Martin from Get up and Goīers felt a little boring when he answered my questions I sent to him. He did only wanted to answer some of the questions but just because the answers are interesting and long I will write this down and put it out. We will see if I want to come back to the group but til then please look in at j to get to know more about the group.

Isnīt this type of music really dead right now and weīre back with the firsta idea with punk, to be undergound?

- You mean that popularity(read trendyness) for punk and hardcore have gone down now. yeah, thatīs true if we take Sweden as an example. I donīt know if itīs only the pople who really likes punk/HC now which are left. Personally I lsiten not so much on punk /HC than I did some years ago but I still belong to the punkcommunity, maybe more than ever and take influences from other places.

To be underground is very important I think. You donīt have to be good ,famous or have fine instruments to start a punkband, say what you think or do a demo/start a recordcompany /to do a homesite. WEīre living proof on that :-). I donīt think youīre going to make a profit on music/ideas but it must donīt cot more than you can get in. Otherwise it gets boring after a time. I think that the whole DIY scene in Sweden, itīs shit the same if itīs about records, concerts or zines itīs going to be starved to death when people thinks itīs expensive with 25-30 crowns for a 7īvinyl record or itīs expensive with 60-80 crowns for a concert with a foreign band . Itīs a little bit silly if you compare what the multinational labels takes for their records/concerts/papers. I think itīs worth every penny and more if I know itīs a DIY-production and itīs blood,sweat and tears behind it. Which is always do. shame,kids!!

What do you think about living in Sweden?

- I īm happy to live in live Sweden and that I have grown up here. We can be proud of it in many ways, especially the social work. And for the workright and environment which I think weīre far foreward other nations.(Nations what a fucking dumb thought) Itīs more sad to see that vi take down these progress instead of a thoughtless hypercapitalism/hypercomsumption where the enterprises best (read:lucre)goes before the employers. When school and care suddenly is going in private own and itīs going to be so that people is going to come in the middle. There women is discriminated on the workingmarket just because theryīre women and they can be pregnant and therefore can they be home from work for a long time.

All this and much more is a proof that we in Seeden and the westworld have been experts on misuse the freedom that progres have given us. All the victorys through the decadesthat have been won for the freedom, equality and the share we take for granted and we put them down the toilet without a blink. Democracy is more and more bad for every day ,we think we have had democracy forever and the politicanscontempt(which is entitled) isnīt mixed with own engagement. Braingruel is coming from the television which is always on and when itīs to scary on the television so can you take another canal with help of the remote control so you donīt even have to take you out of the sofa. Other superfical happiness which their only aim is to make the free time fly and then itīs time again to go to thw work like a good workant. Surf a little on internet and try to do a good job on the exchange but the truth is that the real pros on the exhcahngemarket is laughing at the oridnary people which is thinking that theyīre in the match. Buy a new mobilephone after a month and dream only to come away from everything with help from a journey to a warmer country.. Anger, deathanger, disgust,cowardice, All this makes us crawl backwards in a new way. And the rest of the world is watching on us in the westworld and they want to be like us....

To my home iste under tankar- thoughts do I have a thing there famous and unfamous people can rank their 5 best records, 5 best concerts and their 5 most important things in life please do that?

- I looked in there and I saw one man things that he thought and I can definitely write under on these 5 things( even if the things are changing all the time but these five I think are constant)


2Creative meaningful contain in the normal life

3.Strong self-esteem

4.To feel needed