios. This time the choice fell on the duo CHIPS KIESBYE / HENRYK LIPP who may not need any further presentation. It can be said that we continue to dig where we stand in a tradition with influences such as Rancid, The Bones and Sator, among others. and it was important to us that it sounded Scandinavian as it is quite tiring today how all bands want to sound American. Musically, it is a potpourri that suits everyone who likes energetic punk-influenced rock music, I think. Attitude and playfulness have always been two keywords. It is Metalville / Rough Trade that we belong to, then it is released on license on vinyl through Sunny Bastards in the EU.


I have missed you a lot (at least your records) does it feel like you are a bigger name abroad than in Sweden?

-Yes, definitely. Our style is rather limited in Sweden and it feels quite old-fashioned. Germany, Russia, Canada and Japan are the countries where we felt most appreciated - which of course is super fun!


You never think about writing Swedish texts?



Is there anything you will never write a text about?

-How wonderfully fair life is and having butterflies in your stomach when you see another human being.


What do you think about the future in Sweden with the political chaos? Covid? How has the government behaved?

-We can not answer that because we do not know anything about it.


Were you happy that SD "only" got 18% or are you just as pissed that they got as many as they get because they themselves believed in 25%? What do you think makes 18% of people vote for such a party? Or do you not care about politics at all?

-I am afraid of the total disinterest in facts that prevail in Sweden. It is completely unacceptable that such a party gets so many votes today. I am puzzled but at the same time I understand WHY they get it when I do not think the ruling parties take their responsibility and a clearer distance from extreme right-wing politics. It is a party of discontent based on slander of "the others". It's such an awfully low level of politics these days that I more and more just don't care at all anymore when I get pissed and sad. You should build on love and inclusion and not hate!


Now back to the music. How ddo you do when you make a song, does anyone come up with a whole song or how does it usually work?

-I usually come up with a basic idea, usually then we build together. I usually have maybe 75% ready when I arrive.


Tell us a little about the following songs?

Skeletons - Is about everything that you do not see, the subconscious, your "passenger" who is always there but who you can not escape from such as addiction and other ill health.

We are all losers - Thought as an anthem for all of us underdogs who never got anything for free. A reality check but at the same time a kick in the ass and a call to never give up.

Belief - Here it shines through some kind of craze for U2 that I may not feel anymore maybe and a pretty nice ending to our first record. Lyrically quite mature for a 25-year-old, I can think with various thoughts about outlook on life, etc.


How would you describe your own music in three words? Do you call it punk?

-Rock music with punklyrics maybe ...


How do you think punk lives on in Sweden? Are there any new good bands that you want to tell us about? Doesn't just have to be a punk band of course?

-It's so fucking cool with these really young bands Borgerlig Begravning and Jönzonligan, I think which has given a fresh breath and energy to a fairly age-old genre today both as a genre and those who work within it. Världen Brinner we also like very much if you are to mention something interesting that has come in recent years. Think punk lives pretty well anyway after all.


Is it important for you to get physical records out, I know many who think that it does not feel like you have released a record if you do not physically release it? What is the favorite format?

-The important thing is that people hear what you do and like it and then come to the gig. But of course it feels special to see a physical copy of the work you have done after all the hard work. Vinyl is the shit!


Do you still buy a lot of records yourself or is it just Spotify that applies? By the way, do you know how much paid artists get for each play of a song?

-Would say like this - Spotify is preferred at parties or when traveling etc. but aesthetically it is not very fun. I buy a lot of vinyls as I collect old singles mainly in different genres. What's a bit of a shame with Spotify is that it becomes difficult to get an idea of ​​how much work is actually behind an album with recording, design, artistry, etc. Music turns into a kind of consumer product only that just go on in the background. It's 0.5 öre or something like that per play?


Tell us about the worst gig you've ever had with Headlines and the best?

-It's hard ... and we've been doing this for so long that I forgot a lot, but what comes to mind is maybe once in Dresden when we sit outside the venue, this is probably 10 years ago, and hear how the band sound checks someone kind of weird jazz and then see how their hippie friends come and a few punks, a total of 13 people in a room that takes 400 in the middle of summer .... no fun night. I drank white wine but it went pretty well musically anyway haha. The best I can think of was probably at my absolute favorite place Kulturbolaget in Malmö a while ago when we were supported Stiff Little Fingers and there were lots of people at the front and sang along to our lyrics! Cruel feeling, and then a big plus to be able to go home in 2 minutes because I live on the same street.


What makes a gig good? Which countries are the best in?

-Apart from obvious factors such as that all technology works flawlessly and that you are not over-refreshed, I would say the energy from both the band and the audience is extremely important. That you have fun and offer an intense experience. Germany, Japan and Russia are probably the countries where people show very clearly that they like what you do. No people with their arms crossed but totally fucking wild.


What if you could choose any five bands throughout history to have a concert with your band, which would you like to play with at a mini festival?

-Jerry Lee Lewis, The Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols and Ebba Grön.


Do you have any fans who have done something really crazy, a Headlines tattoo or other things with your band's name?

-There are lots of Headlines tattoos mainly in Germany but the craziest thing was probably a fan who kind of made a car that was covered with us on. Logo and pictures etc. a Headlines automobile if you like ... but not as nice as the one with Hellacopters .... but still haha!


Which band besides the band Headlines would you have liked to have been with and started?

-I'm obsessed with Sleaford Mods at the moment so I would love to do something like that ... punk in a new suit instead of distorted guitars ... The Prodigy maybe.


Record label you have been to? What is the best thing about each? Have you had any problems with any of them?

-Most companies we have collaborated with have often failed in communication, what is promised in the contracts is not what is then done. This applies to most major companies we have worked with. I do not want to hang out anyone special but on the other hand I can say that what has been most positive are the small companies such as Radio rebel with the first record (now asleep) and the vinyl release now on Sunny Bastards records in Germany.


What do you think Headlines will do in ten years? Same thing or what do you think?

-I think we put the music on the shelf as it does not feel relevant to sing about what we do at that age. I probably play the blues.


How does the common Headlines fans look like?

-We have been lucky enough to touch people in all segments, so to speak, but if you have to say something, it is often women and men who have the music of the time as a starting point, such as The Clash and AC / DC perhaps, but at the same time a curiosity about something new and exciting with speed in!


Five records that have meant a lot to you? A little explanation of each why?

-Five discs is really impossible but OK:

 Ebba Grön - We're only in it for the drugs - my first contact with punk and an incredibly intense experience with distorted guitars as a slap in the face.

Jerry Lee Lewis - Live at Star Club in Hamburg - An interesting insight into something you yourself could not be a part of and also a proof of how skilled he was once upon a time. Cruel energy and joy of playing.

Rancid - Let's Go - The first album with the band I bought and an introduction to great American punk and a fucking attitude.

Sleaford Mods - English Tapas - completely dismantled by me and an electronic punk new variant of the Sex Pistols, I think with charming insight into the geezer culture in the UK. At the same time it questions the old imperialist Britain.

Sex Pistols - Never mind the bollocks ... - The world's best album simply.


Future plans for the band?

-We are doing an exciting split release with our friends in The Bones from Karlskrona which will come sometime in 2021! It feels so much fun!


For yourself?

-There will probably be another coffee ... and a cigarette ... (do you know the reference?)


Do you have any really good words of wisdom to give us?

-Always try to be true to yourself and what you create - never do something YOU do not want just to fit in!


Anything to add?

-Wow, no except for what a damn good interview you wrote to us!


Photo:Jörgen Rasmusson