History? Please tell me a little about every member in the group, age, family, interstests and somehting bad about every one in the group?

-Vicki de Vice is from a seaside resort called Southend near London
where she learned to appreciate rockn'roll from the bikers. Liddy Lustre is from Tours in northern France, Neil Downe is from Nottingham & Amanda Pukon was brought up in Scotland & replaced our first bass player (who was in the Nipple Erectors). We have all been obsessed with music & played in many bands over the years- Neil was guitarist in the Deadbeats, a cult psychobilly band, & Liddy has done session drums with Tom Jones! We are one of the few bands who have stuck together since 1997 as we have a ball most of the time.

You come from London, how´s the climat for your type of punkrock

-There seem to be more guitar bands than ever now the dance scene is
on the wane & people want to hear raw stuff again and mad performing & the present 60s garage punk scene is great we love all that kinda thing.

Is it any good bands there right now? Or in England?

-Well fans in England tend to follow the press like sheep & there is
always someone named as the next big thing- but we like going to small clubs & pubs checking out small bands usually in Camden Town, known for it's punky, earthy atmosphere. Bands like the Metro Riots, Parkinsons,Lillettes, the Others, Toxic Slut.

What do you know about Sweden?

-What do we know? Um, that you're all blonde & sexy, drink lots of
vodka, take saunas & go mad over rock music. Yeah we'd love to play in Sweden.!!!!

Have you heard any swedish bands worth to mention?

-There were loads of good 60s Swedish garage bands like the
Outsiders(Vicki collects old records) and the Hives have started a lot
of interest over here. We have played with Finnish bands called the
Screamin' Stukas & No Direction but no Swedes as yet.

When the terroristattack was and when Blair said that England would be in the war against Iraq, were you afraid then?

-Londoners have been used to terrorists for a long time under threat
from the IRA so it wasn't something that new to us, but we did think the situation was aggravated by the coalition with America & it was a bit scary. Blair refused to listen to the majority of people who rejected
the war.

Doesn´t politic and music goes hand in hand?

-We don't like to thrust our political opinions on people on purpose
but some bands are very good at it like the Clash. What we are doing is communicating our observances about life in general, particularly issues & attitudes that affect people especially women. the tragedy behind the glamour if you like, & we try to inject some humour into our delivery.

What is good and what is bad with living in England?

-It's always had a very healthy rock scene here & a history of some
brilliant artists & there's plenty of freedom of expression. The down
side is the greedy music industry who are desperate to push their latest
trend and really have a major hold on things like the big festivals.
There really is a huge number of bands here so competition is strong &
you have to be good or bloody-minded to survive.

.Have you doen anything more than Orulater and if you have how can I
get it?

-Yes, it's not out yet but we have a new album (recorded at Toerag
studios where the White Stripes have recorded) which we are very excited about. we do everything from writing, producing, mixing to artwork.

How does it work out with Riverside Records?

They released 'ovulater' when we were just selling them at gigs &
really believe in the band so it means Girls On Top are spreading their
music round the world now. We are doing some european dates in october to promote the cd.

How is a good gig with you? I think you must be a very good liveband?

-Obviously it helps when the place is packed as it's easier to get
everyone jumping. When you hear people singing all the words and they are all squashed up by the stage it makes you perform better. Everyone feeds off each other.

How does the average fan to you look like?

-Not really an average fan, though we appeal to the open- minded. We get goths, teenagers, full-scale punks, gays, rockers, mums, even

Do you have good contact with your fans , in which way?

-We are very accessible & don't sit in our dressing rooms at gigs the
whole time, we're out there talking to everyone. We also e-mail back any letters we get personally.

When you do songs, which is most important, is it to have a good
melody, a good lyric or is it to have a refrain that people remember?
Who does the songs? Are you doing them together?

-We do like a good hook-line but a song can start off many
different ways. It can be something you read in the paper or a
conversation about a friend (like international menu & Barbie is a
smackhead) or we could start with one riff & develop from there. Being the vocalist, words are of great interest to me, however I also like to totally wig out to a great rhythm. But we always bring ideas in & work on them together so we are all involved.

To be the only guy in a group is it a dream or is it a nightmare? Are
they seeing you as a sexsymbol only? And how´s the feeling in being in a
band which is called Girls on Top when there is a guy in the band?

-Neil Downe- it's a dream being surrounded by foxy chicks until it's
time to clear all the gear away at the end of a gig and they've got
stillettos on! I think I was picked because I'm a girlgroup fan and they
thought I played like Johnny Thunders. I do get sick of the press
calling me the token male but I'm big enough to take it.

Please rank your five favoruiterecords, five favoruiteconcerts and
five most important things in life?

Beat on the brat-Ramones
Oh bondage up yours-X-ray spex
Trash-New York Dolls
Black widow-Link Wray
Dr Feelgood

The  first, the last and the most expensive record ever bought?

-1st-Ride a white swan-T:rex
Last-Swamp Rats lp
Expensive-Spock from Star Trek singing space songs

Idols when you were small?

-All the glam groups -Alice Cooper, Sweet, T:rex, Slade

What is the most odd which have happened during a conecrt with you,
on stage or in the audience, please tell me?

-In Paris we gave away some knickers with a union jack on the front & the  guy who caught them got up on stage with us & put them on ! Sometimes Vicki sings writhing on the floor and can end up with a pile of people on top of her. We do a song called monsta baby with some theatrical moments & though it's obvious she's not really giving birth some people do look a bit queazy when the baby comes out.

What´s the best and what´s the worst of being in a rockband?

-The best time is when the audience are completely with us and we play like demons or we write a cracking song - the worst is when you have to take your equipment home at 4am exhausted, it is freezing cold & you have to climb 4 flights of stairs.

What is the futureplans for you as a human being?As a band?

-Travel more with the band, write some hits, learn more, maybe
write a tv sitcom one day.

Is it many interviews, is it boring?

-We appreciate the interest as long as the questions aren't the same
every time.

Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask
it and answer it?

-Aren't you the best rockband in the world?    YES

What does the word punk mean to you, is it only a word, or is it a
lifestyle for you?

-Punk means not following others & being an individual- to invent your
own style, be strong, stick to your ideals & don't suffer fools. Also
don't worry what people think.



Something more to add?

-Go out & buy 'Ovulater' readers, then come & see us perform for you!