HaN oCh HaNs VäNner

I don´t really know how I got hold  of Han och Hans Vänner, I think it was through Ljuv Musik but it ddoesn´t matter. Lasse in the group sent me their latest records together with a record of Västerbrokören and here follows an interview with Lasse which is done in september 04.Enjoy his talking and check out their music too.


Han och Hans vänner, when did you start to play and why?

-In the end of the 70´s. I have some old tapes with liverecordings done 79-83. They should stay in the border of the nearest. But the nerve and fire and experimentlust we had then was fantastic to listen to sometimes. The first record we released was a single back in 1984. And then came another single 1990. Both of the singles are sold-out. Lasse and Åke is the only two which was in the originalband. Why, yeah we should conquer the world. Haha!  


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests and something horrible about every one?


Age: Nestor

Family: Divorced with split care about the children. 


Something terrible: Have been in Aktuell Rapport?!


Age: Egal

Family: Single, member in the Härdelinfamily, it´s the most increasing family in Sweden. 

Intrests: Food, liquer, sex, rock’n’roll

Something terrible: people says that have been peeing in kalle Moreus Posrche. 


Age: Really old

Family: Divorced with split care about the children. 

Interests: To be floating.  

Something terrible: He have been playing in a lot of dancebands!


Age: Puppy

Family: Single

Interests: Sex, drugs & rock"n"roll

Something terrible: There is rumours about him that he take friends girlfriends just for a night! 


Age: You don´t talk about womens age

Family: Have children

Interests: Horsebitten

Something terrible: we have tried to come up with something but we cannot! 


I know that your drummer Åke plays bass in Västerbrokören, have you another bands beside of Han och hans Vänner? 

-We comes up somewhere here and there in different constellations. Hejåhå mé Lill-Thore is our small coverband. It´s preciscly as it sounds. Hej å hå!!!!


Musik like your, which type of audience do you have?

-We hope that we have a very mixed audience between 15 and 80!


I compare you with Eldkvarn, Lundell and Perssons Pack, comment?

-Not a bad comparison. But is this right? We play Swedish pop so similarities can you always find. Then are we from Hälsningsland as Persson so we have surely been charectirized by the musicculture here. 


Which other band have you being compared to?

-Here we have come to be in the middle. Peter Lemarc, Kjell Höglund, Lars Winnerbäck and a lot of others. And if you do something in Swedish it´s easy to come in the box with other singsongwriters in the country.


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Hälsings sadness folkrock


What do you do to avoid the ”Svensktoppsswamp”(Svensktoppen is a nerdy program with danceband songs)which is really easy to come into when you play music in swedish

-Svensktoppen in all honour. But unfortunaly it´s the label who says what we like. Everone should have a chance to test their songs to Svensktoppen. But it isn´t that way. It´s difficult for unknown bands which ahaen´t a label in the back to come to Svensktoppen. If that possibility have been given the Svensktoppen have seen a little bit different. Not so much shit and for example , have a program which had all unknown bands  who does records theirselves, that could maybe be a solution. 


Is there any other good bands where you live? In Sweden?

-There´s a lot of bands. The most bands go on for a while and then they become coverbands. And the pubscene look like that. Nothing other counts. To try anything else is to doing wrong.I wait for the day when the band can play whatever they want without hearing – They didn´t play a song which I recognize” In Sweden there´s a lot of good bands. Nothing mention and nothing forgotten


What inspires you to do the lyrics that you do?

-There is the experiences you have during a special period which comes out as lyrics. Thoughts, feelings and so on. 


Is it important to have lyrics who are something special, or could you write ”a simple” lovesong

-It would be interesting to write a lyric like that!? But it would be stopped before it would come out. It´s difficult to do a “simple” lovesong without being pathetic!


Who writes the best lyrics in Sweden?

-It´s difficult to say but Ola Magnell is one of them and so are Robban and Povel Ramel. There´s a lot of good lyricwriters in the country.


How have the response on the latest records was?

-People and press have really liked it. We know that this record not going to sell a lot and we must be satisfied if we get our money back so we can release another record. 


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcertsa nd five most important things in life?

-Now it´s difficult. Five favouriterecords? I´ll will do a try. As I feel right now!


Led Zeppelin II

Deep Purple in Rock

Queen A night at the opera

Bob Dylan Blonde on blonde

Frank Zappa Apostofe


Pugh Ja dä e dä

Ola Magnell Nya Perspektiv

Kjell Höglund Dr Jekells testamente

Gunnar Danielsson 100000 ex

Magnus Lindberg På bergets topp



Pugh & Rainrock Hede Folkpark 74

Imperiet The last tour

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Globen 01

Bob Dylan Globen 03

UB 40 Roskilde 83


Five important things in life?


The children.





First, last and most expensive record in your collection?

-The first record must be Led Zeppelin II if I don´t remember wrong. The most expensive when we´re talking about collect records must be nog Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias Lp Italians from outer  space.


Most embarrasing record in your collection?

-Embarrassing or not. I got a box with Thore Skogman from a friend with three LP of Thore Skogman but I see it more like cult to have it in my collection.


What do you think about living in Sweden today? And then I mean politically ?

-It´s hardening. Not the same nice climate as before. Now it starting to sound sour. Stop here before the frogs are begin to jump


When the terroristattack was three years ago, what do you felt or was it !”Hat did I say” or do you felt anger, fear or what?  

-You wondered if this could be true. It was wrong day to start a recording on. 


Can it happen again and where does it happens then?

-i think so! But I don´t want to speculate where.


Have you seen a program on TV4 called ”idol” where the hosts says to their ”victims” that they´re shit and so on? What purpose has a program like that?

-Those program are only silly. It is so that you must take foreward one or two programs which could be on TV for some years, nothing true there. Only a product


A group as Han och Hans Vänner, have you heard anything from some labels?

-We haven´t even tried to get a label. But it would be fun if some label phoned. But we´re not a hitmachine. 


Which label would suit you?

-Some smaller. Which appreciate the honest, pure oddity the band have. .


Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-Not so much and it ´s fun with all attention the band get.


The question you never get, but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?

-We have booked a half year tour to you, can you fix it?


Futureplans for the band?

-Play as much as possible. Maybe to have a bookinglabel behind you who works eriously. It have only been empty promises this far. But we are used to all clichees. And then try to do new songs. And maybe a tour together with Västerbrokören. 


And for yourself?

-Start to look in all my lyrics I have started to do in my computer. Finish them and do music to them. 



-Somethimes it is good, sometimes it´s better!


Something to add?

-If you get the chance to se us live! Take the chance!