Gefyr is an interesting young hardcore band that I wanted to know more about. After a bit of trouble, the interview is in place… .February 2021.


Tell us a little about the group, when and why did you start?

- Andreas, Didrik and Johan's band Harkrank ran out of sand in 2016 when guitarist Jeppe moved to Stockholm and we wanted to continue playing. Then Andreas played drums, Johan played bass and Didrik sang, but when we brought in Christoffer it was natural that he would sing. Then Didrik grabbed the bass, Johan sat down behind the drums and Andreas picked up the guitar. The idea from the beginning was that we would play a really noisy Japanes music in Ferocious X-style, but the more we played the more swinging it became!


Members, age jobs other bands on the side and something really fun about each member?

- Christoffer is 25 years old and works as a traffic manager and paints paintings in his spare time. He is also involved in Unter Drogen and various small projects alongside Gefyr. Andreas is 25 years old and works as a seasonal worker. In the summer you will find him behind the bar at various restaurants along the coast, in the winter he migrates to the Hälsingland Alps where he drinks down Stockholmers on afterski. Right now the job is paused and he is studying textiles and pattern construction at folk high school. His bed is on a hippie collective in Delsbo. Johan is 29 years old and holds the brux banner high on Iggesund paperboard (fatmoney!). He plays guitar in Kronofogden and various other projects. Johan lives in Njutånger and collects hedgehog figurines. Didrik is 25 years old and is an assistant nurse. May not be in any other bands due to attitude problems. Didrik lives in terraced houses, waters the flowers and pet his rats in his spare time. The life crisis is knocking.


How would you describe your fast music to someone who has not heard you?

- Hardcore punk in d-beat, uncontrollable but still upset in some way. An experience you will never forget.


There are many really good bands around Sweden now in the punk / hc style… .some you want to recommend?

-Nerverna! Just released their debut 7. From Hälsingland with members from Kronofogden, Svart Snö, Sixten Redlös and Fried fruits. Plays noisy postpunk with elements of kraut and death anxiety.


I have Gefyr Livsfarlig Ledning and a split with Förgiftad. What have you done more physically? How do I get them?

- Our first cassette "Swedish war movie", it is soldout. -Split-seven with Hungarian Mass//Reaction, can be ordered from Angry Hudik Records Split cassette with Gästrikland's flagship Prescriptiondeath, live recordings from Ostämman 2019, would be sold on our split tour that Corona took. Also available on Angry Hudik Records (webshop on it´s way!)


Do you think it feels like you have released a "record" if it is only available digitally? Is it important to release physical records?

- A release is a release, but it's more fun with a record.


Do you buy records yourself? What was the last thing you bought?

- Didrik: bought Sleaford mods brand fresh "Spare ribs" the other day. Really good! Christoffer: my latest album is "Suffering totality" with Prescriptiondeath. Good fast guys from Gävle (hugs) -Johan: a record with Pseudogod, which is a Russian death band. My first death metal record. Andreas: an album with the band 1900. Instrumental sentimental gramophone anxiety!


Now that you are not allowed to play live, what do you do as a band then?

-At the time of writing, we are rehearsing for the first time in two months in Didrik's father's raggarclub premises. Otherwise we send type memes in the band chat.


Which is strength as a live band? Have you played a lot live?

- You can ask one of our thousands of fans. We have not seen each us live, unfortunately. But fun is it. So is it.


To play such fast music and still have important lyrics, is it important to have lyricsheets etc. in your records?

- Yes, we still put some energy on the lyrics and some of them are important to us personally. So for us, it's important to let people know if anyone is interested.


Tell us a little about the following songs...

-Kil efter kil: written by Andreas. One of our fastest songs with a great breakdown.

-Stoppklosskomplott: also written by Andreas. Yes, what can one say. Can you take the question again?

  - Förledd av bestämmelse: yes Andreas writes almost all our songs. The first track on our EP "Livsfarlig ledning". It's about financial injustice, like many of our other songs.


Playing this kind of tough music, does it help you do you think to become a better and kinder person than if you did not have the music to get out  the frustration?

- You get happy and kind from playing music and meeting other musicians, however, we do not think it depends on the genre itself. Who would not be nice to be able to keep up with Vidar sometimes?


What is the most frustrating thing right now in Sweden besides the ongoing pandemic?

  - That we systematically sell welfare to private actors, for expensive lift passes (HAVE BECOME REALLY EXPENSIVE), bad  TV and fucking bad weather. Always!


What do you say about a country like the USA… ..?

- You are big and strong and good looking! With you, I'm safe! No. Bomb.


Now back to the music… .is there any topic you could never write about?

- We could never write something we do not stand for.


Politics and music, do they always belong together? I read somewhere that it would not be possible to be a right wing and still play punk… what do you think about it?

- Music does not have to be political, there are already punk bands that are completely apolitical. Punk is politically charged from the beginning, but can be about anything.


Do you have any new recordings in progress and how do they sound? Taste of song titles on new songs?

 - No, no finished recordings that have not been released, but the plans are there. We have a whole bunch of songs without sensible recording. We had planned to record now, but our student union forbade playing in our rehearsal room and therefore we have had to postpone the matter. Song titles you say? How about “Mats frästa räker”, “Solsemester på Nackstafjället”, “Utan trosor i tyrolen” or “Långa ballar på Bengt”? Den som dör slipper se.


What's the most odd thing that happened during a gig with you?

- During the gigs themselves, nothing super juicy have probably happened, although it feels worth mentioning that Johan stomped drums that did not belong to us for quite a few thousand so far during our career. But when we played at Fraggelberget in Gothenburg, Christoffer had to pee together with the Bajsmannen himself, before we got to sleep in a dilapidated apartment with a sleeping man in a sauna. An experience we will never forget!


If someone paid you a recording and record pressing where you had to record five cover songs… which five songs would you have chosen?

- Sleaford mods - "Just like we do" ,, Teenage graves - "Hippie head hunt", Dead moon "54-40 or fight", No security - "Hycklarfolket" ..... Johan just wants to play Missbrukarna.


Gefyr, how did the name come up… are you happy with it? Were there any other suggestions?

- The name comes from "Pippi on the seven seas", when Blodsvente shouts "Gefyr!" when the cannons are fired. We are very happy with the name, it is a somewhat unusual word that we are quite alone in being associated with. Want to add that it is pronounced  Ge Fyr lighthouse, give someone a lighthouse. The G is silent!


What does punk mean to you, is it just a word or is it a lifestyle?

- It can definitely be a lifestyle. It is such a broad genre in that there is so much you can do, such as fanzines, arrange gigs , play music. You are sucked into DIY and everyone is so involved in the whole spectacle. You meet a lot of like-minded people and can if you live in a punk cocoon until you die


Is there a lot of interviews, is it boring?

- We have not done so many interviews, but this is definitely the most boring. No it was a joke  but the longest anyway! It's fun to be seen and that people take the time and energy to interview us.


Strangest question you have got (besides this one)?

- Flyktsoda said he heard that one of us was in Brainbombs and wondered if it was true. Then we lied and said that Didrik has played there since the 70's. Nice to crawl to the cross!


Future plans for the band?

- Play more hardcore! Drive around and gig, release our own full-length. The tour, which never ended this spring, we mourn deeply. There we will take revenge.


For yourself?

-Christoffer: Live life, buy a new sofa and dishwashingmachine.

- Johan: Turn 30 and rock me into old age in a comfortable way. - Didrik: Thinking of studying to be a support teacher. Or damn, I know and we'll see.

  - Andreas does not exist with us anymore. He bought a falafel roll and went out into the woods.


Something wise to say in the end?

- Thanks, Skrutt! It's great to see the bonds of friendship glistening in the battle smoke ....