Guns on the Roof have a Clash-styled name, their music isn´t far away from them but the difference is that they weren´t born when Clash started to play. But that doesn´t make them less good. They´re fucking good and here they have answered some questions from me in march 06.



-We all met each other at high school where we started Guns On The Roof, Bit of a rough School but hey, we got something good out of it. Ha-ha.


Please tell em a little about every member , age, family, work,

intrerests and something bad about every one?

- Aaron Gunn – Vocals, grew up in Leeds (England) cross gates. 18 years old. Bad thing - can smell from time to time.

Danny Sharp – Guitar, Grew up in Leeds (England) cross gates. 18 years old, can be a little clumsy and forgetful now and again.

Joe Sefton – Drums, Grew up in Leeds (England) cross gates. 17 years old. Always breaking his Drums.

Marc Miles – Bass, Grew up in Leeds (England) Gipton. 18 Years old.

Always has to be Mr Perfect


You´re very young(if you compare with me), is that something positive

or negeative when you´re out an d play?

- Been a young band is a good thing, were full of energy and have many years ahead of us. Plus it inspires other young bands that touring and releasing an album at a young age is not impossible.


How does your audience look like?

- Our Music relates to all different types of audiences. We have had audiences from punk rockers to hardcore punks and to the Greenday kind of punks etc… We see this as a good thing.


Your musicstyle is older than your age, how does it feel?

- Our music style may sound older than our age but we pull many young audiences to our gigs, it shows that punk isn’t dead and there is still a future for it, it feels good.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word, or is it a lifestyle?

It looks like you´re living punk?

- Punk means everything to us, from politics to wars. You can express any feelings in punk music and just let it all out in your songs, Take our song ‘Alfie’ for instance; we wrote it about a lad who we hate, with his posh clothes, and also track 4 on the album ‘Hangman’. Through this song we show how fucked up the world is and if we don’t do something about it there’s going to be trouble. Punk is everything.


Your parents, are they interested in punk?

- We grew up listening to our parent’s music. Punk. Our parent’s music collection consists of bands from The Clash, Sex Pistols,  to new kinds of punk like Greenday.


What do you think about all old bands around, which have been reformed

and that the old guys still is doing their punkthing? have punk nothing

with age to do?

- Its great old punk bands reforming because it gives us a chance to see the old punk bands we never got to see because they had split up when we was old enough to go to a gig. But when they split up again a new band must take there place!


Pure Punk rock therapy, is it the only thing you have done? If you

have done anything more how can I get it?

- Pure Punk Rock Therapy is our debut album, when we have toured the album and released a few more singles you can expect some new Guns On The Roof Material.


It feels like that you think it´s very important with refrain and

melodies when you do music? Or what do you think?

A song has to be interesting with a catchy melody and good music, so ye the melody is very important.


Which bands are you being compared with? Is it good or bad to being

compared with those bands?

- Were been compared with many bands, from older punk bands like Anti-nowhere League,  and the Uk Subs to Greenday and Rancid, We get compared more to the newer bands so we see this as a good thing as we can relate to all kinds of punk.


How is a good gig with you?

- Ha-ha, A good gig to us is when something doesn’t brake. Usually it’s the guitar amp or the drum snare skin. We get a lot of broken cymbals too!!!


Is it hard to get gigs in England?

- We leave that job to our manager and agent, Cheers Dave n daz.


How does the punkmovement lives there`?

- In England you don’t see many punk bands in the charts, its more Pop and Indie music. Hopefully we can change that.


Is there any good bands nowadays?

- Were right into the Greenday and Rancid at the moment. 1 of our favourites is The Dead Pets and also a band called Deadline from London, you may want to check these guys out.


How would you describe your music in three words?



What do you know about Sweden? What is typical swedish?

- We just know the model Victoria Silvstedt from there, right?


Have you heard any good swedish bands?

- Where’s Sweden again?


What about living in England otherwise, ? Politically I mean?

- Yeah, Englands a good place to live.


Are people afraid for new terrorattacks?

- We had 1 terror attack last summer but I think it’s calmed down now, were on red alert though


Racism in England right now, how is it with that, have it been more

after the terrorattacks?

- Racism. What racism? Why cant we all just get along?


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcersta nd

five most important things in life?

-5 favourite records have to be:

      Rancid – Indestructible

      Greenday – American Idiot

      The Clash – The Clash (1977)

      The Ramones – Ramones

      Dropkick Murphys – Warriors Code


Our five most important things in life have to be; Family, Friends, Music, Guns On The Roof, and how can we forget, our Instruments.


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

- Marc, Bass: First record I bought was the re-release of the ‘Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant’ in the mid 90’s. The last 1 I bought was ‘Generation X’ and it turns out to be the most expensive 1 I have ever bought at £12.99.


Danny – Guitar: The first CD I bought was ‘The Offspring – Americana’. The recent 1 was ‘Rancid – Out Come The Wolves’. The most Expensive Was a few year back when the clash released there greatest hits ‘The Essentials’. A Bargain at £10.99.


Aaron – Vocals: The first has got to be ‘The Smashing Pumpkins’, a great buy. Recently I bought 1 of the old Greenday albums ‘Dookie’ as I lost my original copy, I had to go buy it again as its pure genius. The most expensive was a compilation album ‘Punk As Fuck’, I think it cost £13.


Joe – Drums: I cant afford fuck all as I always have to get my drums fixed, ill have to start hitting them softer ha-ha.


Most embarrassing record in your collection?

- The most embarrassing CD we have is in our Van. We got it free with the paper, ‘Disco fever from the 70’s’ We put it on now and again for the laugh.


Futureplans for the band?

- We just want to get our music across the world and keep punk alive.


For yourself?

- We see our futures in Guns On The Roof sharing our music with the world



- Wisdom word has got to be ‘CUNT’. A classic!