Hata Katten is a band which have some young girls around their 20´s, I saw them and heard them the first time on the gig Swedish punk 26 years and get positively surprised.  Not so good sound quality but I liked their energy and youthful charm. I got their two promos and on that way it is. This interview was done in the beginning of October 2004. 


Please tell me a little about the group?

-It was once a NåldyneNils who walked around and wondered what she was called. In a garbage can she found ili and she formed a band together with her. It was only one good thing in Nils childhood and that was dassEbba. Nils put herself on guitar, ili in front of the mic and Ebba behind a bass. Unfortunaly Ebba get in love with a drumkit and they became a couple and since then Ebba plays the drums.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, work/school, interests, and something bad about every one?

-Nils K. Is one and half year old, she works with cleaning toilets, but she´s actually a rockstar and she will become a welder. Nils is very interested in beer. She´s an extretrrestrial, she have many who wants to be her adoption parents. The most terrible with Nils is that she have bought so much alcohol to us that we cannot remember that she is terrible.

ili Zakarias is a lady. You don´t ask for womens age(she was born yesterday) She will promote a record label which is called Corrupt Children Records, but she is also a rockstar. Her interests is alcohol which Nils have paid and to shout constantly. She have a mother and a father and one and a half brother and then she have a lot of silverfishes which isn´t named but she love them and two cats (Nils and dassEbba). All of ili is terrible. 

dassEbba is a 17 year old boy in three years. She don´t know what work/school is. Goes around and look for frozen cats and the rest in the people beercans. The family is Ebbas two babies, the girls Tussan and Linus. Terrible: She bites. -


I read somewhere that you had come into punk much because of you had listened to your parents records? Is there any truth in that? Which was the favourites then? 

-It´s most Nils and ili, and for Nils only Bowie and Reed and those stuff, not punk which came from there. In ilis collection there is groups like Kai Martin &  mother raggarfriends presented Ebba for Nationalteatern and that was so she started to

Three favourite from that time: Bowie for Nils, ili liked Pink Champagne the most, and Ebba liked Bad Religion or Black Sabbath.


Have your parents played in bands?

-Nils mother plays in a band but Nils think they´re bad. Ilis mother have surely played in a lot of bands but now she´s a mad composer. Ilis dad plays percussion and those things, in the african style.  Ebbas mother is mostly hearing the tunes of a fucking good motorcycle.


What do you like the gig swedish punk 26 years? What was best? Most fun?

-We was best. P-Nissarna and Slobobans Undergång was also good. Glo  took our beers. We liked them too. To see the bands for free, to play, to get beer, beer and beer. That was fucking fun.


How did your gig go? Was it boring to play first? 

-We´re a little bit pissed of because the fact that we played first, it could come more people to our concert and it was a lot of people who missed our concert because of that fact. But we were fucking good.


Your records is filled with energic music,abrupt endings and you sound not anything else? What does this depend on? 

-That we ain´t nothing else? And that we´re tough, says ili.


Somewhere I read that you should play depressive punk, but I don´t think so, where does it comes from? 

-No fucking idea, who said it?


You had a Leffe also in the group where did that person went to?

-We don´t know about Leffe, but Lelle ran to the woods, and that she did the last time also.


What does punk mean to you, was is only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-It´s a word which is spelled *p-u-n-k*

(Ebba have now left the band)

Punk is a lifestyle, and even if we´re knups have the punk emant a lot to us, we have all of us more or lesser grown up with it.


How did the old punks receive you, I mean the one who was in the punk in the beginning, do they think you´re ridiculous and do they think that you should come up with something new or how do they react? 

-(Now is Ebba back in the group again)

They like us all of the fucking old men ;D

It´s the young kids who hates us. Those fucking bastards.


Is there any good bands in Mölndal/Gothenburg/Sweden right now?   ?

-Mot in Mölndal as we have noticed but in Gothenburg we have Svenskt  Näringsliv and Troublemakers, and a fucking lot of other bands.


Which is the most important swedish punkband?



Politic and music, does it goes hand in hand?

-The music can be politic but the politic can´t be musical. We don´t do so many political songs, but we do it sometimes. 


Many punks is vegetarians, is it anything that you are too, why or why not? 

-It´s a boring question we have heard before. We don´t eat so much meat in this band but it haven´t anything with the band to do, it´s mostly so that Nils and Ebba don´t take anything from ilis pizza  if there is meat on it.


In the future, can you imagine to have children in this world? Why or why not? 

-Nils and Ebba don´t want to have children, but ili will give birth to a bassist to Katten, because it´s needed.

We think that children are disguisting. 


Will you then raise them to a third generation of punks?

-Raise what?


I forgot to ask you Nils about your name, you said that you have changed name to Nils, why? 

-Why not? Nils is a good name.


What´s the best and what´s the worst of being only girls in the group?

-The best is that noone talks about having chaves on their cock and scrotumsweat when we rehearse. The worst thing is that some idiots don´t give a damn about our music and they still call os a girlband. If we´re a girlband Attentat is a boyband. 


The ones that comes and listen to your concerts, which type of people is it? 

-Very different kind of people.


Which is your best concert this far?

-Pustervik 2003 with Attentat and Slobobans was fucking good.


You have done two records, why so similar covers?

-It will be triology.


Nu med skata was recorded i studio,it was better sound on that?

-The sound is better on Skatan, everything else is better on Hamstern.


When does the next record come, how do the new songs sound like?

-It will be a liverecord,w hich comes when we get a real good recording. The songs sounds.


Who makes the lyrics? What are you influenced of then? Is it important with lyrics?

-Everyone does the lyrics. All is influenced by everything. Lyrics are good. 


We don´t want to have more food(do you sing that) and You must eat food in another song, why this fixation in food? 

-It´s WE must eat food. And yours, not more. Actually. Fod is nice(except when it´s disgusting).


What was the cat named which you hated(The band is called Hate the Cat)?



Du är en jävla pudel(you´re a fucking poodle), what is that song about?

-High grade study people.


Futureplans for the band?

-We will build a deathstar and take over the universe. And tour in Japan(Big in Japaaan)


For you/yourself?

-Nils will be a welder and have a magpie called Patrik and she will go back and salute the homeplanet where she is a regent. 

ili will move away from home( her mom have throwed her out) and she will eat cakes.

Ebba will sleep and sew clothes and eat pizza and be an illustrator. In the same time. All three will drink more beer. 



-We willbe wise when we´re getting old. But Ebba will not be wise and not Nils either. And ili is already old and it haven´t happened anything


Please ask a question i didn´t ask you and answer it? 

-We have a lot of answer, but not any questions which isn´t about FOOD!!! (ili, Ebba and Bob is starving)


Something to add?

-Yeah, but that´s secret.