And then they "finally" came and made a new public record on Ullevi. This warm saturdayafternoon/evening began precisly when we have arrived to the arena with latin Kings. Really clear is that latin Kings have an ungrateful task when they come into stage because this type of audience doesn´t love hiphop I think. But I think the three singers and the scratcher do a really nice gig. Shonnar Vet is the best song and Dogge does the most things to flirt with the audience and he manage to get some people in with their songs. After some minutes waiting you hear a wellknown guitarriff and its Pugh(with a horsetail) which comes in on stage and he starts hard with Hog Farm. Pugh was one of the first artists in Sweden "who singed rock in swedish and that han wants to say and that annoys surely some people. A little bit funny when he have so many good songs that he does a cover, it´s Magnus Lindbergs Röda Läppar which is the cover but he does it really good. The band seems to enjoy being on stage and they do a lot of good songs like  Jag är en liten Pojk, Ambulansen, Snart kommer det en vind and of course Små Lätta Moln and Dinga Linga Lena. He and the band seems to really enjoy what they´re doing and they show us happiness to play. And then a little bit after nine o clock Gyllene Tider is on stageand what to say about that concert, yeah it´s good and the songs is there they should be but it feels a little bit hysterical around me. People shouts and people who not was born when Gyllene came almost "faint" when they see the group, it maybe depends on the warmness more than the group.  Because they don´t gives us any surprises except from Fån telefon which is a nice thing. Micke Syd is the one who gives most of himself I think and he makes us shouts the most when he wants us to. All songs are there but I would ehar more of the songs which is so wellknown but I can understand that they don´t do them.  But I won´t complain , agood concert but Pugh was my favourite this evening.