CAPTAIN POON in Gluecifier was so kind that he answered my questions so I could this interview out with this superb garagepunkrockgroup from Norway.


-Gluecifer was tired of all the shit that was on the so called rockscene in 1994. And they found out that the only thing was to take rock back to simple and primal and there was Gluecifer. The only thing we wanted to do was to entertain and show people you donīt have to be over pretentious and boring to do fat rock.

Please tell me about every member?

Captain Poon: Housedictator ,handsome and loveful

Danny Young: Housslave, ugly and horny.

Biff Malibu: Uncle, little fat and tired

Jon Average: Uncle, athletic and married

Raldo Useless: Little brother, wild and amorous

You donīt seem to be so extreme as your neighbours Turbonegro?

-If you want to be so extreme as possible you have a very short time to live. Whatīs the hell is the meaning with being extreme when you have idiots like Marilyn Manson who can scare a whole world in the same time as Turbonegro only scared a couple of hundreds.  

How is the musicscene in Norway(the rockscene I mean)?

-On the rockscene in Norway  nothing much is happening except from Gluecifer. Itīs positive that we got so much attention in Norway and that focus on us can bring foreward the interest for rock grows and that can do that the rockscene gets better here.

Is there any good bands there?

-Thereīs some bands which is good, Cato Salsa Experience and Brut Boogaloo.

Any swedish bands you like?

-Our only"friends in rock" Hellacopters is a good band,  Entombed is good, A-bombs is good and what do I know, thereī s surely man good bands over there.

What do you like White Jazz and the other bands there?

-To be real honest with you , I donīt want to talk about the label yet, Iīll wait to see what they can do with our new CD. This record is commercial so we can really sell more than we do now. Now itīs upp to White Jazz to show us how much theyīre worth. Thereīs many good bands on the label and I think White Jazz is one of the most important labels in Europe.

Daniel Rey has produced your new CD, is it a dream come true, or what?

-An old dream is an overstatement but I have very big respect for him and what he have done. We are very satisfied what he have done with Gluecifer.

What do you think of the other things he have done?

-The most natural is to mention Ramones. He has done some good sound and he have written one of the best songs on the latest Ramonesrecords. He thought that we have done a real good job on our record so he didnīt make so many changes.It īs more about to get the sound more aggressive.

  Do a producer means much for a sound, did he change a lot?

-A producer have always a look on what or which sound who fits a band.He thought our sound was so good and he liked it the way it was. But he thought that the sound should be a more big rocksound in our music and I think it did went out that way. 

How would you describe your own music?

-Hard rock with fat rhytms and refrains that is in your barin for a long time. It should be interesting for everyone from the fifteen year old girl to grown men with moustasche.

Where is best to play, in Norway or in any other country?

-Glueciferhave whole Europe and whole USA as field to land and we do better gigs outside Norway and the highlights this far is Spain, Germany and USA:s westcoast.

How is a good Glucifier-gig?

-Right in your face from the beginning to the end. The fundamental is the worlds tightest and fattest hardrockband and in the front they have a crazy man who is singing like a god and talk to the public about the most craziest things. A big liveband, the best, YES.


How does the average Glueciferfan look like?

-HE looks like a  little rock’n’roll hipster with black clothes. HE THE OLDER have a moustasche on his lip. HE is a sweet innocent girl which is nice dressed and she stands and dance. SHE THE OLDER is really sick in her head, not nice dressed, very drunk and she canīt dance in tone to the music..

Is it many interviews?


Is it boring to be interviewed?

-No itīs cool to being interviewed as long as the interviewer gives us good questions.


Which is the most boring question to get and which is the question you never get?

-Most boring:German journalist is asking ”hav is the reson that you are so many gret bands from Scandinevia, eh… you gat Hellacopters and you guys”Thatīs the question we have got a hundred times. The question we never get ; I donīt really know. I have been asked about everything I want to be asked about.

When you do lyrics, what do you get your inspiration from?

Our chorus singer Biff Malibu is the man behind the lyrics. I think his inspiration comes from a combination of stories which is running around in his sick head, frustrations about evry dumb things he have done in his long 30-year life.

Is it important with lyrics?

-The lyrics meaning is not really important but itīs important to come up with cool words which sounds good. The most pathetic lyrics is the one that sounds  ” I’m gonna snort some coke, and then fuck some hot women, then I’m gonna drink some more, and blah,blah,blah”that lyrics donīt go, they go away.

Is it importand with a refrain that people can sing with?

-Yes and yes again


Glucefier, who came up with that genious name?

-That was our singer Biff.He is a wizard with words and he has sniffed some glue in the suburbs when he was a teenager.

How is to live in Norway nowadays?

-Itīs fucking good. Cheap rent , beautiful people and every pubs open til thrre in the night

Is it borthership or is it hate between Norway and Sweden?

-Norways is Sweden little brother, ha takes the big brothers girlfriends, booze and condoms and he take thing in his recordcollection.

How does it go for Norway in Ice-hockey-world-championship?

-We fall with honour.

Drunk and pompous, please tell me?

-Drunk = very drunk.  Pompous = very big.  Drunk and Pompous = drunk and stupid with a very big mouth.

Is drinking and rock n roll one thing?

- Yes, but itīs with a minimum of style. Shall you dance like Biff Malibu you canīt be sober but not to drunk either.

 Idols when you were small

-Winston Churchill, General Patton, Angus Young and my dad.

The first record you bought?

-David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust.

Do you buy many records?

-I get some records and I by some records sometimes.

Five records you canīt be without?

-Rolling Stones: Let it Bleed

Stooges: Funhouse

Alice Cooper: Love it to Death

Beatles: Revolver

Mott the Hoople: Mott

What do you think about the new way to communicate with email and internet and that stuff.?

- OK

Do you have an own homesite, who does it?

-Yeah, itīs some pros who odes it and check it out on o

Do you have good contact with your fans?

-Absolute, we have always been nice to our fans.


-To tour the whol world on our CD Tender is the Savage.


-Respect the Rock

Something more to add?

-After 35 questions, hardely.


Thank you Peter