Glenda, what a name, it sounds like an interesting band when I listened to them and because of that is end some questions to the band which Andreas was so nice and answered. This happened a januaryday 2004. ,

Here you are, we have written some things each, we hadn´t anything to answer on some questions. /andreas


The usual and boring question,why did you became a band?

-It was a good idea right then?.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests and something bad about ever one?

-It´s not so much to tell, we´re really boring people.


Glenda, who is that?

-Glenda is a transvestite in a movie which is called  "glen or glenda" (Ed Wood).


How did it be so that you did a ”real” record” and not a homeburned record? 

-God question. Noone knows. We have never done any serious tries to get signed if you compare with other bands. I think they saw us live.


I compared you to Bad Cash Quartet, Broder Daniel and Bob Hund, what to say about that?

-They´re not so commercial. And then we don´t use so much melodies we use more monotony, figures and rehearsals



Other bands you being compared to?

-It have happen that we getting compared to other bands but that we forget really fast. We concentrate to don´t sound like bands we don´t want to be compared to. It´s bitter but true. 


Do you care about reviews?

-Some reviews some ineliner that we can use in some promotionpaper. But they´re often so bad written that we don´t want to use them and we haven´t got so many reviews either. That depends on that we have released one ep and not a fullengthalbum. I think we see on reviewers in the same way as Lars Wilk see the authorities-they are material


Which do you trust the most, the bad or the good ones?

-Reviews or?? You can always trust on the ones there you have no personal relation to the writer.


Which is the most peculiar that someone have written?

-"This way it should sound" was it someone who wrote. That guy I got a little but curious on.


Which is the most peculiar thing which have happened during a concert with you?

-One time when we played at Tanto the audience throwed bananas on us. Just the thing that people throw fruits is so humilating in some way. Throw bottles, ironshit, what you want, but no fruit. I remember when they throwed pears at Sahara Hotnights on Stockholm Open…I felt so sorry for them. And that´s the question if not pears is worser than bananas


If you could choose five bands from the history and nowadays to play a big concert with you, which five would you choose? 

-We´re four persons with really different taste and we couldn’t do this so we have played together because we can´t  decide which five bands it should be.


Please rank your five best records, five best concerts you have been to and five most important things in life

-(Andreas) I can rank five records general, not the five best records, it´s getting too small..

Abba - Arrival

Lauryn Hill - The miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Aimee Mann - Bachelor no 2

Suede - Sci-fi lullabies

Madonna - Like a prayer









First, last and the most expensive record ever bought?

- (Mattis) The first record I bought was Accept "balls to the balls" The most expensive record I don´t know.The latest record was a singlecompilation with Brainbombs. .


How is it play this sort of music in Sweden?

-We haven´t the pubertal clumsiness which many people want right now. The tune should be like when a fourteenyear old guy is masturbate to became a hit, so we will say that we work against the wind. 


I heard you on radio before I got the record from you, could it have been possible?

-Yeah, if it happened it´s possible. We have been played a little on P3 in the last time


Which type of people comes to your concerts and buy your records

-Wow….this is impossible to answer…every style of people.   


Have you good contact with your audience? In which way?

-We have no contact with the audience at all. We don´t talk between the songs.  


Where do you stand we´re talking about mp´3s, should it be free to download whatever you want?

-Kazaa is a good idea but sometimes someone have changed the name on the file and you downlad a french pornvideo instead of an Erasurevideo. But of course, it should be free. If you feel to hear a special song right now it´s an human right to do it. I downloaded  Ella, Elle l'A with France Gall some days ago and it felt as it saved my life

Who is it best for, the big or small bands?

-I think it´s good for every band except the more singleoriented bands. 

Is there any good bands in Sweden today?

-It´s surely some but no one I can figure out right now.


When you write songs,which is most important , the lyrics, the melodies or to have a refrain that people remembers? 

-Everything is important.


When you do a new song, does everone in the group do something?

-Henrik use to do a  pre-demo with shitsinging in pretendingenglish as I(Andreas) then write some lyrics to, from a word which I thought I heard among the singing he did. 


What do you think about the following: to go out on the streets a late fridaynight, are you afraid to get hit? The Anna-Lindh-murder? Maniac psychos which go on and hit unknown people?

-It haven´t so much with music to do. But if you will be a little bit cynical you can say that NK-shopping is as dangerous for the liver as too much alcohol


Futureplans for the band?

-We´re recording a fullengthalbum right now and we hope it will be released in the summer. We´re recording 13 tracks. 



-Björn and Benny was better on wisdomword:

Love is always around and you can look for it anywhere

When you feel that you’ve found it my advice is to take good care

Never use it as a selfish tool

Never ever be such a fool

Every feeling you’re showing

Is a boomerang you’re throwing


Something to add?